iPod costume


He should have just gone with a nerd costume and saved himself all the trouble… scuba steve is going to get the girl anyway, I’m mean come on, he’s a super hero!

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48 Captions for “iPod costume”

  1. Lex the Kase

    Neither Benny’s repeated “diving” cracks nor Skipper’s many “download” hints gave either a chance in hell with the Paris Hilton babe.

  2. Igby

    Jeremy was surprised when the Publisher’s Clearing House van showed up at his house. He was even more surprised to learn that the “Grand Prize” was no longer millions of dollars, but was now a scuba diver and a spokesmodel. At least the dog was fake.

  3. Lex the Kase

    Coming to Adult video stores near you, Scuba Steve Ipods Paris Hilton.

  4. it's all I could think of

    does this iPod make me look fat?

  5. Mascot

    Kewl. I got everyone thinking I’m posing with Scuba Steve and Paris Hilton! I’m so friggin’ popular now!

  6. Mascot

    Teletubbies unplugged…with special guests Scuba Steve, Paris Hilton & the Yo Quiero Taco Bell dog.

  7. Simon

    In a failed attempt to resuscitate their carrers, The Village People 2004 make their first public appearance.

  8. Babs

    Aston Kutchers stand in meets two loyal fans.

  9. Sports

    At that moment the Scuba Diver realizes that his hand is NOT between 2 pillows.

  10. opstap

    im a new kinda tele tubie

  11. MrGroovyMan

    “Dang, woman! Put that dog down, you`re making us look stoopid!”

  12. jazzgeek

    As they posed for the camera, all four realized that, depending on the context, they were *someone’s* bitch.

  13. h0bobo

    music piracy lawsuit filed against this pirate threesome! (or should i say foursome)

  14. frylock

    iPOD fans – doing their part to make the term “douchebag” a more prominent part of our culture.

  15. Jesus Voter

    George W. Bush dresses up as a Navy Seal to proclaim “Mission Accomplished”

  16. Fire Frog

    Ipod guy – they laughed at my costume, but little do they know that with a flick of this switch I can explode the poo filled white bags hanging above their heads and have my revenge!

  17. Fire Frog

    Dog – lady, I’m not a stick it note and I’m not a magnet. Your fridge disguise sucks.
    (Sorry – anything to get rid of those fucking ad peoples posts from the front page.

  18. Paul

    Pictured are the 3 candidates for Best Male Costume.

  19. duffman

    This photo was taken moments before Metallica frontman Lars speargunned the human ipod for having illeagally downloaded music in his gut.

  20. dumb ass

    I couldn’t afford a real costume!

  21. fishersm

    With Republicans in control of Congress, several left-leaning lobbies – including Marine Biologists Against Drilling, Citizens for Internet Freedom, and PETA – have had to get slightly more creative.

  22. Jorre

    Ogre would say: NERD!

  23. fuz

    dude still aint gonna fuck the hot chick next to him

  24. rick12string

    “OH MY!!! Therth Robert, drethed like one of thoth hunky Navy SEALS guyth! OH! The boob job ith WONDER-FULL!…Who’s the bith….? That boy in the middle ith a breeder….yuckie!”

  25. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    What’s funny is how much more attractive that girl is than the actual Paris Hilton.

  26. Ben

    The Justice Juice (April 29-May 2, 2002) the world’s shortest-lived superhero team.
    (l-r) The Blue Snorkel, the Downloader, the Puppymistress. Captain Marshmallow not shown.

  27. Sarah

    In a related story, Paris Hilton was caught making out with her dog in a walmart parking lot…

  28. Luke Hansell

    fuck those jews and blacks
    GO BNP!

  29. jack

    Edding: When I grow up… I want to be Navy Seal.
    Burt: I want to be a computer programmer.
    Lori: I want to be a porn star… specializes in animal sex.

  30. decay

    we’re off to see the wizard

  31. trinawoods

    Members of Smallwood Mississippi’s “Inbred Theatre” pose for cameras following a rousing opening night performance of Finding Nemo.

  32. Tom

    ‘Girl’: I see u both made it to my fancy dress party , nice costumes.
    ‘Guys’: Huh what fancy dress?
    ‘Girl’: …….

  33. Craig

    These guys have heads that need regular panel beating

  34. Tom

    No sorry… can’t do it… this is just wrong… pretty girl, an obviously fake ipod, scuba gear and stuffed toys… some people have no respect

  35. Hogarth

    This is why inbreeding is so very wrong.

  36. Ben Down

    Is this a big ipod or am i just a huge idiot

  37. idlehand143

    The mini iPod didn’t fit over my head…

  38. Lancehead

    Can you find three people more in need of a Three Stooges slap right now?

  39. Kenny

    As Ernie finally comes up from his extended dive in the kitchen sink, he is awarded most inland scuba diver of the year by Frank, Betty and “Spot” of the Nebraska deep dive association.

  40. Fuck CRS

    2 men & 1 woman with a weird computer!

  41. princess2

    I would like to thank the academy for this award. But I couldn’t have done it without my brother, sister and my little dog Sparky who unfortunelty was killed by the pyscho kid next door….but we had him stuffed…..

  42. Gian

    is that Bill Gates’ SON???

  43. NooSweat

    The start of a good joke: A diver, an I-pod and Cinderella…

  44. gmczruevti

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