How to spot a terrorist.

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140 Captions for “Jackpot”

  1. jwd

    Lack of adequate funding for NASA leads to drastic cutbacks at mission control.

  2. jwd

    One day after buying his first Macintosh computer, Bill Gates sells his collection of Windows-based PCs in a sparsely-attended yard sale.

  3. Les

    Its Crazy Abdul’s big computer sale!!! With each $1500 purchase, I’ll throw in a copy of WIndwos 3.1

  4. jinxedcelt

    ohhh!! thats where my commodore 64 went!!

  5. s.chandler

    “Yo Ackmed,where’d ya say that port was on my camel?”

  6. filkertom

    “… and here we have every computer ever thrown out a window by an irate user after installing Bonzi Buddy or Microsoft BOB….”

  7. filkertom

    “Don’t suppose you have a Merrimac?”

  8. (pdw)

    Pete Townshend yard sale

  9. Chris Hannant

    BT hypes its Broadband network

  10. Dilbert

    “Dude, where’s my cubicle?”

  11. K

    Revenge of The Nerds 7, PC Domino Jackpot.

  12. K

    The computers surround their victim, and then stike without warning.

  13. paul

    taliban force new tv licence dogers to part with tvs

  14. paul

    turbanor trys new tv stunt

  15. Vanderjack

    When we said we wanted to screen all terrorists, this isn’t what we meant.

  16. paul

    tv says near man and the next epside of coranation st is tommorow at 800

  17. paul

    “!look folks my brother osmars on tv”!

  18. paul

    bill gates grave yard here lies windows 95

  19. paul

    jesus arrives at intenet festival

  20. paul

    terbunator trys new stunt

  21. paul

    nissan drivers get computor navagation

  22. 420

    paul cant spel werth shitt

  23. K

    Dang, Al Gore is still attempting to prove that he created the internet.

  24. K

    Dude, where’s my humor. Stop sending those, “dude, where’s my car?,” references in for every picture! It’s starting to get annoying and repeditive.

  25. stevejust

    Duck… Duck… Duck…


  26. Pretty Big Duck

    Hafiz knew he was a dead man. The angry monitors had surrounded him, meaning it was only minutes before his wailing, monochrome demise.

  27. pduggie

    The NSA has increased it’s efforts to monitor radical Muslims

  28. *

    Now, electricity, electricity.. hmm that can be a problem

  29. Puffy

    A peaceful solution to the middle east crisis…give them all computers to become addicted to.

  30. Puffy

    AOL tests it’s new (last ditch desperate) marketing technique outside the camel mart…not only do you get 3000 hours FREE AOL disc, but they give you the computer FREE too!

  31. nurg

    “Our prices are so insane, we’ll fly a passenger-laden plane into an American skyscraper if we can’t beat your best deal!!!” (Yes, I am a sick puppy. Deal.)

  32. Wynter

    No more UN Moniters!

  33. lawrence

    In an attempt to drum up a sagging tourist trade, Abdullah fashions Monitor-henge and begins giving tours to foreigners for only 5000 riyals.

  34. Cary

    The computers are my real friends. THEY don’t criticize me for wearing pink.

  35. Pokejedservo

    So THAT’S how my old high school handled the Taliban! I always knew that those dated comps from the 70’s-80’s were going to come in handy someday!

  36. Jimmy the Fish

    COMDEX hits Kabul, with mixed reviews.

  37. JiVe

    “See and you said it was stupid to let Bill Gates spend the weekend in our cave.”

  38. l d'souza

    The Internet Ban had given a much needed Boost to the Used Pc market

  39. Izzy

    Internet Honesty. That guy’s MSN screename is “xxsexybigtits69xx”.

  40. MusWatcher

    In an attempt to cut costs and bolster falling stock prices, AOL unveils it’s new customer service/tech support team.

  41. CompuGeek

    My big fat GEEK wedding.

  42. Fartman

    The new Al-quaida head-quarters. With EXTRA NEW technologies.

  43. KO

    Dude, where’s my spelling? “Repeditive”?!

  44. gay paree

    To improve relations with the Iraqi government and to show their unified support for Saddam, the french government offers to sell them their top-secret defense technology.

  45. M.Calhoun

    *Drools* mmmm… ASCII porn…

  46. *

    Special trained computers have been spotted in Syria trying to take down the terrorists networks.

  47. Mascot

    “You! Stop looking at me! I hate your American surveillance systems! Stop following me! Stop!”

  48. Michael G

    Mohammed attempts to break the domino tipping record with computer monitors.

  49. K

    Okay, this website used to be funny. Please keep the racial jokes out of it. instead of saying, “Muslims” for example, say Al-Queda, or Osama Bin Laden, because the majority of Muslims have no affiliation with terrorists. Muslims are Americas too, and the terrorists are the world’s enemies. Thank you.

  50. still funny

    Dude! Where’s my racial jokes?!

  51. aseaton

    Picasso’s neo-modern art piece:

    “Yard sale minus the yard.”

  52. aseaton

    With the recent Middle Eastern ban on pornography, Many failed to see any further need for their computers.

  53. Originator

    By using several computers at once, MusWatcher was able to vote for his own unoriginal caption enough to place it in the top spot on the Caption Machine.

  54. James Freeman

    The dot com bubble has well and truly burst.

  55. Greg Scott

    UN weapons inspectors go undercover to MONITOR the situation…

  56. Mark Smith

    After Amid’s computers had been confiscated they wee sold to the highest bidder

  57. Mike M

    See what too much porn does for your eyes!

  58. Scott S.

    Alconod demonstrates Iraqi defense:
    “The infidels shall not be able to penetrate my circle of the IBM”.

  59. Lex

    Hanky-headed Dude, you’re getting a Dell

  60. Pruf reeder

    Despite access to over 30 spell-checkers, Wynter still couldn’t spell “monitor” correctly.

  61. Neo

    after the Al-Qaeda group deserted their leader, Osama is left trying to manage a massive army of IBM monitors…”Are you with me guys?!”.

  62. Puddy

    By taking 43 online classes symutaniously, Akbar will go from high school to MBH in 4 weeks.

  63. Fatpav

    Yes, I only planted them last week, that’ SONY 14 days ago!!!!

  64. me

    Oh No. Not more resolutions.

  65. uncle bulgaria

    Saddam asked his people to collect all their valuables before the West arrived.

  66. batman

    It seems that an Iraqi is looking for bomb parts.

  67. Gentaur

    Ali figured that the 79 virgins were probably computer geeks, and prepared for them.

  68. Big Dim

    “I know I put the plans to destroy the infidels on ONE of these machines…”

  69. Big Dim

    “I know I put the plans to destroy the infidels on ONE of these machines…”

  70. Big Dim

    “I know I put the plans to destroy the infidels on ONE of these machines…”

  71. Capt. Tripps

    Man, I just know one of these is fast enought to download Baywatch.

  72. me

    exturbanate! exturbanate!

  73. Jeff Padilla

    The UN approved of bombing Iraq with old PCs since US schools wont take them.

  74. c'bra

    They said Linux would work anywhere, on any machine. They didn’t plan for Al-QuedaExpo 2003.

  75. James

    Community microwave for the poor.

  76. E.S. Anderson

    May 5, 2003 Iraq’s last attempt to retain dictatorship ends at Goodwill donnation. “Big Brother is watching you” says U.S. Official

  77. Demon

    These Are The Most Advanced Computers in all of The Middle East…

  78. zendrummer

    Captain Ahab the arab controlling his forces

  79. Jack

    Osama Bin Headroom…is that you??

  80. eibwen

    Saddam attempts to inconspicously make Iraqi ICBM computers “disappear” prior to next wave of UN inspections.

  81. tink

    everyone agrees that more monitors are needed. but aren’t they endangered? sure indonesia should support the war on terrorism, but who should incur the cost of providing appropriate reptiles whom prefer dead meat? the UN should “carry on” as they have, and carrion will be abundant…michelin stars are forthcoming, so please drop the “lemming mentality” since the abyss is deep enough to hold those insecure “chefs du jour” whom wouldn’t know the difference between sarin gas and saran wrap. n’est pas?

  82. Ewhizkid

    Iraq is now shopping to upgrade their hardware…

  83. Nex

    Osama-Bin Ladins thoughts after visiting George Luca’s Skywalker Ranch,
    “So ThEs is wat Emarica looks like, I could take over Iraq with these…”

  84. Augie

    Must be an Afghani-Lan party.

  85. Captain Caption

    Dude, you’re getting a Delhi.

  86. Captain Caption

    Now that’s what I call a terrorist network.

  87. Captain Caption

    These computers are da’ BOMB!

  88. fuchikoma

    No, you fool! I said get ICBMs! NOT IBMs!

  89. guiman3000

    His cunning had gotten him out of tight spots before but now, as he saw them close in for the kill, he knew he could not defend the modem for long

  90. poo


  91. Atrocity

    “Sarge, are you sure those were A-1 class bombs we dropped back there?”

  92. Tom Vickers

    New bomb wipes out buildings and desks only!

  93. Bob

    The taliban just couldnt take terrorism anymore and decided to turn to IT for work.

  94. nimrod

    Ahmed was told that teaching computers was an honorable and gratifying carreer , only now – two years later – none of the damned machines had learned a single line from the koran and funding was becoming thin….

  95. Poncy

    You Americans with your 62 channels . Hey I got 63 so stickit up ypur A#%%**

  96. Gentaur

    When Khaled arrived to work at the Ministry of Information that morning, he noticed something was different.

  97. ashlee

    o.k….. who’s gonna clean this up?

  98. Justin

    With all of that technology they still couldn’t win the war.

  99. Joel Green

    “Are you beleiving the crazyness exhibited by my prices on the bottom-rock!”

  100. Morph

    With the crackdown on drug traffic, the Al Quadim has to resort to desperate measures. *Later that day* Bill Gates dissapears…

  101. Havasay

    I know we see Saddam everywhere .. but this is ridiculous!

  102. Gentaur

    Omar couldn’t understand why none of the TVs he looted would get in any channels.

  103. firestarter

    top home based business for the 1980s!

  104. firestarter

    proof positive- the instinctive looting behavior crosses even geographical boundaries!

  105. hunter

    Blue screen of death…hmmmm…I’ll take them all!

  106. Fire Frog

    “Okay everybody, the next part goes – put yor left foot in, put your left foot out, put your left foot in and shake it all about!”
    The leading cyber space dance class learns how to do the Hokey Pokey…

  107. dizzy lizzy

    The information minister knows all he needs to know so he won’t be needing all these

  108. Gentaur

    Yes, yes, they all have Red Hat Linux! See my red hat?

  109. Hava-A-Say

    We know that the USA is monitoring Saddam .. but to this extreme?

  110. anon

    We love our comrade Theresa.A.Steinbach of Forest Park, Ill, USA!!!!!!!!.

  111. ConManXVII

    And if you buy one now ill throw in a camel for free

  112. etl

    all these computers and not a single internet connection.

  113. alittleoffcenter

    The U.N. has sent another set of monitors to inspect Iraq’s weapons program.

  114. Larry

    Oh my goodness! Our towers are gone too!

  115. Larry

    Oh my goodness! Our towers are gone too!

  116. Robbie

    Stop! You’re surrounded and it ain’t the circel of life!

  117. The funny Dutchman

    Hmmm Is it possible that he stole the computers

  118. Dirk

    Heej Hassan, weet jij wat al die witte dingen zijn? “Neej, flikker maar weg”

  119. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach’s Benefit Sale for the Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hajj, Jihad, Hezbollah sympathizers club.

  120. anon


  121. psr

    The Screen Pooping Monster left his trail, stunnig the locals.

  122. senrab

    ….and in the distance, a dog howled. Howled the soulful, sorrowful song that only dogs can sing. It’s because they have a split front lip. It keeps them from enunciating properly. Also they don’t like it when you make them look right at you. Yeah, they are ok with it for a while, but then they are all like, “HEY THIS IS FREAKING ME OUT!” And by that time it’s a powertrip thing for you. Like “YOU MUST LOOK AT ME DOGGIE! LOOK! LOOOOOOOK!!!”
    Oh, yeah.
    “Dominos on a geo-political/socio-economic/yard-sale/tent-sale kind-of-thing.”

  123. toet

    “See? we’re getting rid of weapons of massdistraction”

  124. prplmunkii

    tank yoo come again!

  125. anon

    Thanks for lobbying to cut US defense, Miss Steinbach. Now, We can step all over the US.

  126. Sammy

    This is how cable TV would function if each TV set could only have one channel.

  127. anon


  128. ג'קי

    מכירת חיסול של חדר מחשבים של שייבר

  129. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach wants to set up encampment for the Al-Qaeda, Taliban, etc. To close down that good for nothing US Army Reserve in Forest Park, Ill, USA. And close the Jewish Cemetary to build a Talibanian Mosque. And she’s setting up a fund-raiser here for us.

  130. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach & Dario Fo get the Golden Camel awards for their complaints of the Zionist-Racist US.

  131. ha ha

    A porn addict’s dream

  132. Kelk

    quick boys, we’ve got him boxed in!

  133. abc

    Arab computer lesson demonstrates how to boot up computers.

  134. dfsf

    No, Habib – this will not do…I must have the very latest technology – do you have any Commodore 64s?

  135. dustin cobwebs

    the new tech support

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