Marching Man


Some people are marching to a different tune.

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129 Captions for “Marching Man”

  1. larfus

    Look! Look I say! I stayed up all night buffing shoes to only step in dog poo first thing, damn

  2. aackman

    Mother may I take one BIG step?

  3. Billie C

    Dang! I could have sworn they said this was a costume party!

  4. Lon


  5. danielvflores

    I don’t know how long my ass cheeks can hold this one.

  6. Jo-jo

    Gawd being a soldier sucks the big one…speaking of the big one hay sarg….

  7. Frank Chibu

    These aren’t the droids we’re looking for… move along

  8. Jimmy the Fish

    Starbucks’ armed guards patrolling headquarters.

  9. Rob

    MAN!! I new I should have worn that cup…

  10. SailmanR

    OK, stop laughing and wake up that narcoleptic sergeant

  11. st Miek

    Sgt. Doom, blinded by revenge, stomps on the little purple meenies that burnt down his village.

  12. Mr Rob

    Habibís reaction to seeing his first breast was a bit embarrassing

  13. John

    That bastard put magic mushrooms in my food again…

  14. Yama

    I knew I should have stretched first!

  15. Iucounu

    What a time to find out you’ve put on a little weight.

  16. Scoot-Dawg

    You do thee Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around…

  17. Anonymous


  18. Scott P.

    Captain Super-Penis suffered an embarrassing moment when his Mega-Member (strapped to his leg to conceal his identity) became instantly engorged when Robin, the Boy Wonder, bent over in front of him.

  19. jneese

    Radio City Music Hall Rockettes’ Reject

  20. Anonymous

    In a bold effort to save lives, both India and Pakistan call in the most calm and normal person in the disputed region of Kashmir to negotiate against worldwide nuclear annihilation.

  21. Anonymous

    Jazz hands people! Jazz hands!

  22. Anonymous

    Flush with their first victory, the Anti-Barney brigade high kicks around the square to celebrate.

  23. (pdw)

    One small step for man, a giant leap for a man dressed as an utter git.

  24. Scott

    Haji was suprised to find out the true
    meaning of the word “goose” in goose step.

  25. spat

    The Iranian national soccerteam in full practice.

  26. spat

    Does somebody know a good blacksmith?
    My horseshoe needs to be refitted.

  27. Todd

    Is that MY leg?

  28. Alex Kaseberg

    In an unconscious outburst, Akmed suddenly realizes his repressed dream to be a Rockette violates the Pakistani Army’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” gay policy.

  29. Anonymous

    Arul just thought the magnets on his shoes would give him extra height.

  30. Ianne

    Don’t you just love a well done yoga exercise in a proper suit?

  31. Mortius

    After leaving his first rave, he set off on a new task to find the purple pooper monster.

  32. BoMoFo

    I keek you out of India! One Pakistani at a time!

  33. Stephen N.

    San Franciso’s gay pride parade starts today at 3:00 pm.

  34. Johnny Hoff

    Where will you be when your laxative stops working?

  35. Vijay

    Mohanram’s First Encounter With A Patch Of Ice (image 4 of 10)

  36. Anonymous

    The not very well known, but equally skilled rockettes of India

  37. kudmunky

    HEY!!!! DID YOU GRAB MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. benwood

    Oh yeah, how about THIS chin music, damn hornet!

  39. onebad427

    Osama Bin Laden’s main man asking “You just fu*#ed with WHO!!!!!”

  40. Drake

    If the foot goes too high, the balls go nuts!

  41. Anonymous

    Many times before, Achim had stepped in the shit of the horse in front of him, but never he had thought he would ever march behind a horse with diarrhea.

  42. Drake

    Although he did his utmost, Habibipetilon could never replace Schwarzenegger for ‘Terminator III’.

  43. Mr. Ramon

    Jihad against the goat who just bit my testicles!

  44. PhatMick29

    Oddly enough, even though someone had laced his curry with a large quantity of laxatives, Sarajul continued to execute the goose-step with extreme accuracy for fear of looking like a schmuck in front of his people.

  45. Magda

    Please Sahib Some More…..

  46. massis

    “Thank you, come again!”

  47. massis

    In a rare moment of clarity, Rasheed realised the sniper had his balls under fire…

  48. Kereltje

    Thinking of a naked Kylie Minogue, Arushal never expected his body to react so vividly.

  49. Rastafari

    oh sweet allah! I think I forgot my keys to the elephant!

  50. steak tartare

    in an incredible breath-holding contest, Apu managed to make his sole turn into an eery purple-blue. Moments later his eyeballs turned the same colour, knocking him down cruelly…

  51. The Beaver

    You have a choice…Lick the grape jelly off of my boot..or I can shoot you!!

  52. MYUNHE

    I am not believing what i am seeing, That mirror shop was full of Saddam look-alikes. oh goodness me…this looks too much like Baghdad. Must have taken a wrong turn at Afhganistan.

  53. Rivard

    “They may be nearing a nuclear holocaust, but Hasem still sports groovy soles.”

  54. Palace

    When Viagra goes wrong.

  55. Todd Hunt

    A new twist to siuox
    horse soldiers

  56. Texas Tommy

    I said heavy starch on the shirts NOT THE JOCKY SHORTS!!!

  57. josh

    MY PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Anonymous

    How do I plan on getting to Radio City? practice, practice.

  59. Anonymous

    Mother may I…?

  60. stacy jo

    He finally got his promotion.
    Guess who?

    Mom and Dad

  61. Anonymous

    Get OUT of my 7-11. You spill purple slurpee!!! I KICK YOU OUT! OOOOO I so mad!

  62. deej

    This earlier design for C-3PO did not do well in focus groups.

  63. juggser

    Ladies and Gentlemen, your new Rockets!

  64. Sandman

    Oh Crap! I kicked the sacred cow…

  65. shirley


  66. Kat

    What resulted when scientists bred a woman with a cat for the first time.

  67. Anonymous

    You a very, bad man, Jerry! Very bad man!

  68. Caity

    Mahaleem’s first shroom trip…
    “DUUUUUUUUDE…..looooook at my psychedelic shoooooooooooe! it’s freakin me OUT MAN! and IT’S MOVING ALL ON IT’S OWN!!!

  69. Josh

    I’ll give YOU the BOOT!!!

  70. Patrick

    The culture shock oh so visible in this mans first attempt at the hokey pokey. Tip: Your leg is a little too out.

  71. BestAlikat

    One of these days Alice, *pow*, right to the moon!

  72. Patrick

    Although they were classicaly trained at Radio City Music hall, the Kashmiri Rockettes never really gained the same popularity as their forebears.

  73. Angie

    Oooooh, now it’s on!!!!

  74. jesse Grewal

    You kicked my dog, and now im going to shoe u!

  75. Cybbis

    C’mon already and take the picture! I can’t hold my Lego expression for much longer…

  76. Anonymous

    …. yeow… !!… next time I will fold up the swiss army knife before the parade starts !!

  77. Alastair Mac

    Oh, look Sarge, is not fair. Do I look like a horse. That smithy needs glasses.

  78. spoon

    An Indonesian soldier shows off his hip new ShoeDecal ™.

  79. Molly

    Taliban Forbids “Degenerate” Female Rockettes.

  80. Hax0r

    Where will you be when your laxative starts working?

  81. rivercardz

    To the “dirty” nuclear shoe bomber Akmed’s shock, Osama stands out of order during afternoon prayers, causing him to miss his target.

  82. christopher hart

    holly shit I just crapped my self

  83. Lennon/McCartney


  84. brad

    take that batman

  85. U-boat

    Oops, riped my trousers…

  86. HEY!!

    who tied my arms? never mind you go there .. you go there… WHATS THAT SOLDIER?

  87. Ed Hades

    Bloody hell…what have I stepped in now???

  88. Sinner©????


  89. Anonymous

    At training camp there is an age old contest to see who can hold their leg in this positing while hopping over the neighaboring moutian range!

  90. kenoath

    Short sighted blacksmith shoes wrong animal.

  91. Lee

    “Barney’s poop is purple!”

  92. Anonymous

    OUCH…that’s a groin…Arrrg…yep that’s a groin

  93. ctcp

    …Did I leave the iron on?

  94. J Priest

    Oh my goodness me. I am just realising that I am looking like a complete goose

  95. Anonymous

    I got a turtle head pokin’ out me butt…

  96. jwd

    “First I put on the wrong uniform, then they block my punt!”

  97. Liran

    My Eyes Are So Fine That My Shoe Can’t Stop Looking At Them

  98. Anonymous

    Apus first encounter with mind altering drugs.

  99. Kathryn

    Damn!! Look at those american womans tits!!

  100. Troy

    New Viagra side effect has Drug company on their toes.

  101. Resisobilus

    ONE! Singular sensation….

  102. lil_punk

    ouch! that high kick had to hurt!

  103. lil_punk

    ouch! that high kick had to hurt!!!

  104. Aurora-Borealis

    With that poke from behind Rajiv gives new meaning to Goose-Stepping.

  105. spat

    The LEG-UP-guards at the Presidential palace.

  106. Patrick

    I wonder how long it will take them to figure out that I have 2 glass eyes…..

  107. Rebecca

    The Emperors’ new clothes?

  108. Astrid

    The Ministry of Silly Walks goes international.

  109. Alan Seaton

    and you thought James Brown was still in prison…….

  110. Newt

    I knew I shouldn’t have kicked that lady with all that make-up

  111. Astrid

    (singing) One! Singular sensation! Every single step she takes…!

  112. Cary Kingdom

    Deece is how she keeked my dog!

  113. lawrence

    Punjab – I do not care anymore…I will no longer will take care of the sacred cow…

  114. Mark Smith

    maybe he shouldn’t have had that last latee

  115. MaxMonster

    Damn! Almost! A bit higher and I can pull that fold out from between my cheeks.

  116. mullet

    i think i just pulled something!!!

  117. MeeMah

    Oh yes, really, Saddam is the greatest! (He didn’t threaten to cut off my nuts unless I said that… really!)

  118. MeeMah

    I have one HELL of a WEDGIE!!

  119. Robbie

    Look at my shoe! That’s an order!

  120. Pedro from MÈxico

    Eeh Macarena!

  121. jkl

    Awwww, damn…I shit my pants again

  122. Stuart

    Oh my gosh, I have stepped in the turd of a curry eating dog!

  123. Tramadol

    Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you recognize a mistake when you make it again.

  124. Tramadol

    The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

  125. Tramadol

    Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you recognize a mistake when you make it again.

  126. Tramadol

    The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

  127. Marclar

    I really hope that’s a pie in my pants.

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