Imagine soccer with old kung-foo movie sound effects.

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121 Captions for “Ka-pow”

  1. aseaton

    An ass always seemed to get in the way of Ivan’s mid-game bowling trophy poses.

  2. eightman

    Even though they had to be on different teams; siamese twins Gunther and Claus wouldn’t that interfere with their dreams of playing in the world cup.

  3. eightman

    Even though they had to be on different teams; siamese twins Gunther and Claus wouldn’t let that interfere with their dreams of playing in the world cup.

  4. Sicky

    I said stop. My ponytail is stuck in your zipper!

  5. Hannah

    Dude, you’re supposed to head-butt the *ball*.

  6. Professor Kaos

    after the first dog to human heart transplant, everything seemed to be medically fine, but Jimmy just could’nt control the urge to sniff butts

  7. filkertom

    “No, Dmitri, we are not a centaur! Now will you lay off the Mogen David and just play the damn game!?”

  8. filkertom

    “Almost — a little to the le- ahhh, that’s it! Now, go side to side. No, you can do it harder, that’s all right….”

  9. filkertom

    At the worst possible moment, Pyotr accidentally spawned his anti-matter self

  10. nurg

    Number 8 looks like he thinks the soccer ball is an egg and he’s trying to hatch it…

  11. flatulent fleming

    Tired of his opponent’s tight-marking defense, number 22 had a quick bowl of 3-alarm chili at half-time, and was able to get open in the second half.

  12. jwd

    David Beckham’s spikey haircut leads to trouble . . .

  13. Dr. Stupid

    “…and not only does it make a terrific lip balm, Instant Krazy Glue® is superb for permanently attaching your head to an opposing player’s shorts.”

  14. Aan Seaton "The Weekly Report"

    David was kicked out of medical school for his “sure-fire” way to relieve constipation.

  15. Konundrum

    You’re on the BLUE Team!! Now get OUT of my SHIRT!

  16. Fartman

    The man in blue: “I am a suppository!”

  17. beavis

    They call the guy in the blue shirt Butthead! Ha, ha Butthead oh haha hahahaha ha! Ya get it? Butt-head? Ha hahahahahaha Butt Head hahaha oh he’s named Butthead hahahahahahaha

  18. jk

    “Next time, wait until I turn around before you do that, Nigel”

  19. aseaton

    During a heated game of hide-and-go-seek, Ben tries frantically to hide in his friends ass.

  20. jwd

    “Dude, where’s my contact?”

  21. s.chandler

    how ya think I got the handle “brown nose”?

  22. mrdee

    i i think the fart smells like dansak curry am i right

  23. spat

    The VERY LAST of the Mohicans…

  24. Les

    Wait!! Thats no way to be a pantomime horse!

  25. Michael Meisels

    Aren’t we missing the pantomime horse costume?

  26. pangie

    i headbutt in your general direction!

  27. jinxedcelt

    when i said you have your head stuck up your ass i didn’t mean you should try and stick it up mine instead.

  28. K

    With the head-butt thing taking place, nobody noticed the wedgie that the other player in red was giving to himself.

  29. K

    We are lucky he didn’t take the rules literally, otherwise he would have head-butted the ball.

  30. K

    See? This is what gets soccer riots started.

  31. K

    Now we can only wonder where his right leg is going to END up.

  32. Datz_It

    The worlds greatest magician will now shit a human out his ass!!!

  33. *


  34. *


  35. Pokejedservo

    Hey you, kidney shots are still illegal despite WHICH body part you use!

  36. Clonaid

    Clonaid debuts it’s new Raelian soccer clone (in blue) – a cross between a human and Dolly the sheep. Clonaid representatives agree that the new life-form needs fine tuning to make it look more natural while running, but are quick to point out it’s potential as witnessed by it’s remarkable head-butt ability.

  37. Mascot

    We never thought the twins, joined at birth, would be able to play sports…let alone on opposing teams. But Olaf and Ivan have shown that ANYTHING is possible here!

  38. Drake

    As a sign of recognition, members of the Secret Society of Bum Headers head one another’s bum.

  39. marius

    nothin like oduer de ass to get a player moving

  40. Mark Smith

    After being a matador he thinks that he is the bull that everyone is suppose to dodge.

  41. Scott S.

    Bob(in blue) really gets into the motion when he kick another player in the bum.

  42. K

    That’s not funny, Beavis.

  43. Neo

    …”hey, this guy’s not wearing underwear”

  44. Puddy

    Crack addict!

  45. jerkyboy

    I don’t know, it started with a wart on my ass.

  46. jerkyboy

    It started with a wart on my ass.

  47. Fatpav

    What, He just plays for ARSENAL!!

  48. me

    so is this how you get the brown streak on your head?

  49. jungledrummer

    Hey everyone looke at me, I’m Ferdinand the bull!

  50. Jason

    After watching a recent Mountain Dew commercial, Billy decided to try out his new “head tricks”

  51. Nick W

    he’s in love. trying have sex the hard way

  52. spryguy

    Sometimes people can misinterpret, the saying “Stick it where the Sun don’t shine”…

  53. Capt. Tripps

    But, honey, last night you said that you liked it when I was down here.

  54. Brian Thornton

    Damn it Franz! I told you we shouldn’t wear red when we play Spain!

  55. Commando

    Even though joined at the ass, these siamese twins got the most they could out of life.

  56. ARRRRR!!!!!

    Clancy realizes he’d make a much better pick-pocket if he’d just wear his contacts.

  57. Al

    It’s a boy!

  58. monkeyman

    he’s truly head-butting!!

    yours truly,
    monkey man

  59. ChrisB

    And Santrio makes his trade-mark sniffing move, his follow-up is usually to tell the player his butt smells but it looks like he’s going for a differant approach

  60. Me

    leggo my eggo

  61. Captain Caption

    I’ve heard of a head-butt, but this is ridiculous…

  62. Johnno

    You’re supposed to head the balll not his bum!!

  63. Vera

    Kissing ass just isn’t enough to win the game

  64. Bobby

    I love the smell of that… do it again so i can hear it this time!!!

  65. Sammyy

    “Tickle my feet,huh?”

  66. Atrocity

    In the heat of the moment, Johnny’s ass fetish subconciously came into play.

  67. Babylon

    Hail thee to ROME!

  68. mike

    Be the ram, for the ram shows courage in the face of adversity.

  69. Bob

    “And look the blue guy has headbutted the red guy” Wonka what will they think of next

  70. nimrod

    “…and this is an excellent example why soccer stop lights are one of soundest investment choices today”

  71. Poncy

    Try the new sporting hairstyles with the look, feel and other properties of velcro!

  72. Gentaur

    Just a little more to the left… Down more… Ahhh, that’s it!

  73. firestarter

    If you must! oblige me with a freakin’reach around

  74. Gentaur

    Uri uses his spiked hair to cure Sven’s bad back through accupuncture.

  75. Gentaur

    It started off as a wart…

  76. jockblock

    Hey look, a canadian quarter.

  77. hunter

    And at that moment, Mr Blair was inspired to begin forming his future relationship with the American president.

  78. Gene

    I really didn’t mean to butt-head.

  79. Gene

    I really didn’t mean to butt head.

  80. t

    “Hey, what happened to that blue guy?”

  81. Inoracam

    “Dances With Ball” displays both his offensive and defensive prowess simultaneously by first passing the ball to an open teammate, then by passing the gas to his opponent.

  82. Gentaur

    After that last block, Fritz was determined to kick any balls.

  83. Allison

    It’s a little known fact: This is what happens to people with bad haircuts.

  84. Lisa H.


  85. Tommy

    Smells like…like…your ass.

  86. bobo the hobo

    he likes to watch…

  87. Rob

    I have my head up a ass

  88. alittleoffcenter

    Someone has a stinky diaper.

  89. Larry

    Now’s my chance to get in good with my new supervisor.

  90. Djoens

    I’m not crazy, i am a bull

  91. Robbie

    A new bull was invented and it’s following his instinct, go for the RED!

  92. The funny Dutchman

    I’m sorry but no sex during the game. You must wait for tonight taginaki

  93. martine

    evereone on the field is in shock…the blue team suddenly got a 12th player! NR 22: I just flooped right out of my but…

  94. Dirk

    Jah, wat kijk je nou gast? Ik dou alleen me hoofd in je reet!

  95. jeroen

    “I can stick to my opponent’s back-hair with this awesome gel!”

  96. Gentaur

    Nigel failed to mention his poor depth perception when recruited to the blue team.

  97. Patrick

    Stay still so I can take a look at your guts

  98. hi-d

    listen carefully, grasp both ears firmly,and pull and you might just be able to remove your head from his ass

  99. Zero327

    It all started with FIST F#ck*ing.
    U giv im a finger, and they take your whole…

  100. Cime

    Darn, the food was too spicey yesterday, or else someone is trying to stick his head up my ass.

  101. toet


  102. Marc

    Siamese twins played against eachother in cupfinal.

  103. Viral

    Maybe he just didn’t understand the concept behind the “headbutt”

  104. Checkmate

    Oh? Yah… Well, all I saw was ass… But you know, it’s a team game, we try hard, play as a team, we just didn’t have our best game on today…

  105. conan


  106. DUDE

    where’s the cream filling?

  107. LabyrinthPrincess

    Obviously smearing your hair gel to a friends shorts may seem like a good idea at the time, but when you use it all up….

  108. Sammy

    Ok..who switched my hair gel with super glue?!!

  109. Jigsaw

    just a little off the sides thanks

  110. Double Jay

    I’m only here for the crack…

  111. fart mam man man dude man

    WOW jeff, what detergent do you use, this is FABULOUS

  112. one_liner

    Just be glad I’m behind you!

  113. sshhh

    “You dumbass…this is not what I meant in the locker room when I said I’d love it if you gave me some head.”

  114. bunnyboy

    tanaki:”hey gunther do u have a toothbrush and paste?”
    gunther: “yes”
    takani:” use it cause your breath smells like shit!”

  115. FunkyNinjaMan

    Yes, you`ve got a guy growing out of your ass, but check this out! I just laid a weird-lookin` egg!

  116. Grizzlychicken

    Although he looked like a normal person sven the minotaur always had a problem with red clothing.

  117. dustin cobwebs

    an interesting story of siameese twin who play on 2 different teams

  118. joesta

    I told that if we play in a horse suit it would come of and we would look like a gay couple

  119. Carol

    Just to think, he was only trying to suck himself in the middle of a soccer game.

  120. k

    blue jersey- eureka i have found two footballs in the red jersey man!!! let me try it with my head!!!

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