Make sure yall wash up before dinner

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47 Captions for “Make sure yall wash up before dinner”

  1. dogma

    Betcha this gets on the Blue Collar tv show, Darryl!

  2. theMike

    So that what these dern things are for…never could get dem to fit in da outhouse just right.

  3. -Mascot

    “aw crap, another leaner!”

  4. jim

    These guys stink.

  5. Avenger

    So when you throw up, you need to hold your head this far from the toilet seat. Now everyone take one seat, and pass the rest along.

  6. jeff

    you just might be a redneck .. if…

  7. guillaume

    damn horse ! stop movin!

  8. stacy chandler

    first there were extra large tennis rackets then suv’s and now humongous horse shoes….gigantism.. trend? or disease?

  9. Aaron Mildenstein

    Though they did not yet realize it, Jim and Steve had been suckered when they purchased the “beginner” horseshoes kit from the traveling salesman.

  10. Shadowbat

    “No wonder we found these things in the dumpster behind Home Depot. I don’t care how purty it looks, a boomerang that don’t come back ain’t worth crap!”

  11. brent m

    “LIVE from the Tuscaloosa Regional Finals of the 2005 Walmart Greeter Olympics!”

  12. Mike

    Men protest Women who nag them to put the seat down….next on Jerry.

  13. Simon

    Somewhere near by, Katelyn “the Moose” McBride, wife of Ernie (pictured above) is taking an unexpected ass bath.

  14. Gentaur

    Earl and Cletus begin to suspect that the “chick magnets” they were sold may not work as advertised.

  15. Gentaur

    Psychic Pseptic Psystems, Inc. uses special divining rods to find the right location for your tank!

  16. Gentaur

    Some people never give up hope that seatputting will become an Olympic sport.

  17. Shadowbat

    President George W. Bush and brother Jeb pause to reflect on where they are leading our nation.

  18. trinawoods

    You should see the horse…

  19. trinawoods

    The tag sale at the old prison turned out to be a hum-dinger!

  20. trinawoods

    In Alabama, a “double-wide” is
    always an upgrade.

  21. Gentaur

    Our town was so poor, the portable toilets…

  22. -Mascot

    Stetson Cowboy hat – $150
    Levis 501 Jeans – $42
    12 pack of Budweiser for beer gut – $7
    Seeing two grown men tossing used toilet seats because they’re too cheap to spend $15 on a set of horse shoes – Priceless.

  23. JoeTea-Foster

    Dern-it margret!! I’m be Gonna put the seat down in a minute! Jus’ lemmie beat Earl HERE’S SCORE oK?!

  24. trinawoods

    “Way to flush out the competition, Jake.”

  25. trinawoods

    Hunting for ballcocks is no simple undertaking.

  26. trinawoods

    You’re never too old to spend quality time with Dad.

  27. Dicky

    why cant men ever aim!?

  28. Fartman

    Billy Bob and Henry, two inbred inventors, want to reinvent the concept of ‘outhouse’

  29. -Mascot

    What you don’t see is that they’re using Michael Jackson as a stake at the other end!

  30. Pop Rope Soap

    As Stinky and Dewey-Bob played, they pondered why the blue states thought they were hicks

  31. mike

    And she says “put the seat down, put the seat down” I’ll put it down alright. Hold her still Fred.

  32. trinawoods

    Amazing what you find when you finally cut the grass.

  33. Lisa E

    Okay, who put the super glue on my horse shoe?!?

  34. Jess

    “Hold your head STILL, Jeb!”

  35. jose arevalo

    I got tired of putting the toilet seat down…

  36. Lawrence

    Ok now …the new rule is where it lands is where ya got ta take the crap…if you land on on dat other one you can do a #1 and a #2……..wait…..thats not funny….

  37. -Mascot

    “Now try and put your hip into it this time, Jimbo. Become the toilet seat and make love to that post down there. Wrap yourself around it and tell it you…”

    “uh, Ralph?”

    “yeah, Jimbo?”

    “Knock it off will ya? I’m about to hurl.”

    “rightey. just pitch the damn thing, Jimbo.”

    “uh huh.”

  38. trinawoods

    “Okay, so the flamingo is 20 points, the gnome is 30 and the jockey is 50.
    How much for the flag pole?”

  39. Darin Madden

    This gives a whole new meaning of Ringer.

  40. Rob

    “I don’t know what’s wrong Earl, but I’m throwin’ nuttin’ but crap today.

  41. jazzgeek

    ….and you DON’T wanna know what they’ll be using for bocce balls.

  42. Chris

    You might be an inbread white-trash hillbilly redneck…………..

  43. mflo

    Not onlt is it funner, it’s easyer, right Jeb ?

  44. Bohatnik

    Dr. Phil learns at his family reunion that the hardest part of a good game of horseshoes is trying not to knock over the plunger.

  45. Robert

    “This sure in hell beats playing that XBox”

  46. NooSweat

    Mammothshoe throwing is newest hit in Shitville

  47. adam h

    Now we never have to worry about puttin the seat up!!

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