I just had to


Sorry, I had to. It was uploaded about 40 billion times.

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78 Captions for “I just had to”

  1. Pete Mann

    Mommy, I am going to miss Santa at the mall, he always smelled like scotch, and he had a roll of quarters in his pocket.

  2. dzine

    How the child psychology industry builds business.

  3. moogoo

    Looking through his childhood photo album, police uncovered clues as to what turned Ted Bundy into a serial killer.

  4. whizzer

    Hoping to save money in the long run, Billy’s parents took a somewhat unconvential approach to cutting down on the cost of Christmas gifts.

  5. stylz

    I’m sorry mama, I never meant to hurt youuu…

    MNM in the making.

  6. Trent Talks a Lot

    Do you know what killed Santa, Johnny? When he found out how bad you were this year, he committed suicide.

  7. stylz

    Christmas Customer Service Department:
    Complaint Center

  8. stoll

    Now, children, how old was Santa when he died? 166! Eeeeewwww…

  9. stevejust

    well, at least they were able to scrape him off the 747…

  10. Dork

    Onebad427 where are you? We anxiously await your extremely funny, droll, and witty captions for this picture! Fix it so that your captions are top-rated so that all can see them!

  11. filkertom

    Jesus God damn it to Hell! I will avenge you, Kris Kringle! I WILL AVENGE YOOOU!

  12. filkertom

    SON OF A – y’couldn’a died on the 26th, could you, ya fat bastard!?

  13. filkertom

    The tragedy of the moment was softened somewhat by Bob Ross’s poignant landscape technique.

  14. nurg

    I told you bad things would happen if you touched yourself down there, Billy.

  15. jwd

    “Awww! All I wanted for Christmas was my one front tooth.”

  16. jwd

    This is what really happens if you leave milk and cookies out all night, kids!

  17. Lisa H.

    But Mom, I got a gift from Santa Claus last year. That must mean you lied to me about ghosts! I’m scared!

  18. Puffy

    Wait a minute. If Santa’s been dead since 2000, then just who the hell is it that’s been sliding down my chimney for the past two years???

  19. toad

    Kids, let this be a lesson; Never spray “Doe in heat” musk as a joke on an unexpecting victim before he tends to his heard of reindeers.

  20. Pokejedservo

    Funny it seems like his life is more realistic than his “Death” here.


  21. Dr. Doodoolittle

    The first victim of the “Santavirus”, contracted through exposure to dried reindeer droppings.

  22. MrT

    Billy laughs manically as he realises his evil plan is coming together nicely!

  23. Mary

    I guess grandma wasn’t the only one that was run over by a reindeer

  24. erin whitcomb

    He said I was naughty and not so nice!

  25. Les


  26. I'm Not Stupid N You're Not Funny

    I only farted on Santa’s lap mommy. I didn’t poop my pants!

  27. rob

    The buck stops here.

  28. meg

    It says he died two years ago.
    That means YOU left me the coal.

  29. Resisobilus

    Rumor has it that when he received the 467 millionth demand for an X-Box, he clutched his chest and keeled over

  30. BZ

    It.. it… it was soap poisioning !!!

  31. Reut

    As he found out about santa’s death billy’s eyes shrank amazingly!

  32. Uncle Mike

    Hate to tell you this, kid, but the Easter Bunny’s buried three gravestones over.

  33. Pfft

    He’s having an affair with Nanna ???

  34. Mac Daddy/Daddy Mac

    santa was totally krossed out & he couldnt get his trousers off fast enough 2 relieve himself & well, you see the results, he cant warm it up no more & nothing can make him jump, jump


    Rudolf, WHY?


    Just forget about it Dancer, it’s CHRISTMAS-TOWN.

  37. choad

    yeah, i’m only 4, but i killed the son of a bitch! who’s next?

  38. ?ӯ„


  39. ?ӯ„

    ÷áìé çîåã

  40. El Jefe

    Bad spelling kindergarten children pay dearly for letters to “Satan”

  41. President Bush

    Wanted New Santa Claus, must not be scared of heights or confined spaces. Applicants living in never land will not be considered.

  42. Izzy

    Today we mourn the passing of Santa Claus, cruely shot down by a mistaken member of the Anti ZZTop Alliance.

  43. Izzy

    Hold up…if Santa died 3 years ago, who’s been emptying their sack in my bedroom all this time . . ?

  44. ardyn

    o/~ Oh-Oh-Oh. The Night San-ta went cra-zy o/~

  45. Scott S.

    That’s right, I put an end to the fat cookie eatin freeloadin freak.
    And an end to deer Sh!t on the roof.

  46. no name

    Billy just had to ask for an X box

  47. Jason

    After teh mob relized they could make it big in the toy buis, they decided to elimanate the Santa factor out of the equation.

  48. spryguy

    See…this is what happens when you don’t read the expiration date on your milk…

    Either that or Ole St.Nick never realized he was lactose intolerant…

  49. Willard

    Daddy’s dead? Uh oh! Mommy forgot to slap a restraining order on that bastard! So I guess Mommy just wanted to kill him. That bastard.


  50. GhostMan

    No Virginia, there isn’t a Santa Claus. No Really look, he’s dead. “Accompanied by a villanous laugh.”

  51. Jeremiah

    Did you see the LAST picture Billy? What did you think? Santa and that man with the gun were playing paintball?

  52. kimplovesmrp

    i told you hunny not to put sugar in santas cookies, you know hes a diebetic!

  53. James

    I told you he WAS real…

  54. Zeke

    That big stone is on my toy……stupid Santa!!!

  55. Ewhizkid

    The Easter Bunny…I understood. The tooth fairy…I burst into tears…but Santa???!!!??? NOOOOOOOOO!!!

  56. gorams

    while approaching cruising altitude, rudolph suddenly blew a fuse in his nose and thats when we lost contact

  57. gorams

    after many failed attempts by carls wife come christmas day he decided to fix the hole in the roof

  58. HobbitOfMiddleEarth

    *Santa should have wondered what that funny package was on christmas day, after all doesn’t HE deliver the presents?” *BANG*

  59. Jeff Padilla

    Better not tell Baby New Year that Frosty melted too.

  60. megan

    i told you he was lactose-intolerent! whyd you make him drink the milk?

  61. kelly

    aw shit no more presents!

  62. Scott

    Tell me about it!

  63. Atrocity

    “You see dear…grandpa caught grandma with Santa Claus again…”

  64. Babylon

    “See what telling lies does Johnny?”

  65. Poncy

    Huh Huh Hurghhhh! April Foools Timmy!!!
    Switch off now honey That one should win the $10,000!

  66. firestarter


  67. Jontar

    Santa soon realized that Timmy’s cookies had been sitting out since the last Christmas.

  68. Kelk

    ::don’t worry Timmy, your going to die soon too anyway::

  69. Biljana

    Do you know what killed Santa, Maja? When he found out how bad you were this year, he committed suicide.

  70. heather

    the truth comes out!

  71. deepti

    oh fuck

  72. Audiodoode

    “See that, Skippy?
    Kittens aren’t the only ones that suffer due to your little 6 minute workouts!”

  73. dawn sharp

    The Easter Bunny thought up the prank in the “Nick” of time.

  74. Will

    Lines and lines of children flooding to see him constantly was too much for santa to take.

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