Mass transit


This is how you know it’s time to expand the mass transit system. [from: larfus]

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134 Captions for “Mass transit”

  1. chodeboy

    Are we there yet?

  2. Veshka

    A field trip for Clusterphobes Anonymous.

  3. ultravader

    Amtrak- Enjoy the trip as much as the vacation

  4. Big Times

    We might not get a seat if we are late

  5. Anonymous

    And you thought the subways were bad…

  6. monkey

    a little more to the left…

    okay, now everyone say “cheese”

  7. Sisyphus

    And you though it’d be crowded. There’s an open space right under that guys armpit!

  8. spat

    We work for the railwaycompany.
    Sometimes there’s a stretch of rail missing and than we have to carry the train a bit.

  9. spat

    You haven’t heard the best bit yet…
    it’s FREE of charge!

  10. spat

    World-record train-hanging finally broken.

  11. spat

    For the second time this week some stowaways were found on the train to England.

  12. DK

    “When I was your age, we were so poor we couldn’t go to Disneyland and ride a rollercoaster. Instead …”

  13. DK

    “Cut! Damnit, that’s the last time we give away free Rice-a-Roni to be an extra in the commercial.”

  14. (pdw)

    Conductor: ‘Hey Harry, hold on and watch this: I’m gonna hit the brakes’

  15. Mortius

    Unable to afford enough metal to cover the train, they quickly turned to using humans.

  16. bANAAL

    Amal’s gasproblems didn’t go unnoticed.

  17. simon

    operation human shield is in effect

  18. Drake

    As the smell of Ghelab’s fart diffused through the wagons, the passengers went seeking for air.

  19. Frimmy

    Railways in the Land of the Magnetic People.

  20. peter

    conductor -“and we’ll be coming through the cars shortly to collect tickets. Hey, what the….? Where did everyone go?”

  21. Anonymous

    using the art of camoflauge the terrorists still hide from the world…

  22. Etienne Schouppe

    Humo lezen kan ernstige gevolgen hebben.

  23. social idiot

    That’s one way to stick it to the man…er… train.

  24. Alex Kaseberg

    In a new promotion, Amtrack unveils their new “Arabs Alfresco” train.

  25. Akuta Jandro

    The Mexicans were pissed when they realized 2 things. First that cars were no longer Ozone Safe, and second that they all couldnt fit in it.

  26. WhirlWind

    I TELL you often, Rameesh….TRACK is electric; GROUND is not….now what we do?

  27. PhatMick29

    Soul Train world tour.

  28. The Beaver

    Taking advantage of a free ride to the wefare office.

  29. onebad427

    Results of the U.S. govenment’s next great idea “Let’s build a railroad from Cuba to U.S.”

  30. seagun

    meanwhile inside the train; the cattle dined on imported hay and spring water.

  31. spat

    Up with people?

  32. Mo

    Roll up! The Magical Mystery Tour is coming to take you away…

  33. Patrck

    Everyone got their fingers on the detonators?
    OK. As soon as we get over the Indian border, on my signal, unleash hell.

  34. MasterOfDisaster

    In a last effort to hide their train, they pretended to be invloved in a massive orgy.

  35. Bubba

    This a great way of population control.

  36. Anonymous

    The weekly trip to Grandpa’s Cheese Barn was always quite popular

  37. Anonymous

    LIRR off-peak

  38. ][V][achine']['hreat

    I hate School picture day

  39. Tracy Allen

    Do you see me? I’m the one three people in on the right, 43rd row…

  40. Charby

    Those crazy Packer Fans! They will do anything to get to Lambo Field on Sunday.

  41. larry falco

    Illegals rounded up in LA and being sent back to Mexico

  42. Joe

    “Hey, Ravi! Wanna share the outside of a cab when we get to the station?”

  43. Joe D.

    Sure it’s slower, but it’s a lot safer than hanging onto the wing of a 747!

  44. Ghandi

    Say, what would happen if we all jump?

  45. JWD

    Reports began to pour in that the cattle guard was malfunctioning again.

  46. Anonymous

    “And you just had to ask for a car with air conditioning, didn’t you?”

  47. Boosta

    We’re going to Disneyland!

  48. john

    The villagers of Kabul soon realized that the magnetic vitamins they had purchased from the suspicious medicine man really did work!

  49. Roadcrew

    In India…Amtrak only ran the “BUY ONE TICKET AND YOUR FAMILY RIDES FOR FREE” incentive program once.

  50. Jimmy Flowers

    During the so-called “Don’t Stop Touching the Train” Immunity Challenge, producers of Survivor India realized that having 1000 contestants might have been a poor choice.

  51. Anonymous

    Take us to the Quickie Mart. Their prices make us laugh!

  52. nar

    REAL rioters don’t stop with overturning cars.

  53. lschudel

    Newly Proposed Detroit Mass Transit System.

  54. Pitbull

    Guys, wait till you hear this, we get free sip of water every 500 miles.

  55. Pitbull

    Everybody Common DO THE LOCOMOTION, Do the locomotion with me…

  56. JD

    Economy Class: Fresh air, social environment, more leg room than first class!

  57. ben laday

    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, fellas. Wait until we move the ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads to the border. Then you’ll know who supplied the power to the main thrust for takeoff.

  58. bobby

    Panic as train passes magnet convention.

  59. Jose Mendoza

    Yes, Indeadee! Ameil and all his friends take Nuclear War very seriously.

  60. Jose Mendoza

    After hearing that Hilton Hotels were for sale, all the Patel’s were on the first train to America and Beverly Hills.

  61. Jose Mendoza

    Not having had much luck in the past against the railroad yard bulls, all the Hobo’s had decided to overwhelm them with sheer numbers.

  62. Anonymous

    Stolen banner:
    This train is delayed for 12 hours, because of fuel robbery.

  63. Anonymous

    I hate those silent-but-deadly ones…

  64. Mark Mendoza

    Who “Farted”?

  65. Jimmy

    Manilo: The India Tour

  66. Aaron

    “Smile everyone! Do you want the folks from Guiness to come, or not?”

    Guiness Book of World Records:Most Fatalities in 3rd World Train Disaster. (Practice Run)

  67. ThomVF

    Look! A naked woman! Looook, I want to touch her!!!

  68. Aaron

    “We need one more and we’ve got the record!”(Guiness Book of World Records:Most Fatalities in 3rd world Train Disaster)

  69. spankie

    Extreme Commuting!

  70. Joe

    The reason why natural gas powered mass transit will never work.

  71. Jay

    IN the train IN THE TRAIN!!

  72. st miek

    The world’s first “Magnet Train” is introduced in Bangladesh, the belt buckle capitol of the world!

  73. jose

    The MTA- “There was a problem with the metrocard”

  74. greymous

    The day they gave away free suicide bomber kits…

  75. mikemenn

    India Officals Declare Magnetic Diet Too Risky

  76. Llamadance

    Railtrack improves safety, introduces body armour for trains

  77. BoMoFo

    Hewlett-Packard engineers, laid off earlier today, celebrate their severance packages, highlighted by a ride out of Silicon Valley on the fabled Santa Cruz Skunk Train.

  78. Rob

    The dangers of raising the price of train tickets.

  79. Jeff Chastain

    Please don’t all use the bathroom at once!

  80. Elspode

    Everyone in India loves curry, but the stench from the flatulence can make close-quarters travel uncomfortable.

  81. Donald Hatcher

    Nothing like the D.C. Metro Rail on the Fourth of July!

  82. Stephen N.

    If you think this is bad, you should see the coach section.

  83. tps

    I thought SRO was the name of the Railway.

  84. jerisky


  85. rivercardz

    Since the leak of this photo from unidentified FBI sources, Congress has initiated a formal inquiry as to why the FBI has failed to investigate the unusually large Taliban percentage of graduates from the Union Pacific Conductor Graduating Class of 2002.

  86. Jeff

    Bud Selig introduces new plan to get fans into Montreal for Expo’s games.

  87. liberty

    All Aboard!!

  88. Ross Watson

    W A L D O ???

  89. HoJo

    A Polish hi-jacking.

  90. HoJo

    How can I drive with all these bugs on my windsheild??

  91. Maxx


  92. bevinda

    Halp! Dust me with People Powder!

  93. Ricky

    Little do these people realize this is the train going to the frontlines to fight Pakistan

  94. Cody

    Damn things get bigger every year.

  95. Raghuram

    Putin, we are on our way to Pakistan to ram the nukes

  96. Odigo

    HI !!! who Farted !!!

  97. anscoflex

    With lack of public transportation, new and interesting forms have begun to take place

  98. jo

    After months of debating America finally came up with a solution to the problem of getting rid of any terrorists within our borders

  99. Anonymous

    ALL ABOARD, Next stop Guantanamo Bay!

  100. benwood

    Thank God we upgraded to 1st Class…

  101. javilez

    now, if we only had room for our lawnmowers

  102. Rhodes

    Cass Scenic Railroad in West Virginia — multi-culture style.

  103. Todd Hunt

    And Boston wastes all that money on the big dig.

  104. deej

    I’m tellin ya- it’s like flies to shit

  105. phenn

    And it was with heavy heart that Madonna sent her lovers away.

  106. Sandman

    Saeed, How many virgins in Pakistan?

  107. Len Patterson

    Excuse us please sirs, we are lost and are looking for Uncle Joe & Aunt Kate. You know, Petticoat Junction. Not to fars from Hooterville!

  108. wobbley pete

    See I told you that the new timetables would work!

  109. wobbley pete

    See I told you that the new timetables would work!!

  110. Anonymous

    99 arabs on the side of the train 99 arabs on the side slam on the brakes and make one fall only 98 arabs left on the wall 98 arabs on the side of the train 98 arabs on the side slam on the brake and make on fall only 97 arabs left on the wall


    Damn, who farted in there?

  112. meir

    “Please use the safety belts!”

  113. meir

    A populated train in a populated country with many populated cemeteries.

  114. errr..

    “Ralph, if you use that choo-choo-choose line just one more time…”

  115. Quincy J

    The new 7-11 in Bombay drew 5,000 job applicants on the first day.

  116. ben

    hi there uncle bob… just ti warn you that me and some friends from cambodja will pass by your city to make you a visit… prepare some beds… here i send you a picture of them all for you to get to know them… see you in a month then…

  117. Resisobilus

    A new shipment of New York cabbies pulls in.

  118. Big D

    The British Governments plans to stop illegal immigration has worked successfully

  119. fender

    Thousands of dedicated fans flocked to the sold-out N’sync concert.

  120. Sarzie

    When are they gonna put more seats on these goddamn trains?

  121. MeeMah

    Wouldn’t this be some sort of Guiness record?

  122. Sid

    ok everyone on 3 1…..2…..3! tip!

  123. Dirk

    Wat nou zwartrijden??

  124. Oo_TEL_oO

    “We can’t go any faster captain, she’ll break up!”

  125. CHAOS

    exactly why superman must be indian, its the only country that you can run faster than the trains

  126. phentermine

    Ein wirklich sehr Interessante Seite mit guten Informationen.

  127. Marclar

    This is why Superman is Indian… in India everyone runs faster than the train.

  128. Audiodoode

    Warp factor 5 Mr. Sulu…….
    We need to put some distance between us & those Kling-ons!

  129. James Moore

    Great work!

  130. Nicole Silveira

    Very good site! Thanks! 🙂

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