Look up


I believe there are some deer that have an advantage over the hunter.

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61 Captions for “Look up”

  1. Anonymous

    Hunter Dan was confused. “Where are these chocolate covered raisins coming from?” he thought to himself.

  2. Veshka

    OK deer, come out, come out, wherever you are!

  3. georgepoint

    The deer is above the man. In most pictures, this is not the case.

  4. T.

    Before beginning a hunt, it is wise to ask someone what you are looking for…

  5. (pdw)

    An irresponsable hunter blocks the Deer Fire Brigade’s sliding pole.

  6. Steve 1

    The new trend in poacher hunting: teamwork!

  7. crushercon

    The latest in genetic manipulation: Deer DNA crossed with squirrel DNA. Watch you nuts!

  8. tom

    A military representative takes the raindeer elevator to speak with Santa at his summer retreat (a tree house in Nebraska).

  9. Alex Kaseberg

    “Maybe I’m goin’ nuts,” thought Billy Bob, but I could could swear I smells deer farts.”

  10. tatroyer

    “Did you see the size of that bear?”, asked Bambi.

  11. Anonymous

    Danny the deer was upset. Not only had his natural enemy come along, he hadn’t even finished shagging the knot in the wood.

  12. xoot

    Where is that grape juice coming from?!” Hunter Bob asked himself.

  13. Jack Macdonald

    Deer have to be SO creative when man-hunting season comes around!

  14. plankton

    FBI Special Agent Ross Johnson, pictured here on vacation, is one of the many government experts protecting us daily from terrorist attacks. Johnson swears we’ll have Bin Laden “as soon as we figure out where he is.”

  15. tortured soul

    The deer now finds a perk in being used as a test deer at the glue factory.

  16. Straight Arrow

    Too silly a photo manipulation to warrant a caption.

  17. wb22gprix

    An animal rights activist, disguised as a wildlife population control specialist, hides a doe from his unsuspecting colleagues.

  18. wb22gprix

    Um, yeah, hides a buck…wtf was I thinking doe for…
    An animal rights activist, disguised as a wildlife population control specialist, hides a buck from his unsuspecting colleagues.

  19. Viehauser

    Deer are no longer the prey! They are now the preditor!!!!!! This deer is ready to pounce on his next victum!

  20. spat

    “This camouflage-costume is really great the deer will never spot me…”

  21. spat

    Truth or deer…

  22. Shocky

    Due to intellectual challenges, some hunters do not utilize the full potential of their decoys.

  23. v-volatile

    now…if he just moves his head over a teeny bit…i can let out this diarrhea right where i want it…

  24. Jimmy Flowers

    Sequels are all the rage in Hollywood! Here’s an exclusive pic from an underhyped sequel — Operation: Deer Drop. Dennis Leary is reportedly being paid $5.00 to reprise his role as David Poole.

  25. Karl Marx

    M.C. Eischer goes hunting…..

  26. julia

    frankly my deer, i don’t give a damn.

  27. Kivessa

    Funny… I don’t see any rain…

  28. Anonymous

    Y’all HUSH!! I thinks I hears one a ’em.

  29. Anonymous

    na na nana naa

  30. Maxx

    “Load the catapult again Zeke. I ain’t seen that one go by.”

  31. Beaf

    oh dear, said the deer

  32. Monkey_Man

    *dribble, dribble* “hmmmm…. I
    don’t see any clouds…”

  33. Monkey_Man

    umf umf*

  34. Couldabenacontenda

    Bob was sitting patiently in his treestand when a shot rang out. Thinking that the impact point was above him he glanced up — then gravity took over.

  35. Hubert

    hmmmmm.. this tree smells like ass

  36. Keenan

    After a day of horrid hunting, Dan had to wander aimlessly home with a horrible concussion and a damn bad headache.

  37. Babylon

    When animals attack

  38. Mortius

    When your head is in line with my ass, you’ll know how it feels to wear a deer skin head warmer.

  39. Jussi

    If he’d only sit up straight I could get a clean head shot thought Bambi.

  40. Eric

    Bambi takes aim: now, just a little more to the left….

  41. Adam Ciacelli

    Yep, that’s me up there!!!(above the hunter)

  42. B-Man

    A little to the right and I show you, you thought that bird made a mess of your car…hehehe.

  43. Crickette

    Which way did he go; which way did he go…?

  44. Anonymous

    Photoshop. It’s a beautiful thing.

  45. Anonymous

    Photoshop. It’s a beautiful thing.

  46. Your Mom

    Who keeps shaking this tree?

  47. Anonymous

    Typical start to deer hunting season… can’t find one anywhere.

  48. Quantum Mechanic

    The All Deer Commando Squad in action, taking out a sniper.

  49. Alan Seaton

    Deep within the afghan wilderness, private Dooke thought that the rumors of bin laden cross dressing in native animal skins was bullshit.

  50. Alan Seaton

    Bambi if Afghanistan: the porno

  51. alan seaton

    Oh what we used to do in fraternities….

  52. Cary Kingdom

    Be vewy vewy quiet…

  53. MeeMah

    Payback time you SOB! I just ate a biiiiig meal!

  54. dede & court

    Fire the poop shoot

  55. one_liner

    should or should i not SHIT on him???

  56. unwound

    You ain’t from around here, are you son?

  57. FunkyNinjaMan

    And the rest of the herd laughed when I irradiated that spider …

  58. corn fed

    damn i keep smelling ass around here

  59. Audiodoode

    Uhhhhhh, the buck stops where?

  60. Audiodoode

    Alright! Who’s the friggin clown throwing the Goobers?

  61. Tassilyn

    Frankly I think that’s asoubltely good stuff.

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