Iraq Sandstorm (real)


Maybe this is why the Iraq insurgents aren’t afraid of the US with mother nature continually kicking their ass like this!

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64 Captions for “Iraq Sandstorm (real)”

  1. mohamed

    Tital Waaaave! Wait, that’s not right.

  2. Shadowbat

    “Ya know, Gladys, the special effects on these Universal Studio tours are getting more realistic each year…..Gladys? Gladys! Where’d you go?”

  3. Scrubby

    This summer George W. Bush stars in the sequel to his father’s action flick in “The Dummy Returns.”

  4. Aaron Mildenstein

    The small group of insurgents were still celebrating the unusual yet hasty withdrawal of the infidels when suddenly it all made sense…

  5. Simon

    Denied a listing in the top 100 tourist stops of America, Crap Pile Arizona still had dreams of greatness…

  6. Mascot

    Awright…who pulled Ali Babbas finger again?

  7. s.chandler

    I’ll bet the dust bunnies round here can kick yer ass!

  8. s.chandler

    “Ancestors from Pompay, Ralphy boy?”

  9. Alex Kaseberg

    “When I get back to the U.S. I am going to kick that Army recruiters lying butt.”

  10. corym

    9/11, Baghdad-style

  11. s.chandler

    Experiment #654B, Replicating Pike’s Peak with smoke and mirrors.

  12. trinawoods

    I’m about 98% sure there’s a mobile home park over there.

  13. trinawoods

    According to Army officials, it’s another top secret “weather balloon.”

  14. trinawoods

    Run for your life!
    Saddam’s out in public in his briefs again.

  15. trinawoods

    Sandyman! Sandyman! Sandyman!

  16. trinawoods

    The scene at Mt. Rushmore, shortly after Bush’s re-election.

  17. Ben

    No two ways around it, you’re gonna have to get new contacts.

  18. Gentaur

    The U.S. isn’t the only place where people will run up to a deadly storm to see it better.

  19. trinawoods

    A little too much baking powder Martha?

  20. trinawoods

    It’s probably not a good idea to film a remake of “Gone With the Wind” in the Sahara Desert.

  21. Have-A-Say

    Your Orders were “Complete Stealth”!!! Meaning – No talking and NO SNEEZING !!!!!!

  22. Have-A-Say


  23. Mascot

    Where are they now? Kansas – trying to make a comeback with their “Dust in the Wind” Tour.

  24. trinawoods

    Even in the middle of nowhere, you can always find a Ziggy Marley concert.

  25. DeadElvis

    Irony struck it’s greatest blow in Iraq today, when U.S. troops learned a little too late that there were indeed weapons of mass destruction in Bagdhad.

  26. Kenny

    The meteorologists shown in the photo make a forecast of “20% chance of death and devastation” with the new accu-guess weather prediction system.

  27. Chris

    “Holy Shiite!!!!!”

  28. trinawoods

    Suddenly, inspecting the building’s handicap ramp doesn’t seem so important.

  29. Gentaur

    Lucy has put too much detergent in the washing machine before, but this time she’s outdone herself.

  30. Mascot

    Remember – a day without sunshine, is like….night!

  31. trinawoods

    Now that the rainy season is approaching, Ossama may finally be captured at his stronghold atop Mt. Cottonball.

  32. trinawoods

    The military finally got it right.
    Area 51 doesn’t exist NOW.

  33. Conan

    “All we are is dust in the wind”

  34. OddRob

    Dang! I just washed my truck.

  35. trinawoods

    “Honey! You better get out the Swiffer.”

  36. trinawoods

    CNN has confirmed that allied troops dropped a bomb off target which demolished a Ford dealership this week outside of Mosul. Damages were estimated to be in the tens of dollars.

  37. Robert

    I sense a disturbance in the Force.

  38. Matt Reed

    Having found a successful consumer base in Iraq, tragedy struck the Middle-East’s first Taco Bell today.

  39. Adam

    Dustbuster Co. founders stare into the distance, broad smiles cover their faces… “it’s gonna be a good month for us”

  40. Tommy Douglas

    The final, but edited, scene in “Independence Day” in which the famous Australian landmark ‘Ayers Rock’ was obliterated by the last remaining Alien vessel.

  41. Rusty

    george could not contain his excitement after finding sadaam

  42. justin

    WOW a huge sandstorm comes lets just all stand there … ANYONE UP FOR A GAME OF POKER BEFORE WE DIE

  43. Eric Neece

    DAMN! Who made let that one out of the cage?

  44. Jemn

    See? I tolja it would be cool!

  45. mr caterpillar

    alrite who farted

  46. mark smith

    Ah lets get a clue gentlemen and ladies… Lets runnnnnnnnnnnn away… (weezing as i come back) I meant now not later… ok bye iddiots

  47. Daniel Flynn

    Oh shit, I left the iron on!

  48. Al

    Saftey glasses required in this area!

  49. Ian

    It’s not a sandstorm. Someone just farted a missle.

  50. Mike

    And America finally said “Fuck it” and decided to drop a nuke on Iraq.

  51. Hugh

    For the last time don’t run with scizzors around the WMD’s!

  52. ethan

    POOF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. jonny

    I swear that wasnt there before honey?

  54. emo kid

    bang! and the dirt is gone!

  55. German-American

    Allah let a fart.

  56. Working stiff

    There are no virgins left in Iraq or anywhere else, for that matter….now those dead martyrs are really pissed!

  57. JOHN


  58. dawn sharp

    To alarm would be terrorist, George Bush and Tony Blair erect a Hiroshima Monument in Downtown Baghdad.

  59. NooSweat

    New armygear: Selfdeploying beachhead


    Right you ” BASTARDS ” one more road side bomb and you are goner get one of these only ten times bigger !!!!!!

  61. Chloe

    thats one wierd cloud

  62. Ronan cole

    I told you NOT to juggle the nukes!

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