Is that Ponch?

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61 Captions for “Is that Ponch?”

  1. Don

    I’m Batman!

  2. Shadowbat

    John Kerry’s photo-op was ruined when he crashed into the photographer.

  3. Scrubby

    Kerry’s policies as well as his police motorcycle always did lean to the left.

  4. Nimrod

    Second prize.

  5. Seargent Getraer

    Terminator, you are not. Stick with the ketchup factory, and report for duty at the salad bar.

  6. Marc

    F CK B SH
    The only thing missing is yoU. Vote on November 2nd!

  7. Lex the Kase

    Snowboarding? Goose hunting? Windsurfing? Motorcycle riding? OK, you have a penis, we’ve got it.

  8. Jay Kerry

    Jay Kerry does his John Leno impression.

  9. deathstar

    He’s BACK!

  10. Gentaur

    Today Bush accused Kerry of cheating in the race to the Presidency, saying, “Y’see, I’m running, but he’s got a motorcycle…”

  11. Mrdav76

    C H u m P S

  12. Edman

    Helmet laws? Not for Teresa Heinz Kerry’s husband.

  13. s.chandler

    Why does the best country in the world get only 2 bottom feeders who want to be president?

  14. Mascot

    Where are they now? The cop from the Village People

  15. Carloas ashby

    John kerry has abused of the privilages to have “fun”
    He has worn cloths that do match
    and he has puffy hair.

    John kerry, a cool president
    or a freek who’s having midlife crisis

    “I’m george bush and i approve of this message.”

  16. RICH


  17. Jeffrey Gan

    Look! a moter cycling Monkey!
    I’m George Bush and I aprove this

  18. Carlos ashby

    Bad to the bone da-da-da-da-da-da-da, Bad to the bone da-da-da-da-da-da-da

  19. Frylock

    While Kerry’s publicist thought the motorcycle looked tough to the hicks in the south, Kerry himself knew the real reason for riding..vaginal stimulation.

  20. SimonHawke

    And somewhere in America you can hear Harley Davidson rolling over in his grave.

  21. Darin Madden

    Terminator Glases: $65

    Harley Davidson: $28K

    John Kerry President: $150M

    Silk Pink Tie Blowing in the Wind: Priceless

  22. russ

    oh god, i just swallowed a bug

  23. russ

    i should have got the leather thong too

  24. K


  25. jazzgeek

    ….somewhere, Karl Rove is assembling the “Hog Riders for Truth”, who will claim he didn’t deserve the “Purple Do-Rag”.

  26. Ben

    Electra Glide In the Blue States

  27. harry

    vroom vroom hey jon wait up i’ve got another story to tell ya !

  28. Igby

    Thought bubble: I believe, in ghetto parlance, this would qualify as “the bling”. Man, are the bitches gonna dig this…

  29. Guangkui

    There he goes… riding back into the obscurity from whence he came…

  30. h0bobo

    Its the Fonz!

  31. KD

    For my next stunt, I will flip flop, and land right side up!

  32. Paul

    Right now we’re on our way to a civil disturbance call in downtown DC. Apparently we received complaints that an election was stolen. Just another day on the streets.

  33. Me a MoFo

    I smell bacon, I smell grease, I smell the motherfucking police!

  34. rick12string

    After the collision, candidate Kerry, War Hero of Vietnam, drove the undestroyed half of the Subaru back to the dealer…(Hey, Marc….blow it out yer a__)

  35. tylerdude

    jhon kerry moments before his ass is beaten in by the local moter cycle gang.

  36. Fire Frog

    Where’s his helmet!

    In God we trust…splat!

  37. Sarah

    Hey Dubbya, I’d like to see YOU try this tripple wheely front flip

  38. john karry in vietnam

    o shit im gay this is just like vietnam.

  39. Decay

    A voice cries out in the wilderness, “A great leader of the Democrats is coming. I’m not worthy to lead his motorcade.”

  40. Kenn Young

    John Kerry, having lost the race, vows to continue the fight for the Presidency, even if campaign contributions have declined to the point that he must be his own motorcycle escort.

  41. trinawoods

    CSI: Cape Cod

  42. trinawoods

    Teresa expected something completely different when John said he was taking his hog out for a spin.

  43. trinawoods

    Munster Go Home: The New Millenium

  44. Michael

    I need your clothes, your boots and your vote.

  45. Michael

    JOHN KERRY. He’s coming for your children.

  46. Max

    I wish I was on the back of that bike with Mr. John Kerry!!!!
    Oh Yeah I also wish I could Vietnam Him hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. trinawoods

    Bleeder of the Pack…

  48. Jayson824

    “After losing the presidency John Kerry hoped on his motorcycle and simply said, “I’ll be back”

  49. decay

    Kennedy-hair cycle helmet also available in Elvis.

  50. idlehand143

    Look out CHiPs…here comes Kerry!! 🙂

  51. princess2

    Kerry trades in one of his SUV’s for a more economical mode of travel. Of course his wife still drives the Suburban because of her fat ass and mouth.

  52. marsha

    must be jap poop or a good harley look alike

  53. jesse almeida

    Sleazy Rider

  54. Ellis

    I wonder if William Harley and Arthur Davidson are turning the same RPMs in their graves as the weenie on this hog….

  55. teh_guy

    I’ve got 3 purple hearts! And a Motorcycle! I SHOULD WIN BY DEFAULT!!!

  56. dawn sharp

    John Kerry…riding for Kerry’s kids.

  57. NooSweat

    The unbearable lightness of being


    Cool Bike ! not so cool rider, although he thinks he is !

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