I like big trucks and I cannot lie!


I like big trucks and I cannot lie!

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75 Captions for “I like big trucks and I cannot lie!”

  1. Andy

    “Damn kid left his Tonka toys out in the yard again”

  2. Rochelle Siegel Smith

    Lousy Eight Wheeler jus’ smashed the whole truck load of Mary Kay; Courtney Love is gonna be ma-aaaaad!

  3. stevejust

    If you look closely, you’ll see the Ford’s got a sticker of Calvin pissing on a CAT logo. He totally had it coming.

  4. (pdw)

    Shit, it’s Billy Joel again.

  5. JC

    CAT and Dodge

  6. optional

    That’ll teach you to park in my spot.

  7. Deraj

    After giving birth, the mother cat accidentally switches into drive and rolls forward onto her newborn truck.

  8. poopycat

    Mating season was a time of great fun for some and a time of great danger to others.

  9. someone had to say it

    Dude, where’s my truck?

  10. Monica's stained dress

    Larry came to regret having his San Francisco Forty Niner bumper sticker at the Oakland job site.

  11. MachineThreat

    the claims adjuster couldn’t figure out how the hell do you back your truck under a CAT 7938?

  12. securewithmymanhood

    Much to CAT’s dismay, his girlfriend did not find this adequate compensation for his teeny-tiny cock.

  13. filkertom

    Jurassic Truck crushes another rival into the La Brea Car Pits

  14. PR

    You know how we are always saying size doesn’t matter, well, we lie….

  15. Jack

    Pre-emptive parallel parking.

  16. Chuck Dailey

    This is NOT what I had in mind when I said I needed spare parts!

  17. Nimrod

    “Honey, I’m not lying again! A giant cat did crush my truck!…no it’s not Laura…no…and not the new receptionist…I’m telling the truth!..honey?..honey?…oh shit”

  18. JeffroC

    Larry, while upset about his 49ers bumpersticker decision, could hardly fathom the horrors that might have taken place if he had displayed his five superbowl rings in the truck at the Oakland location. Before realizing that nobody in Oakland most likely, could recall what they look like anyway.

  19. nurg

    “More than meets the eye…Man, I love this s*it.”

  20. AJ

    This redefines the word PWN3D completely

  21. Mary

    I only like to grill after baby butt sex anyways

  22. Erik

    Well, you said you wanted to see some big cats on this safari.

  23. Val

    Beats driving in Atlanta.

  24. troybob

    Honestly officer that red truck just jumped in front of me out of nowhere. I think he’s drunk

  25. karol


  26. Cary

    “Large Truck.”
    “Foster’s, Australian for “Beer”.

  27. Mascot

    road rage sucks.

  28. Mascot

    Based on rumors about truck owners, that dude in the yellow truck must have a microscopic penis…

  29. resisobilus

    The 2005 Dominator, starting at $2,495,000. $3,095,000 as shown with optional Megaweapon package.

  30. Zoe

    The new roof rack on the toyota trucks was found to be wholly unsatisfactory.

  31. Ben

    “Pardon me. Have you any Grey Poupon?”

  32. Fire Frog

    What Mary really wanted to know was how the archivists from The Caption Machine had tracked her down for writing meaningless shit at their site again.

  33. gorre

    how to battle traffic

  34. jow

    hey dave… you seen the boss?

  35. I see the Mexicans have figured out another way to lowride their work truck…

  36. Alwaysright

    Larry “The Cat” Robertson is now 153-0 in demolition derby events!

  37. Dick Cheney

    This giant wheel I reserve for George Bush’s ass!

  38. canada fan

    the one time a caterpillar can crush a ram

  39. Paul R.

    “I swear to god, if Dave comes in here bragging about how great his new red truck is ONE MORE DAMN TIME…”

  40. Humanoid


  41. Funny_Bunny

    Cat Driver: Is this a bad time to ask for a raise?

  42. debbie

    I’ve Got A Crush On You………..

  43. Alucard

    now I know why it said ‘no parking’

  44. Fuhrer Asscroft

    Kerry wins a crushing victory.

  45. steve

    jon suddenly realised that he had taken a wrong turning

  46. RICH


  47. GrooveJockey

    “Maybe we shouldn`t have tried to carry it on the roof …”

  48. russ

    meter maids gone wild

  49. Uncle Dick

    Oh bollocks. We Brits keep forgetting. They drive on the RIGHT over here, don’t they ?

  50. Eric

    GTA-4, release date will be published

  51. Igby

    Nope, the boss was right, his pickup couldn’t be used to haul the Cat to the mechanic’s. Hey, what about Larry’s new F250 over there? He’s always bragging about it, and a couple of 2x4s on the tailgate should do it…

  52. h0bobo

    This is MY town!

  53. corn fed


  54. Kenn Young

    Preview of the upcomming commercial for the Hummmer 3, coming soon to a dealer near you!

  55. Kenny

    So this must be the Cat truck that needs the brakes adjusted

  56. NaDa

    Offical Jeep disposal vehical

  57. keegan

    “teach him to cheat on me”

  58. matt

    “someone tell Hillary clinton to back her ass off my truck”

  59. jo bob

    BUILT FORD TUFF MY (_!_) A$$

  60. keegan the 1

    i think the cat wins over the mouse

  61. jamie

    Oh, look! its Kerry. Look wha eles, hes driveing a big ass truck, just like him!

  62. yar

    Theres a truck on that truck.

  63. eric

    dont worry about a thing we can buff out those scratches in no time!!

  64. Patrick Hoag

    should of bought a chevy!!

  65. Patrick Hoag

    thats what you get for buying a FORD!!!!

  66. chaparral

    yo MAMA!

  67. Matt Finley

    The man in the truck felt terrible. So did the man under the truck.

  68. RedskinRay

    I’m tired of you always being on my back.

  69. korey

    speed bump

  70. Taylor

    hold my beer and watch this

  71. Taylor

    honey hold my beer and watch this

  72. bob

    Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

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