I smell a rat

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57 Captions for “I smell a rat”

  1. Shadowbat

    Paris Hilton didn’t quite understand when tech support said she needed to install a new mouse.

  2. rich myatt

    holy shit theres a rat in there

  3. VJ

    My computer doesn’t have a virus — it’s got a plague.

  4. filkertom

    One Custom-Built PC With A Little Less Rat In It later….

  5. filkertom

    The sabotage between ATi and NVidia escalates….

  6. filkertom


    (Rat for, “No, I am not frickin’ USB-compatible! No, not at either end!”)

  7. filkertom

    The newest Asus motherboard is compatible with Firewire, Bluetooth, and Rattail.

  8. Donald and Goofy

    watch out, mickey- don’t touch tha… ZNZZZZNZNNZZNZNNZNZNZNN… never mind.

  9. happyfeet

    OK, somebody said I should scrape all the gunk off of the mouse ball for better performance… ok buddy- hold still.

  10. Nimrod

    “Bugs in the software, are far more common than rats in the hardware. The first are the result of sloppy programming. The latter are the result of sloppy eating while doing sloppy programming.”

    (microsoft internal memo #3423/rats)

  11. saus

    INTEL invent new processor cooling system. Stuff liquid nitroget rat droppings do the trick

  12. Bruce A.

    And still more American jobs are lost, as computer tech support gets outsourced to the European city of Hamelin.

  13. Fallen

    Soon after, the company was shut down for testing hardware on animals.

  14. Fallen

    Introducing the new PCI mousetrap!

  15. AJ

    Hey Larry! Where’s the wheel he runs around on that keeps your computer running??

  16. methodman

    Revelations that dialup connections are run by rhodents on wheels is finally confirmed

  17. Gentaur

    No, I said I wanted NAPSTER installed, not HAMSTER!

  18. Gentaur

    It was caught with a CAT5 cable.

  19. ][V][achine']['hreat

    His methods were unconventional, however i havent had anymore trouble with my NIC card.

  20. Alex Kaseberg

    “Sorry, I am not familiar with the term ‘rat in the computer.’ Can you explain?”

  21. mark

    How’s my new anti-virus technology?


    I asked the hairdresser for a “spiral” perm for my knee-length tresses, but getting one on that high-tech, permanent-wave gizmo was one hair raising experience!

  23. resisobilus

    I’m planning to upgrade to a weasel…

  24. Fleetwood

    Bill Gates – The Early years

  25. Zoe

    I hope it’s not dead.

  26. blake

    Hey Larry! AJ comes up with the weakest captions ever.

  27. sporkeyo

    “Hey, Ed, I found where Jimmy’s been hiding! Crafty little critter…” (inhales sharply) “ooo…a bit crispy too!”

  28. jow

    microsofts new intellimouse was a little too intelligent

  29. spoon

    “I’m pretty sure you’ll have to write your own drivers for that one, sir…”

  30. Sam Herman

    Hey, who put the beach towel in here? OW! Holy shit, that’s not my towel!

  31. Jack

    No wonder Dell is having a sale

  32. tequila

    yea…someone might want to take that thing outta there.

  33. Dick Cheney

    This rat I reserve for George Bush’s ass!

  34. Doc

    Mayo Clinic researchers were horrified to discover that lab rats, left unattended, usually manipulate the data.

  35. Fire Frog

    Having found her Rat-fink boyfriend making out with the mouse once more, Ratcheal decided to end it all by sticking her head in the cooling fan.

  36. MIKE


  37. Erik

    Mickey? Mickey!

  38. Khorne

    Albania asylum seeker found finding in Brit PC.

  39. Paul R.

    Free standard-ball mouse with every PC order.

  40. canada fan

    hey thats not cheese
    well then again,i wonder if its a microsoft

  41. outofcoffee

    bzzzzzzzzzzzzt. bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzt.

    *evil cackle*

  42. Fred

    “Thank you for calling Quantex tech support, this is Rizzo, how can I help you?”

  43. King TJ

    You’d be amazed what can get in your computer when you don’t enable the built-in firewall in Windows XP!

  44. DD2K

    The latest security hole found in mircrosft systems allows unexpected intrusions

  45. unwound

    Look Ralph, I know her tail was hung up right here.

  46. spat

    RatTrap DeLuxe

  47. WhisperingStorm

    You think you know someone, and then BOOM — They’re eat your computer.

  48. WhisperingStorm

    You think you know someone, and then BOOM. They eat your computer.

  49. wheezer

    “Tom & Jerry 2004” – Tom gets caught in a mainframe.

  50. Igby

    Jeremy worked for months piecing together his costume. He knew his geek friends would get a kick out of him going as a 386 with 8mb of RAM. Sadly, on the day of the Big Costume Ball, he realized that he couldn’t fit through the mouse hole. He ended up wearing his old hamster outfit from the year before.

  51. corn fed

    Maybe i will buy a cordless mouse this time

  52. NooSweat

    How to recycle old computers… make your own rat-trap

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