Kitty Stew


I’m not really sure what’s going on here.

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81 Captions for “Kitty Stew”

  1. dzine

    More proof that those flat-faced Persian cats really are from another planet.

  2. (pdw)

    ‘Check it out dude…Bill sneezed and this came out’

  3. paperycow

    Casting call for MiB…some animals were just TOO alien.

  4. paperycow

    No matter how many times you clean it…bad pussy is still bad pussy.

  5. paperycow

    With a shortage of dog, the chinese must resort to using cat.

  6. Les

    “MOM!!! Snowball rolled in the paste!!”

  7. Dudley

    Hop Sing preps the appetizer special at Mee Oww’s Chinese restaurant

  8. Anonymous

    As if it’s not bad enough to have to suffer the indignity of the bath, but these assholes have to take a picture of my humiliation and post it on the web for the world to see. I am going to hawk up a furball they’ll never forget!

  9. Crunchy

    Free to a good home. Actually, on second thought, we don’t care if your home is good, and we’ll give you five bucks if you’ll just take it.

  10. HIT MAN


  11. ScooterJ

    Honey! I unclogged the sink!

  12. one

    I don’t care how much mayonnaise you smear on your pussy, I’m still not going to eat it !!!!!

  13. edm

    “Take it from me: Cats, Kids, and Taffy don’t mix!”

  14. Johnno

    Did I bring THAT up. I don’t remember eating that.

  15. Anonymous

    This is your cat…this is your cat on drugs. Any questions?

  16. fishamaphone

    And if that didn’t get rid of the fleas, well, at least we traumatized the cat.

  17. Anonymous


  18. Anonymous

    Muffin was mortified that her owners snapped a photo before she had the chance to do her hair.

  19. Anonymous

    The ugly truth behind the scenes at the annual Cat Fanciers show.

  20. Anonymous

    Animal Planet premiers its own spin on reality TV.

  21. Anonymous

    Muffin: Another victim of cellular static. Mom said, Come and find the cat….Timmy heard, Tramatize the cat. Heck! Where’s that camera at?

  22. O_o Eleni

    Owner : Well..We went to Mexico, and found this cute, furry kitten…Now that it’s had a bath, I’m having second thoughts on that one….

  23. WhisperingStorm

    Immediately following this, the owners decided to invest in heavy gauntlets for future cat-handling.

  24. Ashlee... o-O aka Ibuki Lei

    Owner: *sticks hand down the drain and pulls this up* Hey… how’d that get in there?

  25. Steve 1

    Henry Moore’s first attempt at a papier mache cat didn’t look at all convincing

  26. Coke for Breakfast

    When cats go bad…

  27. Creepy

    Don’t look at me! Don’t you dare look at the eyes of a tiger! MEOW!

  28. DaveJ

    Pet Psychics the world over are mysteriously calling in sick today…

  29. frednature

    The force Luke.. Feel the force within you!

  30. Hughbertius

    Be forewarned – You will pay for this and on that day, mark my words, revenge will be sweet.

  31. reut

    I have cereals instead of eyes!! Nooooo

  32. Oetjepoe!

    Six-year-old Amy has been whining for weeks to get a kitty. What a surprise it will be at her birthday party tonight!

  33. Anonymous

    It w

  34. Anonymous

    It wasn’t a cat. It was a bloodthirsty alien disguised as a cat. And it HATED water. By his love for animals Alan started an intergalactic war.

  35. Jen

    Conserving water, not only the dishes had that lemon fresh scent, now that cat did, too!

  36. Phaeton

    (Mongolian Restaurant Recipie)
    Step One: Make sure(insert animal here) is thoroughly clean.

  37. alan seaton

    Billie-Rae was always thinking of inventive ways to punish the rats.

  38. Anonymous

    BRILLO CAT: available whereever fine kitchen cleaning products are sold.

  39. spat

    They always promise the soap won’t sting in your eyes, don’t they…

  40. Anonymous

    How To Turn A Black Cat Into A White Cat:
    1. Fill a lavabo with bleach.
    2. Protect the eyes of the cat.
    3. Plunge the cat into the bleach for ten minutes.
    4. Wash away the bleach.
    Obviously this man has forgotten point number 2.

  41. Anonymous

    Two words….Oh Shit!

  42. Rebecca

    Phone home.

  43. don't touch my feet

    Things you can get away with if you smell like fish.

  44. GlowMember

    When placing electical equippment in water, make sure Mittens does not jump in the tub. Thank you

  45. whee

    Ther only way to commit suicide is to was your cat.

  46. Cary Kingdom

    Things found in Star Jones’ liposuction: #243

  47. John

    “Meow, asshole…”

  48. Dave

    And I thought I was having a bad hair day….

  49. Monkey-Boy !!

    Isn’t this a scene from ‘Gremlins’?

  50. Reut

    What a flash!

    (the camera for those of you who didn’t understand (: (: (: )

  51. Sarah

    And now how the Chinese resturants prepare the cats for dinner…

  52. Datz It

    You could have told me you bought Kate one of them electronic cats BEFORE I washed it!

  53. NoTolerence

    Ok, Before cooking your cat you must first soar in very cold water, This allows the removal of the fur easier! Then Wok to taste! Enjoy!!!

  54. ‡ÏÈ?¯

    dees is a very funi catttttt

  55. willowstorm

    Alex,the persian vowed to get even one of these days,by the fire in his bloodred eyes,it was going to be very soon and very diabolical !!!

  56. resisobilus

    There has GOT to be a way to make a masturbation comment work here…

  57. wayne


  58. Pokejedservo

    This is what happenend to “Mr. Tinkles” after “Cats & Dogs”.

  59. glindathegoodwitch


  60. Haddie

    Just wait. 2am…. Your tube sock encased ankles… Revenge will be mine. Mwhahahahahahha

  61. Anonymous

    You so much as even smile at me buster and I’ll bite your nose off.

  62. ?@Ò‡n„ –e £a M?ÄÆtÈ!

    All your base are belong to us!

  63. Jona

    After the other movies, there’s now a new episode of ‘Aliens’

  64. kittie

    if crack is killing my monkey …..what the hell is wrong with this cat

  65. Mark Beular

    I figure out what keeps clogging up the sink

  66. Atrocity

    Wow! Tonights dinner looks just like fluffy dear.

  67. mike

    Touring Stephen King’s house, we came across his pet cat.

  68. Gentaur

    What James Bond did to make Blofeld his arch-enemy.

  69. Craig Dillon

    WOW! this cat just came outta its own ass!

  70. bonco

    BRrrrrrr……..isnt the saying, you look like a drowned rat…..not cat??????

  71. michael moore

    my cats name is ms. bojangles and her breath smells like cat food

  72. bryn

    i donno about you guys but those cats make a mean kitten stew, so you slice up the kitten and add some carrots an potatoes,maybe some ginger an parsley in this stew, then you add chickensoup broth with some good old water an brandy

  73. James McDaid

    Human: “there we are, all nice and clean!

    Cat: “…you better sleep with one eye open tonight..”

  74. Jemn

    How long have you been living here?

  75. Pringles

    Laugh now, just know that later, you will all die the most horrible and painfull of deaths.

  76. sara

    ohh, so this iz what u meant when usaid i wuz so cute you could eat me all up

  77. Donte

    You’ve got to be kidding me-it’s so trrnpsaaently clear now!

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