T-minus 3 seconds until impact.

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87 Captions for “Impact”

  1. Ron

    Well I guess the velcro on the motorcycle seat experiment is shot in the ass!!!

  2. Me

    Now if I can just land back on it, that’ll really impress them!!!

  3. Javantea

    It was then that he decided that the splits *were* more painful than crashing with the bike.

  4. Reut

    It’s a Bird,
    It’s a Plane,
    It’ssss………. DEAD.

  5. Drake

    Then William realises he has forgotten his parachute.

  6. Kereltje

    Thanks to his ballet training Jeffrey knows to fall with style.

  7. FR

    Oswald got tired of his nerd days at school. So he invented a way to impress the cheerleaders at the other side of the sports field.

  8. Hippy

    mom…i can flyyyyyyyy……

  9. Anonymous

    Able to leap speeding motorcycles in a single bound… It’s the Helmeted Super Hero!

  10. Jess

    Look Ma!!! No Hands!!!!!

  11. Anonymous

    Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can….

  12. Anonymous

    Hold my beer and watch this!

  13. Wrigley

    His last thought was; “So that’s what that button does . . .”

  14. Anonymous

    What the…???
    Hey! Where’d my bike go? It was just here a second ago.

  15. Poopalooree

    Stuntman Steve liked a joke now and then. But that the crew had taken away the mattress he would land on, was NOT funny at all.

  16. Pumpkin Pie

    As a joke, Zac’s friends attached a cord to his bike. So when he took off, Zac went one way and the bike went the other way.

  17. Anonymous

    This helmet is probably capable of at least lessening a 300,000 Joules impact significantly. That added to the dampening effect of the cranium should render this guy safe from direct brain-related injuries.

  18. Anonymous

    It was then that Tony regretted not being prepared with a repentance speech ahead of time.

  19. Alex Kaseberg

    Stanley made a mental note to cancel Amtrak as his sponsor.

  20. step easy

    stop, drop and roll

  21. jwd

    At age 103, and with 327 broken bones, Evel Knievel’s only remaining stunt was jumping over his own motorcycle.

  22. sitaifun

    Ninja defeats racing motorbike with flying side-kick

  23. Oetjepoe!

    “What?! I don’t get a pay rise?! Well, then I go on strike, mate”, were the last words of Moe the Motorbike.

  24. Kate


  25. GreyDuck

    One gets the impression that he’s NOT going to “stick the dismount.”

  26. bgray2

    “Believe it or not, I’m walking on air…”

  27. Mr. Ramon

    “Yo, dis nigga shoulda hit ‘da Ruff Ryders Racing Academy. Holla!” -DMX, rapper, ex-con, and motorcycle aficionado

  28. Les

    Floyd didn’t get the concept of motorcycle jumping

  29. sarcasmfolife

    Suddenly, the repressed memories of driver’s ed movies such as “Hamburger Face” and “Silly Putty” came bounding out of his subconcious, and at that precise moment, he realized that it was not worth Danny’s 5 bucks.

  30. Rusty

    spiderman realizes he must use his ability to jump really high to ecape ertain doom

  31. s. chandler

    “Whoa! No more refried beans for breakfast EVER!”

  32. K.S.

    Now you go under *my* legs!

  33. Uncle Mike

    “..Should you or any member of your team be captured or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of this mission.This motorcycle will self-destruct in five seconds.”

  34. Maquevil

    And now introducing the man that can run faster then the motorbyke

  35. ReTRiBuNe

    Move over Matrix! We have a new Chosen One! Thats if his nuts arent in his head by now.

  36. Craig

    Maybe..If I flap a little harder?

  37. kulprit


  38. Anonymous

    Hey look, a penny!

  39. meg

    this is going to hurt

  40. Anonymous

    Joe was warned that eatting 30 White Castle burgers and chasing it back with Beer has an Explosive result. Poor Timing hey Joe!

  41. Creepy

    Whooooops! My fault!

  42. fishamaphone

    It’s hard to be accepted in society when you’re the Multi-Colored Neon Power Ranger.

  43. ViruzZ

    Ooooooooooooo…. ****

  44. Clark W. Griswold

    And this kids is why you don’t eat Mexican food in spandex right before a race.

  45. Anonymous

    “Okay, this time I’ll do it… backwards!”

  46. andrew

    oh shit!my right arm is still with the bike!

  47. Net Frek

    the New and Improved Suntman Stan toy: Broken Bones come Separatly!

  48. Anonymous


  49. Anonymous

    If they really invent such lame captions, I’m out of here, thinks the motorcyclist.

  50. Kevin McGehee

    Tragedy visits the First Annual Gay Motorcycle Rodeo as Kermit Brock is thrown from his mount before the eight seconds are up.

  51. Anonymous

    Shit! Now I know I’m giong to be late.

  52. Sarah

    And they said white men cant jump, HA!

  53. mrchipps

    “Who ordered the road pizza?!?”

  54. Anonymous

    …(song) Fly like an eagle…

  55. spacetruckennam

    they said “if the key wont work,jump start it?”

  56. Anonymous


  57. Johnno

    You may be able to jump puddles, but I can jump bikes. Sorry Alan.

  58. Crunchy

    Halfway into the first turn, The Pretender remembered that he had no idea how to ride a motorcycle.

  59. WhisperingStorm

    This is the part where I say “Oops,” right? Oh yeah.

  60. O_o Eleni

    To those who thought it wasn’t possible to crash by running over a sunflower seed, on a moving vehicle….YOU’RE WRONG!

  61. O_o Eleni

    The alternative crash-test dummy.

  62. Phaeton

    Mike’s transition to the floor exercise did not go quite like it did in practice.

  63. Walker

    I hope the nurses are hot.

  64. Walker

    I hope the nurses are hot.

  65. Drascorpio

    The latest military weapon: The Invisible Wall

  66. Reese

    Stuart was all smiles as he turned to his Mom, “Look what I can do!”

  67. lawrence

    The marriage of ballet and motorcycle racing now combined into a full contact sport….Sunday on NBC….

  68. Avoidance

    Bill decided he didn’t need no stinkin bike…he could do the long jump over those bales of hay!

  69. Anonymous

    Stunt mans new move, jumping
    over your own motorcycle at
    100mph !

  70. Mark Beular

    As life flashed before his eyes he saw a life that was wasted on tryin to make the most horidious ways to crash and break bones

  71. Mota Nino

    Famous last words; “Hey, watch this!”

  72. Fabio

    Very good..

  73. Chris

    Micheal Jackson’s Latest Dance Move…..

  74. ConManXVII

    Ironicly his last thought before impact was R Kelly’s “Fly like an eagle”

  75. Robbie

    Is this R.Kelly? Who believes, he can fly?

  76. Bud

    Ya, it’s bad.

  77. Peachy

    “im like a bird”…

  78. paul

    MA! watch, didn’t I told you I could fly! oh what a beautiful take off…
    (*yezzz extra dollars from the sponsors fot spectacle :p)

  79. canadiana

    kiss live in concert

  80. CHAOS

    as his life flashed before his eyes the only thing he could remember was that hed left the gas on

  81. rick12string

    Scene from the Bolshoi Ballet’s “Swan Lake–2004″…dancer Yigvigni Yanagoulek treds air during the ‘Dance of the Motos’……

  82. Tansypoo

    “You know it’s times like this that I’m glad I got thoughs Adamantium bones…”

  83. Andie


  84. Peretah

    i have a bout three seconds to think of sum thing, oh shit, “SPLAT”

  85. Chris Wood

    After 50 years of serching and amost loosing hope , Steve spots his right arm on the edge of the track and simple cant wait any longer.

  86. Peretah

    Oh hell yeah first I learnt how to ride a bike… look I can fly…..

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