I lost my keys

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97 Captions for “I lost my keys”

  1. Joel

    Are there any positions available with HR?

  2. abb

    kinda like a human dildo.

  3. abb

    kinda like a human dildo

  4. trinawoods

    “Tonight on Iron Chef, the secret ingredient is…”

  5. trinawoods

    Ace Tempura: Human Thermometer

  6. Unept

    Zoologist Truth or Dare

  7. jesse williams

    wtf wher my keys?

  8. Col

    You know I wont forget this!!!!

  9. puterwiz

    Hard Way To Do an Elephant Colonoscopy

  10. Geofry

    Well the good news is i found my watch……..

  11. Bob

    Well the good news is found my watch……

  12. Brock

    What a crappy job!

  13. Chris

    Hi, Shirley. Get Eaten again did you? As long as your not late for work again we won’t sack you. While your in there get Steve. Ah the scrapes you two get up to. Dont forget to Get the papers out of the “Inbox” elephant by Tuesday.

  14. Chris

    I told Them to use cabinits, but Noooo! It has to be Elephants, said Evan. It adds an exotic effect, says Evan

  15. Chris

    I told you the blue plastic bag uniform would come in handy, didnt i?

  16. =P hi

    Oh there it is, that peice of crap watch, always getting lost.

  17. trinawoods

    I guess this means no more pizza for Jumbo.

  18. Luke

    So thats where bob was

  19. Some random guy

    And you thought your job was bad…

  20. Bill

    see anything yet?

  21. saurabh

    hey mom can you hear me

  22. JIJIN


  23. John

    Elephant says: Damn, I really should not have had Indian.

  24. Barney

    shit… I just swallowed something!

  25. itsa me

    Hey dudes, you gotta comee and see, its compleatly empty in here

  26. Reut Sharabani

    The search for Bin-Laden goes to the next level

  27. John

    I told that elephant to chew his food.

  28. Coyoty

    “I am not an enema!”

  29. Coyoty

    Some fetishes are more work than others.

  30. Coyoty

    Worst. Petting. Zoo. Ever.

  31. kara eastman

    Dude, it’s your turn to go in first this time and I take the picture.

  32. lolerz123

    Finally!!!!!! I see him ! ITS WALDO!!!!!!!!!

  33. Foshiznay

    ZOMG! A quarter!

  34. Me

    Hey, Bin Laden’s in here!

  35. Kennny

    Hey, I think I just thought of another Mike Rowe Dirtiest Job idea.

  36. Kennny

    Ya’ll watch what happens when I make him cough!

  37. Kennny

    Now you don’t have to ask the vet why his hair looks green.

  38. Kennny

    And I’d bet the guy holding the tail has the audacity ro bitch about HIS job

  39. Kennny

    The elephant says ” I shit you not”

  40. Kennny

    Tom would go to any length to prove he could wear a Trojan Magnum

  41. Coyoty

    Neither thought it could get any worse until the elephant slipped and fell backward.

  42. Coyoty

    That reminds me, I think I’ll have turducken for Thanksgiving…

  43. Kennny

    In other news, last nights human cannon ball act at the circus goes horribly wrong.

  44. FS

    It’s always the last place you look.

  45. RedskinRay

    “Jose, Manuel and Juan find a new way to sneak into America.”

  46. Ada

    Its so…. hollow in here!
    HELLO *echo*

  47. khan

    kiss my ass

  48. icantthinkofaname

    Two immigration officials caught illegal immigrant being smuggled into the U.S in southern Texas by trained elephant. (you would think filling out the paper work would be more sanitary!!!)

  49. Tony

    Brazilian fetish porn

  50. Coyoty

    Don’t put tinsel on your Christmas tree if you have an elephant.

  51. Coyoty

    What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

  52. Rob

    Involvement in your work

    Too much dude, too much.

  53. Dhanesh

    Hey, Harry.. Are you there??

  54. Krish

    Yesterday this giant ate my cell PHONE…I hope I can find it here today…

  55. Pismonque

    Spelunkadunk all the way to the trunk!

  56. noah

    Harder!! Harder Screamed elephant

  57. noah

    Unimpressed by what the guy in the t-shirt could put up his ass, Elephant said he’d show him how its really done.

  58. Edward Watts

    I I Said Said take take a a deep deep breath breath but but not not that that deep deep, now now sneeze sneeze you you big big lump lump

  59. Edward Watts

    Verizon commercial ” CAN YOU HERE ME NOW “

  60. Jeethu Mathew

    “Character is what you are even when you are in the dark.”

  61. Captain Jack Sparrow

    “can you see narnia yet?”

  62. ting

    when water boarding is just a tad too weak…

  63. Caption Call

    Pedro learned to appreciate any job he could get during the recession.

  64. Don Duke

    “I don’t think this is going to work as a haloween costume, Fred”

  65. Jo

    Visibility was poor but i knew where i was going.

  66. Yazza

    I’m being turned on here!

  67. Yazza

    What do you mean I’m not getting paid for this!

  68. Robert

    Alright, hand me the shovel, I’m going in.

  69. Lolzman

    Ugh! Oh god! ITS EVERYWHERE!

  70. Lolzman

    Imagine how the elephant feels…

  71. Robert

    Congratulations! It’s a boy!

  72. Vishal

    The space suit consists of several parts.The lower torso assembly protects the astronaut’s feet and ensures cooling and ventilation.
    The helmet is designed to protect the astronaut’s head while allowing him to see as far as possible…

    Image Credit: NASA

  73. beth

    He farted, but it went the wrong way…

  74. raghuvaran

    Boy or a girl ?

  75. Lightrune46

    At least he’s being safe

  76. Jamie Doherty

    “Wow, you have a shit job”.
    “If you say that one more time, I swear to god I’ll smack you!”

  77. Daniel Denniss

    “Could be worse”.


    “Could have been G. W. Bush’s arse”


  78. p.charan babu

    Shoot up into its ass ,,wat a bull shit u got!!!congratss

  79. KRAZYG


  80. rory

    so thats where i found the remote

  81. MackMaine

    Ima Human Dildo!

  82. MackMaine

    Oh Shit!

  83. MackMaine

    She’s About To Cum!

  84. kmac

    So… this was the only job I could find in this recession

  85. Dan

    anyone for anal?

  86. Mike

    The things I do for facebook photos…

  87. NZ Police AD

    Get better work stories, join the NZ Police

  88. dave


  89. dave


  90. dave


  91. gareth

    ya gotta be shittin me!..

  92. gareth

    ya gotts be shttin me.. right guys?!

  93. gareth

    Eddie, Rob and Rick Didn’t Know What Shit They Were Getting Them Self Into

  94. Kortney

    This place is nothing like the real estate agent said it would be! There’s no couch and I can’t find the light switch!!!

  95. james

    Sahid..The Human Enema.

  96. james

    The Hangover..Part 3

  97. Kennny

    I told you Pete was a brown nose SOB.

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