It’s been too long since a White Sox world championship… way too long.

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63 Captions for “It’s been too long since a White Sox world championship… way too long.”

  1. theMike

    You think that’s bad, you should see what goes on in the clubhouse.


  2. s.chandler

    It looks much more natural them either of em tonguing a chick!

  3. Ben

    Which one of them is thinking of Mike Piazza?

  4. Reynard Muldrake

    Guy getting kissed: They told me butt patting was just a platonic tradition!!

  5. dogma

    Coming out in front of millions! Just hope mom & dad aren’t watching!


    Watch the hands Ozzie.

  7. -Mascot

    “man…I hope those are lifesavers in your pocket”

  8. Gentaur

    When someone proposes to you on television during a baseball game, you don’t HAVE to say yes.

  9. Gentaur

    It was only when they didn’t wake up that they realized this wasn’t just another wet dream.

  10. Tommy Vercetti

    The San Francisco Rimmers win their first state championship.

  11. Alex Kaseberg

    “This is from my newly outed Japanese friend who played Sulu on Star Trek”

  12. Joe

    “Emm..Excuse Me Your Wife Is Over There”

  13. SimonHawke

    and yet another reason not to use steroids or watch Fox

  14. trinawoods

    If I didn’t know better, I’d swear this was a San Francisco win.

  15. Darin Madden

    uhh yeah…listen – uhhh – hmmm – nope – no caption about this one…bring back the big titty beer chicks!

  16. SimonHawke

    Hey man, every dad loves his son… but you are NOT supposed to ‘love’ your son.

  17. James McDaid

    The things people do to get famous

  18. trinawoods

    I never thought I’d say this but I miss those old Suzie Chapstick commercials.

  19. flip

    It’s OK – He’s my son.

  20. Sassy

    Kiss a little longer,longer with BIG RED..

  21. Sassy

    SOX it to me baby!

  22. Anchor

    (Insert pitcher-catcher joke here)

  23. Kenny

    If you take your tongue out of my mouth, and your finger out of my butt, I’ll try to forget this happened.

  24. Kurt

    Jose showed me this new technique so that it won’t hurt next time I put it in your ass.

  25. grizzlychicken

    They’re always distracted…That’s why they loose so much.

  26. Mark

    I missed you so m-… Have you been smoking again? I’m moving back to my mother’s.

  27. Rip

    ..who’s your Daddy?!? are Papa..YOU ARE!!!

  28. saturday

    Animal planet spy

  29. saturday

    I think i swallowed your gum?

  30. Arry

    This is normal in our household!

  31. Dylan

    This is the only reason I wanted to win the World Series…

  32. jazzgeek

    Touchstone Cinema presents….
    “Breakball Pitcher’s Mound”

  33. Ian

    This is the greatest night of my life…people are watching? LOOK!!! PEOPLE ARE MAKING HORRIFYING CAPTIONS OF US!!!

  34. trinawoods

    Makes baseball a whole lot more interesting, doesn’t it ladies?

  35. Bob Andrews

    Brokeback Baseball, coming to a theatre near you.

  36. Quentin

    Ya throw one bad pitch all night…

  37. Dave

    The test on the new lip glue went horribly wrong.

  38. swill bill

    WE WON THE GAME!!!…….
    No we didnt
    SH yes we did….. i love you

  39. niki

    playa1-oo…ooo….oooo yeah… i think i came in ma pantz
    playa1-so tha waznt ur mentos pak i ……

  40. Ian

    First Guy: Why are we kissing?

    Second Guy: Wait a second, I thought you were a girl!

  41. Heather

    “You’re not J-Lo!”

  42. sammy

    “i said Lets Go Sox not Lets Go….
    “shh lets not talk”

  43. Pam M

    As blind Kenny kissed his “trophy” at the
    Special Olympics, coach knew this photo
    might be misunderstood…

  44. will

    and at that moment spriggan finally expressed to danage his feelings in a way words could not match

  45. edith

    i saw that going differently

  46. Grace

    ‘I only wanted a hug’

  47. Grace

    ‘Now You Understand Why I Pushed You So Much To Win’
    ‘No I Dnt’
    ‘Because I Have been Planning These Ever Since The Day We Met’

  48. sam

    this is baseball, not broke bat mountain

  49. stuart packer

    well ,the coach did say not to spit on the diamond anymore, now swallow!

  50. dawn sharp

    The in field fly rule wins again.

  51. NooSweat

    (sing it… !)
    Kissing on the front row of a movie on a saturday-night with you, …

  52. Kte

    Turn It OFF, Turn It Off!!!!!!

  53. Kte

    Turn It OFF, Turn It Off!!!!!!Faggets

  54. adam h

    the alternate ending to the movie “never been kissed”

  55. claire

    1st guy: mmm, ur lips r so soft..

    2nd guy: wow. this is awkward.



  57. swagman

    I told you to whisper!

  58. Joekirr

    It’s not gay, it’s just two guys kissing


    I’m a white sox fan, he’s a pink sox fan !

  60. tev

    The National Baseball League Endorses Odd Form of CPR

  61. Zinc443


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