Lost contact


The search continues for Jim’s lost contact.

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56 Captions for “Lost contact”

  1. Anonymous


  2. Patrick

    Sierra Club stages sit in on site to protest the exploration/exploitation of Atlantis.

  3. massis

    why sweaty sauna’s are not a virtue…

  4. Anonymous

    The bottom of the hotel pool just before Cindy Crawford begins her laps.

  5. kereltje

    As the picture was taken, nobody noticed Forgetful Harry at the back, who was drowning because he had forgotten his oxygen apparatus.

  6. Drake

    By heroically hiding behind it, the man with the chair was the only one to survive the atrocious attack of Jaws.

  7. Leila Hetepoeze

    “So, if we all together farted now, we’d have a bubble bath!”

  8. Houckie

    1925: As a therapy to forget the tragedy, Titanic survivors visit the the ship for al last time.

  9. Anonymous

    At an underwater bachelor party, the bachelor, in the middle, is anxiously anticipating the stripper.

  10. Anonymous

    Dude, why the hell did you bring a chair?

  11. Anonymous

    One of Club Med’s failed activities: Underwater Musical Chairs.

  12. Anonymous

    After viewing this photo, Ted (front- middle) finally decided to do something about his overactive bladder.

  13. Tony Chiodo

    Budget Cruise! Ship floods nightly. Floor show! Chairs are optional.

  14. Anonymous

    The Jacques Cousteau Society’s annual conference.

  15. onebad427

    From the makers of “Planet of the Apes” comes “Planet of the Fish”

  16. spat

    The ideal way to have a family reunion.

  17. wrong song

    look at the guy in the middle back he is to cool for a air tank “Gill boy!”

  18. Erez

    The Al-Qaeda Marine Commando…

  19. alan seaton

    Even after stretching Adobe Photoshop beyond the frontiers of special effects technology, the high school trumpet ensemble still found it difficult to attract the opposite sex.

  20. Les

    Today, Disney unveils its new parade, “Extras not featured in “The Little Mermaid” “

  21. JG

    hey phil i thought u said there were gonna be some horny mermaids down here not seamen

  22. Anonymous


  23. Ron

    I sure wish the plumber would get here soon to fix the broken water pipe!!!

  24. Me

    Please, Help us really, we’ve been trapped down here Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

  25. Anonymous

    Why Oklahoma doesn’t have their own Navy…

  26. Plopsa

    Aquarium on the planet Zork.

  27. Daniel

    After stealing Franks scuba gear and hitting Joe over the head several times with a chair, the members of the revolution were shocked to fall for the old “Say Cheese” trick.

  28. cannelle

    (BBMAT) Bears Big Men and their Admirers invite you to our annual LUBE PARTY! Novices welcome, but must bring their own toys and furniture.

  29. jwd

    The janitorial crew cleaning Marlon Brando’s urinal.

  30. random candy

    Boy in back says “I’m leaving this sausage party” as the man in the middle sits unconscious because the large eye-browed boy knocked him out with the chair and stole his oxygen.

  31. Rorty

    The S & M sub-group of the Aqualung Club during their own Christmas party 2001.

  32. alan seaton

    When Chen had a heart attack and sank to the bottom of the pool, the synchronized swimming team knew they were in trouble…………….

  33. Anonymous

    The local scuba club liked to spend their time looking for missing mafia members.

  34. Ei manneke!

    Die hard Beatles-fans, thinking that living in a yellow submarine is the absolute way to honour the Fab Four.

  35. Alexander Pettibone

    Iraqi Seal Team

  36. bogusloser

    Some people will go to any length to see PHISH!

  37. Anonymous

    say cheese, or just sit there and look stupid with that shit in your mouth

  38. phscko

    where’s our 10 bucks?

  39. PixelGod

    Chair: “Help! I’m the only female here!”

  40. BibbyKat

    … and remember your promise .. NOBODY pees in the pool!!!

  41. BibbyKat

    Hey you in the middle .. just keep grabbing yourself! NOBODY is to pee in the pool!

  42. babylon

    Aquaman training school motto ‘talkin to fish thats all we do’

  43. keith

    Last Chance Plumbers, Inc.

  44. Chris Walters

    Okay guys, when you see the lights come on, all of you jump up and yell surprise!

  45. ben irons

    and they thoght it was going to be a normal orgy

  46. GreyDuck

    The last time Ted in Payables was allowed to arrange the annual group photo of the Business Department.

  47. Anonymous

    This pic becomes even stranger when you realise they are not under water….

  48. Sarah

    Maybe now the ladies will really want our lovin if we dress in scuba attire and sit in the bottom of a pool…yea!

  49. Crunchy

    You told him to buy seven diapers and a pear…you got eleven divers and a chair. Another case of bad cellular.

  50. lawrence

    Russian underwater ballet team poses for annual party picture.

  51. lawrence

    Which guy is gonna suck water first…maybe the one without the airtank?

  52. ?@Ò‡n„ –e £a M?ÄÆtÈ!

    guy with hands on his crotch:”Hope this is a black-and-white pic cause i just took a leak…”

  53. Linsey

    Jasons determination to bring the chair reassured him that he would be a mere spectator in these particular water sports.

  54. GrooveJockey

    “Who farted?”

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