Look at me!


Pets will do anything for attention.

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180 Captions for “Look at me!”

  1. Jenn

    *curled lip* “Wellaa, since my baby left me….”

  2. jack's ass

    you go girl

  3. jwd

    “American Idol” finally hits rock bottom.

  4. Equus

    For years after the Chipmunks broke up, Alvin tried with no success for a hit single.

  5. noo

    a new and irrational attempt to boost fame academy’s ratings

  6. anon

    The rodent says “Theresa.A.Steinbach of Forest Park, Ill accepts money from the 21st Century Vote, A political group that makes street gangs a legitimate force”.

  7. filkertom

    “Yes! Yes! I did it! I ATE MY YOUNG! And I’m glad, I tell you! GLAD! Ah-ha-ha-ha-haahaha-ha-hahaahaa-haaa….”

  8. filkertom

    “… and, so, I announce my candidacy as Governor of the Great State of California!”

  9. nurg

    The only difficulty is finding a teeny tiny video monitor for the karaoke.

  10. jwd

    Stuart Little Richard

  11. The Notorious L.I.T.T.L.E.

    5-Cent, the rodent rapper, hits the stage!

  12. JenW

    “I’m telling you, I get no respect…”

  13. Impfac

    Nibble nibble nibble

  14. Impfac

    Gerbil: $8
    Cage, supplies for 4 months: $135.37
    Tiny replica microphone: $7.99
    Finally getting, after all those years, that picture you’ve always dreamed of: Pathetic.

  15. IU;GH;IO

    i can see the nut, its not even real.

  16. Gentaur

    Attention, people of Earth! I, the Brain, am your new lead– Dammit, Pinky, you didn’t connect it again…

  17. Gentaur

    It was a gamble, but casting Hamtaro in “The Joe Cocker Story” made it a big hit.

  18. Zp

    All the hamhams in da house say yeaaahhhh!!!

  19. Josh

    Laugh if you will, he sounds better than the Mouseketeers…

  20. Naz

    pity george doesn’t have any friends to tell him the microphone cable has been chewed off…

  21. Arnold Gubernator

    “I have called this press conferance to finally air the truth about me and Richard Gere.”

  22. s.chandler

    “I’d like to thank mom and dad,who always believed i could do anything”

  23. clorox

    holla if u swalla for a dolla

  24. jwoo

    Although complex the electro mouse-a-cuter works again –curious little fuks aint they–

  25. kat

    Hey look its rappen ronen rodent

  26. Listersmate

    Elvis Prestley in a former life.

  27. Dr. Flirtcube

    F**k the labs.

  28. michael jackson

    “Ben, the two of us need look no more…”

  29. Dr. Flirtcube

    Welcome to the gerbel house rock?

  30. Gentaur

    o/~ I ain’t nothin’ but a groundhog… o/~

  31. KD

    Put your paws in tha air. Wave ’em like you just don’t care.

  32. Someone Special

    Vegas is running out of good ideas.

  33. Kelli

    Reality shows were struggling to keep ratings up and in an act of desperation put out the ultimate of all talent shows! American Rodent!

  34. עוז אייל

    i gut the power!!!

  35. Bjoern

    I shot the sheriff…

  36. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach-Al Sharpton: The Dream Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  37. anon

    Stop the Daley-Calderone-Serpico racism, Support the Steinbach-Shabazz-Savage-Sharpton-Ayers-Dohrn-Fo-Popelka-Travis Revelution!!!!!!!!!, Let’s take over the motha f*ckin’ village of Forest Park, Ill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  38. Gentaur

    Hey, look, guys! I made this microphone into a BONG!!!

  39. Joey C

    “So where do you light it?”

  40. Joey C

    “Where do you light it?”

  41. So what?

    Fluuuuuuuuffyyyyy….I AM your father.

  42. Gentaur

    Why can’t you guys get the squeeks out of the sound system?

  43. Mocke

    I’ve got the bluuuuuuuuuues

  44. resisobilus

    Hi, my name is Algernon and I’m a Cheddarholic. It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve had cheese…

  45. Zp

    “snoozer, Penelope, Panda, Howdy, Oxnard, Bijou, & Boss let’s go!”

  46. Gentaur

    Gladys was never put in charge of the Ladies Club’s entertainment again after Chip & Dale incident.

  47. Matt

    Oh No …. Another animal clip for that wide-mouthed plank on The World’s Funniest Animals’ to get all excited over…

  48. Les

    “You ain’t nothin’ but a hamster, cryin’ all the time!”

  49. Jeremy Helton

    at least he’s better than William Shattner

  50. Mascot

    Mousefeld on stage: “…and can someone explain why it’s called Swiss Cheese? What’s with all those holes? You can’t eat them. You could try to, but how would you know if you actually did? It’s still a hole.

  51. oprah 2

    Will someone please get the janitor to put some toilet paper backstage? I’m getting really tired of dragging my butt across the carpet!

  52. ME

    “Down with science, Up with nuts!” oh sorry, did that sound gay?”

  53. Big Dick Head

    White males of the world, we must unite and destroy this evil infestation of blackness into our world. No more shall the wickedness of the African rodent plague our families, rape our daughters and decimate what is right about music. Hail the white race!

  54. Jody

    “Thank you. Thank you very much!”

  55. meg & ange

    “Will the REAL Slim Shady please stand up?”

  56. meg & ange

    “Testing, testing… testing 1, 2, 3…”

  57. Howdy

    “going once.. going twice, sold to the lady in the front row!!!”

  58. Gentaur

    “Sure, his act is lousy,” said the manager, “but he works for peanuts.”

  59. pier

    tina i am carrying your child

  60. anon

    Join the Theresa.A.Steinbach-Anthony Travis-Malik Shabazz-James.O.Bishop-Paulie Esparza-Lorraine Popelka-Bill Ayers-Bernadine Dohrn-21st Century Vote Political Overthrow of the Racist Calderone-Serpico White Honky Trash Mo Fo Shyt of Daley-Vrdolyak-Reaganite Racism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  61. stretchnut00

    what is the deal with circumcision they do it to young i think you should have a choice in the matter they never ask u if you want it or not they just take it….if they keep this up im gonna go postal… we are gonna take over

  62. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach hates the white racist zionist Calderone-Serpico MAFIA shyt, She turns to Katie Grate & The New MOVE-Black Panther alliance to overthrow them!!!!!.

  63. cortney

    yep(hic-up)im the drunk bitch who through my pantys on stage!(hic-up) ……………>*bang!*…ummmm i think shes dead!

  64. spat

    “Elvis has left the building…”

  65. anon

    Wait a minute!!!!!!, It’s not Katie Grate, IT’S THAT TERRORIST SYMPATHIZER-CRIMINAL CODDLER CALLED THE WATCHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, And he LOVES THE CRIMINAL ELEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, And wants to overthrow the government of Forest Park, Ill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  66. ur fat

    u want entertainment? i’ll give u entertainment

  67. alan seaton

    Yet another celebrity bigger than Pauly Shore and Mario Lopez.

  68. alan seaton

    After grabbing the mic and saying “I love you” to all the stray cats in the animal shelter, It was assumed that Nibbles had too much to drink.

  69. alan seaton

    American Idol contestant “Nibbles” rendition of a Cat Stevens song didnt impress Judge Simon Cowell.

  70. anon


  71. Jen


  72. admin

    so you don’t get angry again, here is hamtaro with some important information about captionmachine.


  73. Alan's Woman

    I’m just a love machine, nobody gets as many gerbals as me!

  74. fortune

    hamtaro got sick of little girls and starts humping microphones. sad.

  75. Stoffel

    ” i rather not show you where little timmy touched me your honor”

  76. t

    …i’m still jenny from the block…

  77. Maya


  78. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach of Forest Park, Ill politics wants to ban Christmas!!!!!!!!!!, But not May Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  79. Adam

    And so, after escaping the gay man’s ass, Lemmiwinks traveled the country, giving seminars and the dangers of rectalcide

  80. judo

    I did not, i repeat, did not, have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.

  81. Jack

    Listen up! I know where to find Osama, Saddam and the Weapons of Mass Destruction!

  82. s.chandler

    please,please take me out and put in a new photo!

  83. mr mouse

    I lover you Richard Geer… come back to me my love…

  84. (pdw)

    ‘Finished with my woman ‘cos she couldn’t help me with my mind….’

  85. john

    So a gerbil ,hamster and chip munk walk into a bar….

  86. HappyMan

    Hi,my name is Sam Im a recovering wheeler. Ive been off the wheel for a year and ive been doing much better. I used to live my life around that wheel. “Sob” You know you to can seek help and make a better life for yourself. Thank You.

  87. jwd

    Michael Jackson’s cosmetic surgery has really gotten out of hand!

  88. Trey

    you never close you eyes anymore…..
    when i kiss you lips….
    youve lost that loving feeling

  89. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach salutes “The Magnificent 13” with Anthony Travis, The Watcher (B.Lich), Lorraine “Don’t Let The Flag In Front Of My House Fool You” Popelka, Steven Backman, Paulie Esparza, James.O. “I Hate White People” Bishop, Greg Kolinek, etc.

  90. anon

    I forgot to add, Ifleecem attorney against the FP Police Jeanine.L.Stevens, Who also favors in all probability “The Magnificent 13”, And the Al-Muhajiroun.

  91. "Alan" Natalie's Man

    Harry,a masturbation addict, speaks out.

  92. anon

    Also the carpetbagger JF, Who lives in Forest Park, Yet a govt.official in the ritzy town to the north, Also seems to be a card-carrying member covert of “The Magnificent 13”.

  93. Newt

    After seeing the Phonics monkey playing the drums on South Park, this gerbil though he could form a band.

  94. Newt

    Thank you, I’ll be here forever. Be sure to tip your waitress.

  95. Machiko

    Oh shit, we forgot to plug in the mic

  96. anon

    Winterrose027, Don’t ask, Don’t tell Marine butch dyke commits cunningulus with Jenna Bush, Katherine Harris, Ann Coulter feriociously & Has a penis like Chris Jansing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  97. anon

    NANAHEAR: PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH CUNNINGULUS QUEEN of Monica Lewinsky, Katherine Harris, Ann Coulter, Phyllis Schafly, Ginny Brown-White, Barbara Lee, etc.

  98. Billy Bass

    Ron Jeremy’s hamster.

  99. anon

    Ralph Ovadal wiggles his thang in front of little boys to Deliverance’s “Duelling Banjos” & Is a SHAMELESS CLOSET HOMOSEXUAL, Even if he denies it & preaches against it. He crunches hard dicks like pickles, With cheese on top, A typical Terry Dolan-Style hypocrite-in-fashion & A PRIMO Father F*cker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  100. anon

    Ralph Ovadal loved it & Denies it publically, A homosexual male couple kissing.

  101. anon

    Paul Coughlin molests little boys.

  102. anon

    Ralph Ovadal gets showers on his bald head from the bearded NAMBLA man in the hunting cap & Log Cabin boy Mark Belling.

  103. anon

    And Cleveland Steamers,Too!!!!!! & They make eggs Ralph Ovadal-Style, On the glass table!!!!!!!!!!!.

  104. Gentaur

    The researchers were told to train a hamster to do a maze in grace…

  105. zeppo

    Here you in the front row, show me your tits

  106. ronit

    “lonly i am so lonly….i am a humster a lonly………”

  107. kat

    The next big popstar…..
    Brittney Spears, the hamster!

  108. fifi

    You are my sunshine my only sunshine!

  109. Peachy

    Testing 1 2 3 am i on? ok! I love rock and roll, so put another dime in the juke box baby
    I love rock and roll so come and take the time and dance with me

  110. yaniv

    what are you looking at! you never saw a hamster with amic in his hand?!

  111. just me

    C’mon! I dare ya to throw that rotten tomato at me! I’ll have this mic down your throat so fast, it’ll make your head spin!

  112. Lulu_m_m

    Hit me baby one more time!

  113. anon

    Bernie W.B. of ebay loves stalking after little boys.

  114. anon

    The male hick uranian telemarker on the SBC commercial ardently commits fellatio to judges West & Cunningham, And receives Cleveland Steamers from them

  115. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach of Forest Park, Ill politics seconds Osama Bin Laden’s servant’s message against America, Of whom wants to get rid of the Islams.

  116. dave

    “and tonight matthew I’m going to be ………..”

  117. anon

    Telemarketing asswipe Searcy sucks the Universal Telemarketer from the SBC Commercial’s long juicy dck.

  118. fattywalt

    … and here’s my Cagney impression… “You dirty rat….”

  119. Godkiller

    ladies and gentleman, i’d like to introduce you the extraordinary sensation …

  120. Godkiller

    ladies and gentlemen, i’d like to introduce you the extraordinary sensation…

  121. Godkiller

    ladies and gentlemen, i would like to introduce you the extraordinary sensation…

  122. Mark Beular

    After moving to have all the money in the state moved into buying a large mound of cheese the California legislature fell through and the mice ate like kings

  123. Mark Beular

    After moving to have all the money in the state moved into buying a large mound of cheese the California legislature fell through and the mice ate like kings

  124. M.A.Muqtadeer

    face the world with daring and dashing as I am facing now. Remember fear is end with your’s death

  125. M.A.Muqtadeer

    Face the world with daring and dashing act as I am facing now in front of all. Remember fear is end with your’s death

  126. _

    I’m tired of animal planet always sticking microphones down my throat, that i finnaly decided to speak out. ARE YOU WITH ME???

  127. danni

    thank god im a country boy

    by hamtaro

  128. mrdav76

    May I have your attention, Please? Will the owner of a blue chevy pickup please move your vehicle? It’s blocking our rathole to the kitchen.

  129. Polanski

    Pet shop boys

  130. hamsterman

    Hamtaro got tired of the show biz and tried out singing.

  131. hamsterman

    Bin Laden tried a new method of expressing world dominaton, but it failed miserably.

  132. NOTBOB

    “One time at band camp…”

  133. That Guy

    “Thank you ladies..*hic*.. and gents…*hic*.. you beeen a wonderful…”
    “Get off the stage you bum”

  134. Ziggy

    It’s nice to finally get out of Clay Aiken’s ass

  135. JOHN

    Come on- just because I’m blind doesn’t mean I can’t sing like Ray Chas and I thought there were supposed to be 3 blind mice with thier tails cut off.

  136. heather

    Not only do they dance but they can sing as well.

  137. andrew

    I tried to be a stand up comedian but people keep laughing at me

  138. kno

    aqui esta tu retrato pinche bob esponja
    atte la pepy

  139. kaitlyn obrien

    ” im to sexy for my furr…”

  140. meg & ange

    I’d just (sob) like (sniffle) to thank ……(pause) God! I love you.

  141. Cat

    “Michael, it’s just two of us, need look no more!”

  142. emi emi

    czesc czesc

  143. MicBer

    I’m tellin you I get no respect. One time this asshole came up to me and was tryin’ to start some shit and his buddy came up behind me and shoved me right into him…

  144. manicuklawyer

    Animal rights activists and vivisectionists the length and breadth of England were truly saddened at the sickening sights of “Loctite’s all new improved superglue” testing programme…

  145. EvilBalrog

    Stuart Little accepts his Oscar.

  146. fru

    hey richie

  147. roix

    I did not habe Sexual Relations with that Asshole….no those are not poopie stains on my Furrr………

  148. spielberg

    Pinky: And now we present the overlord of the world – Brain!

  149. heather

    hammy the hamster showing off

  150. Gary Coleman

    michael jackson in his “monkey” suit

  151. werty


  152. ratzorizzo

    I just fly in from Jersey and boy are my arms tired..

  153. Chad

    “I’ve got a fever…and the only cure is more catbell”

  154. russelbussel@hotmail.com

    omg darrel…you left the liquer cabnit open

  155. Alex

    It’s Kariokie Time!

  156. slowmo

    “Shrew are so beautiful to meeeee”

  157. dawn sharp

    These products were not tested on humans.

  158. dawn sharp

    Tom outs Jerry at a mouseketeer reunion.

  159. connor

    “hmm.” tasty and chewy

  160. kelsey

    that is so cool 🙂

  161. breeman

    if your making money out of this i want 50%

  162. Tigra

    Hello, I’m Matt, a Motivational Speaker, AND I LIVE IN A CAN….DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!!!

  163. Jack

    Ryan Hughes Audition for the X-Factor

  164. RedskinRay

    Muskrat Suzy, Muskrat Sam, doin’ the jitterbug in the muskrat land…..”

  165. Rachel

    I has a mikeopone.

  166. Rachel

    Its gotidids a mikapone.

  167. Geoffrey Law

    I’m about to kick a psy-kids ass!

  168. hanzysam

    …..and i think 2 mehself…..wat a wonderful world……

  169. siri

    I am going to bang,with my sweet little song!

  170. Colin Borel

    Great work!

  171. genf20

    Helpful information. Fortunate me I discovered your web site accidentally, and I’m stunned why this twist of fate did not came about earlier! I bookmarked it.

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