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84 Captions for “Jackpot!”

  1. Randy

    Rolling in the Dough!

  2. dogma

    Hey! How’d you get this picture of me and my sisters going for the BIG jackpot??!!

  3. Mike

    After their weight watchers meeting, the girls decided it was time to gamble away their points

  4. guillaume

    this is the fattest rainbow i’ve ever seen

  5. Shadowbat

    To keep his patients attention away from the pain, Dr. Parker installed slot machines on his self-serve liposuction chairs.

  6. Shane Walker

    “Hey” I just love these machines with the food on them.

  7. Gentaur

    What weighs in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

  8. Kelly

    Taste the rainbow!

  9. lu

    a picture from my family reunion with Aunt Bobie Jo on the left, Sister Brenda Jo, Sister Dilly Jo, and Ol’Grandma Jilly Jo.

  10. Day Drum Four

    What was Parker Brothers thinking? Now I’ll never play Monopoly again.

  11. Darin Madden

    Mob boss Johnny the tip was discovered with the remains of his carcass near the buffet – 4 women were questioned and released for lack of evidence.

  12. jim

    I guess the buffet was closed.

  13. Does this chair make me look fat? No, your body makes you look fat.

    Lumpy, Dumpy, Frumpy and Stumpy – four cast member from “Blow Chunks and the Seven Gorged” seen at a Vegas casino. Still at the $6 buffet were Chumpy, Humpy and Rumpy, taking advantage of the all-you-can-eat prime rib dinner.

  14. Rhett

    The Heart of the American Dream.

  15. trinawoods

    Attention Shoppers:
    Cottage Cheese- Half Off

  16. rithma steve

    “Girls, Were gonna hit the FATpot tonight !!!”

  17. trinawoods

    The Bisquits and Gravy slots are popular with the trailer park set.

  18. trinawoods

    What could be more convenient than to keep your quater jar in your cleavage?

  19. trinawoods

    The biggest gamble here is that the chairs won’t break…

  20. PiggyOops

    this doesn’t take the place of a good meal!

  21. trinawoods

    Just be thankful that these are the only slots we see them playing with…

  22. Simon

    A pride of lions, a murder of crows and now?? a pod of gamblers.

  23. chain man

    I wonder when the chairs will break??

  24. jazzgeek

    Yes folks, this is what Wayne Newton flirts with.

  25. The Initial

    I would’ve never imagine that these 4 would have more rolls than a bakery…

  26. trinawoods

    Victoria’s Secret? Bras never fit right.

  27. mflo

    Wait for the all you can eat buttet to open.

  28. Kanker

    Win your weight in gold!

  29. glenn garrey

    New progressive jackpot: payout in smoked meats.

  30. mflo

    Waiting for the all you can eat buffey to open.

  31. trinawoods

    Long hair is so much more slimming.

  32. neadfiles

    At least they’re not playing shuffleboard on the ledo deck.

  33. Chris

    The only way you’ll pass go is if you grease up, slap a thigh and, ride the wave in……..

  34. M

    Sour Skittles “Taste the Rainbow”

  35. Eric Neece


  36. trinawoods

    And you thought the recent seismic activity on the west coast was due to the San Andreas fault…

  37. Max

    The new KFC machines are becoming popular.

  38. DeadElvis

    An outraged public were stunned to learn that so shortly after kicking their binge drinking “problem”, The Teletubbies had moved on to gambling. When reached for comment, the yellow one simply stated, “Coo baBa Boo.”

  39. Kenny

    The Butz sisters were shown on the river boats surveilence cameras to be the reason for its sudden capsizing Tuesday.

  40. Rick

    Casino Announces New $1, $5, and Oreo Slot Machines

  41. Gentaur

    Due to budget cuts, the terror alert and food pyramid programs were combined…

  42. Matt Margis

    They sued for not having enough seat

  43. trinawoods

    It’s been a few years, but Lucy Lu, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore have all signed on to do “Charlies Angels: Escape From Baskin Robbins.”

  44. trinawoods

    Welcome to Ladies Night at the Fellatio Hotel & Casino.

  45. trinawoods

    The gross national product of Nevada.

  46. Robert

    A breif look into the Spice Girls’ humble beginnings.

  47. africa

    I bet there is a line out the door to sniff those seats when those fine ladies are done.

  48. brass monkey

    Their gambling addiction became so bad, they moved into their favorite casino, growing fat and rich…

  49. Larissa

    Monopoly has doubled it’s size requirements!

  50. Larissa

    Next thing you know, they will have Jackpot Gone Wild with the rate it’s going.

  51. Kennny

    I just don’t understand why they have to put these machines so close to each other…It’s just like those damn airplane seats we rode out here in!

  52. terry wbster

    waiting for the chavs

  53. random

    Watch out Olive Garden, they are on their way!

  54. peter

    hey it looks like my mom

  55. josh adams

    what a fucken fat ass who would get that.. OMFG thats my mom!

  56. Daniel Flynn

    Tons of fun!

  57. justin holmes

    do these seats make our arse,s look big?

  58. Gino the bookie

    two fat ladies 88
    i repeat
    two fat ladies 88

    speaking of full house

  59. nick

    This casino alone was stopping the whole of the USA from slowly rising off the ground. WHen they hit jackpot they all stood up and cheered, the whole of the USA now went below sea level.

  60. El Tardo

    Casinos have a new tactic. ‘ They can’t leave if they cant get up’

  61. Jacob B

    the women have been there a month now, ever since Barbera’s legs refused to get up. you know the motto, Fatties stick together! But you don’t hear the casino floor manager colplaining

  62. Ian

    Careful not to break the chairs!

  63. Mike

    Reno Nevada……from little big city, to VERY big city

  64. Mike

    Jackpot= Free Lipo

  65. Mike

    St. James, Marvin Gardens, North Carolina Ave, and Baordwalk all in Actual size.

  66. sammy

    i pray to god they candy bar dosent come up on the screen. there will be an apocolypse

  67. Kev

    Not passing GO…definitely passing gas.

  68. bj


  69. Rollschue

    The Jolly House Casino’s new policy of “chips for chips” proved popular with the regulars

  70. stuart packer

    world seat-eaters convention

  71. Tim smedley

    ” I can’t believe i can’t play black jack, i only threatened the dealer a little bit, I’LL SIT ON YA is an everyday expresssion…right?”

  72. ssk67

    Mama needs a new pair of mumus

  73. sae adha

    Will give head for xbox

  74. NooSweat

    sing it!… Shake your moneymaker…!

  75. NooSweat

    Barstooltesters on their lunchbreak

  76. adam h


  77. bob

    Jackpot! more like fatpot!

  78. Ray R.

    We have to win this money so we can pay for those weight loss videos!

  79. Jolie

    you don’t know where one stops and the othe one stops

  80. Mandy Penson

    do they realise those arent vending machines…………..?

  81. Sofi

    Did you have running water? Now if you tell me they had an outsuohe, you probably, took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up not in America.

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