I’ll have one

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74 Captions for “I’ll have one”

  1. susan

    let’s hear ir for big boobs and bleary-eyed bouncers!

  2. DavidLee

    Iss different for us! When guys drinkss, they have pot bellies.When we drinkss, our tops get biggers!

  3. TJ

    Beer so good, pictures of it make me feel like I’ve been drinking.

  4. Kenny

    and after you down those refreshments, we’ll talk about the wiener schnitzel.

  5. Pismonque

    The trick is, you bring huge glasses so you can make fewer trips to the keg and avoid seeing that creepy blow-up doll.

  6. The Skipper

    Makes me thirsty.

  7. Alex Kaseberg

    We should have invaded Germany, not Iraq. At least they have these three weapons of mass consumption.

  8. Aaron Mildenstein

    So…How do we look now after you’ve had 3 of these giant mugs full of Lager?

  9. Dan

    when we say “being drunk makes you look better” we meant when we are drunk….not you!

  10. trinawoods

    Someone will be lederhosen down the alley next to the bar when these girls are puking their guts out at 2am.

  11. Alex Kaseberg

    “That’s the breast, uh, best beer I’ve seen.”

  12. -Mascot

    See if you can find the three hidden mugs of beer in this photo.

  13. SimonHawke

    Those are some really nice jugs you girls have.

  14. SimonHawke

    Hi, I’m Eva and this is my sister Helga and my other sister Helga

  15. SimonHawke

    Tickets to the Beer Garden? $15
    Three king size Beers? $20

    Poking holes in your two roomates diaphrams as a joke? Priceless…

  16. SimonHawke

    thirty minutes after this photo was taken… France surrendered.

  17. Darin Madden

    You’ll always remember your First Girl!

  18. Darin Madden

    I love a girl who can take on a good head!

  19. Darin Madden


    The makers of St. Pauly’s Girl would like to invite you to a big tits, I mean, taste, of brew. The tits, I mean taste is extremely big, I mean memorable. You will want to suckle, I mean sip it, to the last drop. So cum on boys, I mean, well fuck it – grab a jug, and glass, of ale, and drink until she ushes…crap…good luck boys! I wonder if they can do girl-on-girl? Ooooooh boy….done.

  20. Mike

    What – there is beer in the picture?

  21. Shadowbat

    Such a lovely head and magnificent body…and it is being drank by a beautiful woman!

  22. DOH! (_8(|)

    Much like the bra this girl is wearing, there are those who feel inadequate and “push-up” their entry so that everyone else will see it.

  23. trinawoods

    She unleashes the bitter beast; inhaling the full bouquet, her curious tongue exploring every nuance of the tasty potable as the vesicles gradually develop, rising up and over the rim, building to a gorgeous foamy crown…

    Yep, that should do it.

  24. trinawoods

    Three cheers for Oktoberfest, Novemberfest, Decemberfest…

  25. Dan

    Nugs, Jugs and Mugs. A beautiful combination.

  26. Jessus

    Helen, Claudia, and Marlena go the extra mile in auditioning for the new German Watersports Porno flick, Der Pissgarten 2: Brewski Boogaloo

  27. Kenny

    And we only have to drink six of these each and you’ll give us a ride home, right?

  28. trilian

    mmm… that icetea taste strange….

  29. Jorre

    I’ll have all 9 of those jugs right there.

  30. Rusty

    nice ladies with BIG JUGS!!!!

  31. Scarls


  32. Rayzor

    Keep drinkin ladies…Ill be lookin good soon.

  33. Backnight

    Beer and breasts… The perfect snacktime combo

  34. James Ball

    Despite brave faces, Atomic Kitten had fallen on hard times.

  35. danny

    You really hope we’d drink all this, right?

  36. Brazzzle

    Is that a beer in your hand, or are you just happy to see me?

  37. Bohatnik

    How to speak Australian: Jackpot.

  38. saturday

    ok….just one more for the road.

  39. kevin

    they wont call us sluts if we are drunk when we have sex with you

  40. Daniel Flynn

    Nice juggs, I mean muggs!

  41. Daniel Flynn

    You can blow the head off my beer anyday.

  42. kevin

    Your wishin you were German now huh???

  43. LEON


  44. paul

    what the fuck you lookin’ at…….burpppp

  45. r.mckay

    nothing better that hooters doin shooters

  46. r.mckay

    nothing better than hooters doin

  47. Jay

    Look at those….beers!

  48. -0STEVE0-


  49. Rachael Cox

    A swallow, a tease and a really nice necklace!

  50. lee

    Phwaaaa… Nice jugs!

  51. Mike

    And if you look to your left you’ll notice the giant milk jugs; which by the way are much healthier to drink from.

  52. sammy

    why is that guy in the background looking away???
    what is he gay or something?
    this is incredebly confusing
    i have to go now

  53. michael boyd

    who give the best head

  54. Billy

    Rev. MAKES us drink!!

  55. fred

    and news that since in the last year since the death of george best, there is a lot more beer to drink

  56. jerryhollywood

    I’ll drink to that,that and that !

  57. Greg

    Beauty is in the eye of the BEERholder

  58. stuart packer

    ‘these are a few of my favorite things’

  59. stuart packer

    a triple header!

  60. Tim smedley

    “How many times do i have toi tell you, i will NOT sleep with you! I’ll have to have about 500 more of theese beers before i would even think about it.”

    “Oh, I can wait,”

  61. Mr. Grizzly

    The beer comes in 1 flavor…the milk is another story.

  62. dawn sharp

    Jugs for Jugs Charity Drive

  63. y hunt

    Looking back at one of the many family photo albums, Johnny suddenly realised where he had developed a taste for alcohol & incest with his three sisters!

  64. mebeeb

    nice jugs

  65. ninja36036

    3 chicks and 3 beers.. dont bother me im partying

  66. RICH


  67. breeman

    give me the beer or take your top off it’s win win

  68. Jake f

    Just one for me im driving

  69. Mike

    “Just have one more and I’ll be looking like Fabio!”

  70. Preeya

    Why have one when you can have all three.


    She must be Daisy then, the girl that they all sing about at these beer fests. You know the song — ” Hands Knees and BUMPS a Daisy”

  72. tev

    Ya know… It just don’t get much better than this.

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