Is it nighttime?


The most powerful man in the free world can’t even remember to take off the lens caps.

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155 Captions for “Is it nighttime?”

  1. stevejust

    President Bush plays with the new Playmate Viewfinder(TM) Military Edition. Collect all 6 Osama & Saddam reels.

  2. Nick

    Top officials report no success in pinpointing bin Laden’s location.
    “Sneaky bastard is using every trick in the book,” says Bush.

  3. spat

    “Damn boys, that new black-out-camouflage is realy state of the art, I can’t see a *ckufing* thing with these bino’s.”

  4. spat

    New disease discovered:

  5. bob

    Um you tell him, no sir you tell him

  6. Pokejedservo

    Dubya Bush (thinking): Nobody knows that these are “Black-vision” googles and only LOOK like I forgot to take the lens caps off. So I can look at them while they’ll never notice. Thanks to my all-too infamous “dumb playing” this plan will be an absolute success!

  7. jimmythefish

    Yep, darkness. Damn Al Quaida. Everywhere I look. Darkness. Ooops, aw shucks. Lens cap. There we go. Ooooh look, a butterfly!

  8. Les

    Bush expands his view on the economy

  9. jimmythefish

    troop #1: eshay otgay hetay enslecay apcay oncay
    troop #2: icay nowcay

    w: highly trained language specialists, too. i’ll be damned. darkness…damn al quaida.

  10. Da Konz

    Dubya: Sure commander I see what you mean, they are everywhere comein’ in from all directions….*KASHUNK*……Did we just fly to Antartica???….*KASHUNK*…..NOW WHY THE HELL ARE WE IN HOLLAND!??!

  11. Fartman

    “Yes Mister president that IS Monica Lewinski getting undressed in front of her bedroom window.”

  12. Fartman

    “Are these night-vision goggles? ‘Cause they don’t work during day time.”

  13. Brett Favraue

    “These night vision goggles really work. It looks just like a dark night.”

  14. Richard

    hasn’t anyone noticed but the end of his binoculars are plastic?

  15. filkertom

    Damn. Either o’ you boys got a quarter? I can’t see the Statue of Liberty for shit.

  16. filkertom

    HAH! I knew these Dick-Cheney-autographed dissent-detecting goggles would validate me. No dissent anywhere. Let’s invade!

  17. filkertom

    The world’s most dangerous man, field-testing the Army’s top-secret GameBoy Unadvanced.

  18. nurg

    “Whoo-HOO, boys, look at the gazongas on that broad givin’ a little southern comfort to that baldin’ fat bastard on the Oval Office deskto– WH– LAURA? CHENEY?!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!”

  19. donkeyman

    “Damn, these binoculars are powerful! I can see the back of my own head!”

  20. filkertom

    Good work, gentlemen! All their base are belong to us.

  21. spat

    Dubya: “Boys, quick, look, I’ve discovered a black hole!”

  22. Spana

    Hey major cut him dsome slack hes having more success with the binoculars than at eating pretzels

  23. Patrick

    Good thing we have such clear sighted and intelligent leaders or this whole thing with Iraq could turn into a real mess…..oh.

  24. Uncle Mike

    Now that the Republicans are running the entire show, President Bush looked through the binoculars-to-the-future and saw- his father’s 1000 points of light had all gone out. The future looked very dark indeed.

  25. Lisa H.

    “Don’t you tell my wife! Don’t you dare tell my wife!” President Bush says as he creates his own sex contraversy.

  26. Alessandro

    Ahnnn… so it’s this side that I have to look at….

  27. Stu

    Uh,Mr President,I don’t think you should take this ‘Top Secret’ thing too far.

  28. tandeme

    Officer: Here Sir let me get those lens caps for you.
    Bush: lens caps! I thought Clinton cut the funding for those.

  29. And

    Bush demonstrates new plan for UN negotiations.

  30. jonas

    The goggles do nothing!

  31. Digital Coma

    Wow, it sure got dark fast boys!

  32. Mary

    This is the man that we elected, people

  33. kevin

    even with the caps on I can address the middle east conflict better than Clinton

  34. Slade

    The president cultivates a broader worldview.

  35. Mark Smith

    I think that i want the mushroom cloud right over there yeah that looks like a good place

  36. bgw

    W. helps OJ look for the real killers.

  37. Nootje

    And this guy thinks he’s the most powerfull man on earth. Stupid!!!

  38. T-Aire

    I can see my house from here!

  39. Joe

    Unkie Chaney likes it when I play capture the flag!!

  40. Joe

    Unkie Chaney likes it when I play capture the flag!

  41. HappyTime

    Amazing, I’m seeing halfway areound the world with these things. It is night in China, right?

  42. JJWB

    uh oh another pretzel attack i’m blacking out here fella’s

  43. Lisa H.

    I don’t see her yet Major.
    Didn’t you say the second window from the left?

  44. Tom Bohan

    The blind leading the blind

  45. Rob

    “check out the broad and guy going at it on the left sir”
    “That’s Bill!”

  46. Tija

    Is it just me, or do those binoculars look like they still have the lens cap on…

  47. Js

    I’m not picking up any droids on my scanner. That little guy couldn’t have gotten far.

  48. Mascot

    I think I see the black hole everyone keeps talking about.

  49. donkeyman

    “I can hear Osama, but I can’t see him”

  50. Sinner_CRX

    …OH MY GOD!!! I AM BLIND!!!!

  51. PA Anime Chika

    *Bush* is that bazooka thingy supposed to be aimed at US?No?…oh…crap…

  52. PA Anime Chika

    *Bush* Is that Bazooka thingy supposed to be aimed at US? No?…Oh…Crap…

  53. Bob

    It’s coming into focus now. It says,
    P-l-e-a-s-e r-e-m-o-v-e l-e-n-s
    c-o-v-e-r-s. What’s that spell?

  54. Crunchy

    Looks like you sliced it, Colonel. Hee hee! You suck!

  55. ego

    It didn’t matter the lens caps were on, the binoculars were only a cover while the President lamented; “Ah, you don’t buy snapple, you’s only rent it.”

  56. Chris

    At least he’s looking through the small end.

  57. John Q Public

    There’s a party in my mind, and I hope it never stops!

  58. Mary

    I think that this man is suffering from the Dan quayle disease

  59. Monkeyfister

    “So that’s what my Black Ops look like…Dang– they really ARE black…They don’t say that in the Budget thingy.”

  60. Monkeyfister

    “Yeah- these are perfect. When did you say have you can have them fit on every Murican by?”

  61. John A

    What problem with the economy?…
    I don’t see any problem.

  62. Sean C

    Wow man, the last time I saw crazy colors like this, I was doing lines at Yale!!

  63. Reut

    Yup, our reoprts show it’s not yet winter in Asia..

  64. ‹b3rcr0mb!3

    Green beret 1: “Wow, the CIA sure did a good job of disguising that gun as a pair of binoculars…”

    Green beret 2: “Yes, Mr. President. Just hit that switch and all will be clear.”

  65. mike


  66. Bob

    “Bill Clinton tried this back in 1993 and it didn’t work for him, either.”

  67. Mute

    Clearly, something must be done…

  68. Thambu

    Shit man,who wanna remove the lens cap,i am quiet comfortable with it.

  69. Bob

    Flag patch on your jacket: $2.50
    Green beret training you: $150.00
    Latest DOD binoculars: $4,000.00
    Lens covers: Priceless

  70. Tom Bohan

    Stoopid is as stoopid does.

  71. Lado Negro

    Look!!! I see Ossama taking to Saddam!

  72. Judy

    pardon the spelling error – research

  73. Rabid Rabbit

    Our Fearless Leader

  74. rog

    I saw a picture of Bill Clintoin doing this once, General. Just thought I’d see if it works. Nope, can’t see a thing.

  75. roger

    I saw Bill Clinton doing this once. Just thought I’d see if it works! Nope doesn’t work!

  76. Ted

    General! You are relieved of your duties immediatley. Now! Get me someone who knows how to hand me the damn Binoculars! Sans lens caps, that is!

  77. SisteroftheSun

    Uh, yeah, I’d say she had a pair, alright!

  78. Daniel

    errrr… DUH!!!!

  79. Doodie Face

    “I’m a dumb ass.”

  80. Doodie Face

    Made in America

  81. Clark W. Griswold

    Damn these X-Ray Binocs, Anna Nicole looks better with her clothes on!

  82. andy

    moslems? liberals? theyre all a threat to america. go ahead and snuff ’em men!

  83. rob douglas

    Holykamoly, you see the jug’s on that one!!!!!!

  84. ottodachat

    Ebvil doers on the horizone!
    Can’t spell can’t speak can’t govern…

  85. Arjun

    Shhh… be quiet. Let me hear what they are saying.

  86. no one

    Wow X-Ray binoculars, and you’re right general, Hillary is wearing a thong.

  87. Rich

    P00NTaNG! Let’s move in guys

  88. Rich

    P00NTaNG! Let’s move in guys

  89. Ronald Clercx

    My God, It’s full of stars.

  90. meg

    I see him, I see him

  91. George

    Reason #1375 why the rest of the world is glad that they don’t live in the US

  92. me

    . . . i would while away the hours confirin’ with the flowers, if I only had a brain. . .

  93. Bill

    “What lens cap? I’m just practicing my X-ray vision.”

  94. bookarama

    Uh-huhuhuhuh….nekkid gurlz, uh-uhuhuhuh

  95. Why

    I can’t hear a thing

  96. jill

    “Wooo-ee, that Tipper sure is a looker…”

  97. Romy

    I can’t see Osama bin Laden, but wait it minute, I can see Hussain!

  98. Toe Knee


  99. Ad-rock

    Where’d them evil-doers go?

  100. Robert Barker

    Ohhh yeah, Much better. Whatta know, she’s a peroxide Blonde alright. Dick Chaney was right!!

  101. surfmoc

    I am glad Trent Lott can’t see this. All I see is BLACK.

  102. Resisoblis

    Well Trent Lott’s record looks clean from here

  103. George Dubious

    I’ll show those assholes in the liberal press that I’m no dumb ass.

  104. Soldier

    Sir, you really are stupid like they all say.

  105. Soldier

    Ah cun see dem evil dewers. Let’s git
    em….Oops, dat’s ma reflectshin.

  106. Nina

    Don’t “misunderestimate” this man. He’s extremely “subliminable”. So “subliminable” he has the power of x-ray vision (or complete stupidity… you pick).

  107. Babs, NYC

    So these are like the binoculars we gave to every voter in Florida?

  108. lecoptre

    awe… Wait til you see the next viewmaster slide georgie..It’s pisser! 3d tanks and all!!! You sure you got it up to the light?

  109. Mind Guerilla

    GW, … try it with the caps off.


    “Darkness, Darkness” – The Youngbloods

  111. The Deranged Smile

    W: Kinda reminds me of home, back in Texas, you can look around for miles and see nuthin’!

  112. jack

    These glasses are good, I can see saddams butt from here, shall we shoot him?

  113. Marta Sousa

    Acho melhor ele não provocar uma terceira guerra se o sadam vÊ isto…

  114. paul reynolds

    Wow…Lookin Good Monica….Someone get me a cigar!

  115. Marta Sousa

    Se o Sadam vê isto, aí é que vamos ter guerra

  116. Open You Eyes

    I don’t know what those U.N. inspectors are looking for, but I can see is nukes from here.

  117. mrdee

    its the only way i get 2 see hilary nude guys

  118. mrdee

    police try long range radar checks

  119. mrdee

    u 2 men kep your hands busy while i watch the blonde strip

  120. Manuel

    “Scheiße Jungs, der Typ is zu gut für uns – keine Spur von diesem islamistischen Schafeficker!”

  121. GhostMan

    Instructions? I am the most powerfullest man in America. I don’t need no stinking instructions.

  122. kimplovesmrp

    OH my dear god! what in the hell is that???? Sir, thats your wife

  123. mullet

    take the caps off the front sir!

  124. MeeMah

    These X-ray filters are spectacular!

  125. HobbitOfMiddleEarth

    (Little do the soldiers beside George know, he’s taped a nudie picture of Osama’s wife on the inside of the Lens caps.)

  126. Vera

    I think we accidently hit the sun

  127. Fred

    Too bad that’s Bill Clintons body with W’s head photoshopped in his place.

  128. Atrocity

    “Where’s the on switch?”

  129. Atrocity

    “Where’s the on switch?”

  130. Joao Ricardo

    Deve querer ver tudo negro!!!

  131. Poncy

    Bush was seen playing with a Kaleidascope while bing briefed on the serious aspects of guerilla warfare.

  132. jo0

    Dam those pansies with their infared technology

  133. Gentaur

    You’re holding those upside down, sir.

  134. stevejones

    “these night binoculars are very effective..even with the lens caps on”

  135. firestarter

    It always makes me giggle to see PUTIN communing with the javalinas, here in crawford.

  136. Jeff

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the leader of the free world.

  137. Hong

    what saddam?

  138. Jason

    These are so cool.. Ka-chunk.. Grand Canyon…Ka-chunk…Empire State Building…Ka-chunk…Golden Gate Bridge…Ka-chunk….

  139. D.Mangrum

    Look at the size of the tits on that one!!

  140. bdog

    Boyz, im not sure if you can see what im seeing but im telling you that is a Sweet ass!

  141. Justin...

    This canteen seems broken…

  142. Sabriel

    Sir, it helps if you take the lense caps off.

  143. Newt

    $10,000 military issue field glasses should take the lens caps off for you.

  144. Kit Kat

    Damn. Y’all weren’t kiddin’ about these dust storms, were ya?

  145. wes

    dang, i know this is how clinton looked through ’em in korea but i can’t see a thing.

  146. Terry

    I don’t see ANY democrats that could run this country correctly IF there is such a thing!

  147. Terry

    I don’t see any Democrats worth a Flying Cent!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. ellle

    So you army bastards think you can hand me a pair of binos without taking the lens caps off? Your demoted. From now on I want you on potatoe duty. “ok sir cause the photographer over there just gave me half a million to make you look retarded. Thats more than ive made in 20 years” Ok soldier, I respect your initiative. Lets get some good pictures of me and barbera next time. hehe

  149. Dubya

    Yes, General, of course I can see an exit strategy!

  150. dogma

    Who is that idiot trying to climb over the White House fence?….Wait!…Cheney??!!

  151. Chris

    Viewmaster unveils it’s new, tactical model

  152. krb

    Say “Cheese”

  153. krb

    Say “cheese”

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