Joe Dirt? Never heard of him


This photo was uploaded by someone who called himself Sting.

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94 Captions for “Joe Dirt? Never heard of him”

  1. Angela C

    At least they would save money buying toilet brushes and dusters… and keep the cobwebs off the roof

  2. Anonymous

    Just one more reason why some people should not be allowed to procreate.

  3. Visca

    Axel Rose was primed for fame even at an early age.

  4. Din Viesel

    The last picture of the Mullet family before the spark from the photographer’s flash ignited the hair spray.

  5. News Flash

    This just in… America is reporting a hair spray shortage. More at eleven.

  6. Sting327

    Child Abuse in the Seventies.

  7. nurg

    Oh, come on, if you were even ALIVE in the eighties, you had hair like this!

  8. Moscow

    don’t worry, we get shaved once a year.

  9. Amyt Treat

    And you wondered where they got the troll doll idea?

  10. Bigfoot

    The San Diego Zoo proudly displays the first sasquatch couple to successfully breed in captivity.

  11. Anonymous

    Poster Family for the 2002 Society for the Prevention of Mullets Annual Fund Drive.

  12. Anonymous

    Child abuse comes in a variety of forms.

  13. Anonymous

    Sally forgot to change her husband’s prison suit when she photoshoped into the family picture.

  14. alan seaton

    theres a lotta love in the Wal Mart photo studio.

  15. alan seaton

    the advertisement for Whoppi’s house of hair.

  16. Maria

    David, Victoria and little Brooklyn 10 years from now.

  17. armand

    ‘See?On our planet we HAVE no gravity!’

  18. Anonymous

    Never, ever go out into the wind before your hairspray has fully dried. Especially not on the way to the photo studio.

  19. spat

    I’d like to see their dog…

  20. Anonymous

    yep, ‘coon skin cpas for the whole family…oh, wait…

  21. alan seaton

    Next on fox: When Chippendales Attack

  22. Da Konz


  23. ploto

    Eduard your assist will appreciate

  24. hi-lo dude

    And next on “Marky Mark: Before the Funky Bunch,” Mark starts a family in the midwest…

  25. Anonymous

    I’d like to see their dog, and a photo of them today.

  26. Anonymous

    The Christmas card photo of a lifetime.

  27. Anonymous


  28. Dodgy

    Can you smell burning ?

  29. Hair Share

    Proof that there is a “bad hair” gene.

  30. Les

    Sigfried and Roy called, the animals want their manes back!

  31. JoBologna

    And people say drag queens are bad!

  32. Ron

    Danual Boone family photo

  33. Jimmy the Fish

    Awww honeyyyy…you didn’t shave for the photo!

  34. chubster

    “Honey, don’t worry, the style is still in…”

  35. phoenix

    hey nurg… what color is the sky on your planet?

  36. Anonymous

    Gosh, if only she wasn’t wearing that tacky necklace!!

  37. Shelley


  38. Lawrence

    Hairclub for the whole family!

  39. pr

    Thank god the eighties are long dead!!

  40. Grizzly Adams

    Cha Cha Chia.

  41. Grizzly Adams

    Yahoo Serious Fan Club

  42. Grizzly Adams

    Rogain for the whole family

  43. Grizzly Adams

    This family has now been declaired a national wild life preserve.

  44. Grizzly Adams

    I would like to see their car.

  45. Grizzly Adams

    Preservatin with hair spray.

  46. dadro

    After starring in Mad Max the feral kid went on to produce some Feral offspring.

  47. Reut

    Damnit im standing here for two years for a bloody picture…

  48. bANAAL

    it took a couple of times before Dolly was cloned succesfully

  49. Meg

    Put it on a leash where it belongs…

  50. Resisobilus

    The Before picture for the next Static Guard ad.

  51. Hannah

    Now, Chia makes not only Chia heads, but Chia heads with life-sized bodies! Buy yours today…

  52. yuka

    Somehow Billy Bob, Mary Sue and little Ernie underestimated the effects of naturally occuring static electricity during photo shoots.

  53. filkertom

    Really Frickin’ Bad Hair Barbie, Butt-Ugly Mullet Ken, and “This Child Is Ignorance” Christmas Kelly

  54. filkertom

    Dr. Forrester’s hideous experiment to create living toilet brushes bears fruit

  55. filkertom

    … So, is this the “Before” or “After” picture?

  56. Aunt Edna

    Hair club isn’t just for MEN anymore!

  57. Crunchy

    ’88 was a great year for us: Mom graduated from Hairfleet Academy and we all found Jesus.

  58. Bon Jovi Fan Club

    “Shot through the heart, and we’re to blame……We give L’oreal a bad name!”

  59. Milo

    David Beckham and family.

  60. Fire Frog

    “I know it was immoral of us to eat the Tribbles, Captain Kirk, but they just looked so gosh darned yummy!”

  61. Kit Kat

    Must’ve been a full moon that night.

  62. Ian

    Sparky Says: Only YOU can prevent static electricity!

  63. Shredder

    I would like to see their dog.

  64. Hal Alluljah

    Baptised in Rogaine!

  65. mgoldsmith4

    Next on VH-1: the big 80’s

  66. ethan


  67. o

    ok, ok, so maybe we did climb out of a tree — and your point?

  68. o

    birth control – these people need to know about it

  69. Scott

    Not all static electricity experiments go well.

  70. Djimbe

    … You MIGHT be a redneck !!!

  71. Anonymous

    The photographer should have shown a nice, fluffy bunny. But No, he had to show them his collection of pictures of fat people in thongs!

  72. Anonymous


  73. wildone

    you think this is bad, you should see their ass!

  74. Matt

    Smile honey, we’re gonna be famous!

  75. chaloopa

    take cover before the lice attack you too

  76. chaloopa

    It’s a beautiful day in the trailer park

  77. Longhair Rulez


  78. Bubble

    Founders of the “Give the squirrels a winter home foundation”…

  79. ANTi-mullet queen


  80. Reetvaldo

    Worst Movie Ever: It Came From The Eighties!

  81. Mike Cancino

    I even have my dick hair mullet-style.

  82. Bishop

    The secret life of Marky Mark and Mary Hart.

  83. Atrocity

    And Dan Quail thought that Family Values weren’t around in the 80’s…

  84. Amanda

    Congrats to the photographer for getting all of that hair in the frame!

  85. Jennifer


  86. Audiodoode

    The three Mulleteers.

  87. Go Go Girl

    This is what happens when you get your photo taken at Sears!

  88. George Bush

    George and Laura Bush, 1981

  89. dustin cobwebs

    this is what happens when you dont have proper wiring in your homes

  90. redneck w/out mullet

    Don’t rub the ballons any more!

  91. tired

    Looking for your lost keys? Have you looked in your hair?

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