Male Cat?


Forget lifting up the tail, if your cat behaves like this, you know it’s a male.

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65 Captions for “Male Cat?”

  1. Anonymous

    Ooooh i love this kitty porn.

  2. steve just

    Fluffy! I told you to quit watching those ‘Married With Children’ Re-runs!

  3. Alex Kaseberg

    Hey wait a minute. This porno video “Beautiful Pussy” isn’t about cats!

  4. Anonymous

    I’ve got the remote, I’ve got the remote… ninner, ninner, ninner!

  5. Anonymous

    Bob realized the cat had replaced him when he arrived home to Snowball surfing the channels and drinking a Bud. True, True.

  6. MosCow

    yeah, bastards laugh, but at least i’ve got a famous pussy.

  7. Drake

    If I really have to sit here to shoot that stoopid American Funniest Home Video, at least I can shit on the couch.

  8. Anonymous

    If I really have to sit here to shoot that stupid American Funniest Home Video, at least I can shit on the couch.

  9. Kereltje

    Ronald wondered why he hadn’t heard the cat the whole day, and then he stood up…

  10. FR

    Beer? Ok. Remote? Ok. Damn, forgotten the Mice Crackers.

  11. cartmen

    Beer, pussy and a remote..what else is there?

  12. Anonymous

    When the vet suggested Ted keep Mr. Whiskers entertained…he did the best he knew how.

  13. Anonymous

    What your cat is really going while you’re at work.

  14. Anonymous

    What your cat is really doing while you are at work.

  15. bgray

    Once neutered ( or married ), a male cat can lose interest in activities that it previously loved.

  16. Les

    *BURP!* Ahhhh yeah this is the life!!!

  17. Anonymous

    Ed finally discovered who was hiding the remote and drinking all the beer.

  18. Kudmunky

    Ive Never Seen A Siamese Cat DO that before!!!

  19. Anonymous

    Cat thinking. “Man, my owner hs to get his computer fixed, or get start get some better porn on tape.”

  20. chris marsh

    MARSHY, got lucky with a bit of pussy

  21. travis weir

    ma, get me the chips on the fridge and also the beef cakes in the oven bitch now!!!!,and also get me another beer bitch……..zzzzzzzzzz…..zzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. travis weir

    cat i told you not to watch porn with out you husband marshy unless you suck his mum out of her mind.

  23. Anonymous

    Planet of the Cats

  24. Anonymous

    While the humans are away, the cat will play…er, drink beer and watch tv.

  25. Mortius

    Married with kittens:

    Al Bundy doing what he does best.

  26. alan seaton

    not one to be outdone by a squirrel, whiskers decided to get plastered on warm beer and do his own centerfold.

  27. alan seaton

    After Norman was laid off from the
    cat-nip factory, he drowned his sorrows the best he knew how: a cold beer and Heathcliff reruns…

  28. Mr. Ramon

    A little while later, a dark feathered rooster came along and the pair made a movie called “Black Cocks and White Pussy”

  29. Van Caldwell

    500 Channels and there is still nothing on TV!

  30. Monkey-Boy !!

    What is this ? There’s a picture of a PUSSY all LAID out on a RUBBER couch in front of the BOOB tube, watching a COCK fight, while his toy BALLS CUM rolling across the floor,LIKE WILD MONKEYS IN HEAT !! And people say I’m a sexual deviant ?!

  31. Vid

    …ready for a “lap” dance…

  32. Anthony

    damnit……the bitch stopped in the middle of my blow job…so whats left for me to do but get drunk and watch ma’ pornos…

  33. Anonymous

    Just neutured, Fluffy tries to reclaim his manhood.

  34. Anonymous

    This is how funny contrived jokes are.

  35. Anonymous

    bud light, the beer that pulls the ‘high quality’ pussy

  36. GreyDuck

    You wanna know the real joke, pal? My owner thinks this is goddamned funny. The next joker who laughs gets his goddamned face clawed.

  37. Smiley

    Little kitty foo foo likes to sit and poo poo….!

  38. Dave


  39. Anonymous

    And Phil actually wonders why his wife won’t let him babysit their newborn?

  40. Mayhem

    When did the trouble begin? Let me tell you. They took me to the vet, they gave me this gas that made me pass out. Took me home and sat me down with a beer and the remote. It’s when I tried to scratch my balls the trouble started.

  41. pussycat

    A pussy that plays with itself.

  42. s. chandler

    Hey hopney, does my butt look big?

  43. Newt

    Homer Simpson’s Cat

  44. Newt

    Screw the Meow mix, bring on the beer.

  45. Sammael

    All you ever do is roam in your litter box these days. What about my needs? Are you even listening to me?

  46. Resisobilus

    Well, time to kill a baby human

  47. guy ann

    hmm out of beer. maybe if i can just find the engry to look down the sides for some change i can buy another… ergh hmmmph
    ah bugger it!
    hey i love lucy is starting!

  48. annie

    One word – W-A-S-T-E-D

  49. tedx

    Put the clicker on PAWS, I need more beer!

  50. spacetruckennam

    ok let me see,got the beers,porn,all I need now is some pussy!

  51. WhisperingStorm

    Cat: Oh, this is such an obvious masturbation joke. Meow.

  52. Pace

    WHAT?! You have never seen a cat with a remote and a beer watching TV?

  53. BillyJoeBob

    O.k. I see a pussy joke…

  54. Crunchy

    David Crosby: Behind the Music

  55. lawrence

    nah honey….i dont feel like sex now…you start without me and i’ll be there in 15.

  56. David

    after ‘Cats & Dogs’, Mr Tinkles didn’t get many scripts coming through the mail.

  57. mike

    Meanwhile, you’ll find the owner playing with a ball of aluminum foil in the litter box

  58. Dylan

    I cant find the descovery chanel

  59. Tins

    Well they do say that after a while animals start to look like there owners you can see the example this cat has had to follow…………get us another beer luv

  60. Bulty

    Ya you drink beer.. but your still a PUSSY!

  61. Bulty

    Ya you drink beer… But your still a PUSSY!

  62. GrooveJockey

    “Bugger! Still no opposable thumb! Somebody change the channel!”

  63. Daniel

    I has many cheezburger.

  64. ninja36036

    A taste of the future when mice are extinct.

  65. danm36

    You see me like this, you gotta wonder what those squirels are doing right now.

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