Matrix Footage


Another behind the scenes look from a movie set. This photo was taken on location of the Matrix 3 filming.

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155 Captions for “Matrix Footage”

  1. Anonymous

    The black cat cheers as his competitor’s left paw steps out of bounds and he loses 7/10ths of a mark.

  2. James

    I laugh at your cat-fu. Come test your skills against my TIGER STYLE!!!

  3. Anonymous

    “stop trying to hit me, and HIT ME…you’re faster than that!”

  4. Marvin

    Stop the fight! I lost a contact…

  5. Lou

    Hey wait, did you cut my dick off?

  6. nathaniel vincent

    i get to be neo this time

  7. Anonymous

    What the hell?

  8. Lou

    Things overheard at hustler Inc.:
    I said “two pussies in a cat fight” not “two pussycats in a fight”

  9. nathaniel vincent

    shadowboxing at its finest

  10. Kim

    Finally I can get some TAIL!!

  11. Peaches

    “Wait, hold still. A fly landed on your tail.”

    “Ahh! Get it off, get it off!”

  12. promiscuous protestah

    i am a stupid cat. POOP!

  13. Anonymous

    Hear the time, set alarms, style your taskbar clock, and sync your PC time.

  14. Anonymous

    Everytime you masturbate, God teaches a kitten kung-fu.

  15. ronincyberpunk

    Peter: Well Chuck it seems the home town favorite – Golden Buddha has risen up in the traditional bear stance, it will be interesting to see how the underdog, Dancing Shadow, will respond.

    Chuck: Indeed Peter, infact– Look! Shadow has responded with a variant of the already dangerous position, standing grasshopper!

    Peter: This could be wild folks!

  16. semi-

    Look! I’m evolving! I’m standing like a human! And my tail’s gone too!

  17. semi-

    White: Look! I’m evolving! I’m standing like a human! And my tail’s gone too!
    Patches: Argh! Mutant!

  18. Mess3d

    Yea I swear, the fish was THIS big.

  19. Steve 1

    Fig 8.3 Feline Marine-Do. Binkie has grabbed a starfish in each paw, and is about to put them on Fluffy’s tail. It looks impressive, but ‘starfish hands’ is a slow move – Fluffy responded with a quick twisting earswipe to distract him. Contests like this can go on for hours.

  20. Big d

    Work with me baby, Your a tigger, a tigger. now your a bear, act like a bear. Your a natural infront of a lense.

  21. Alex

    The latest scene from Godzilla 2002: The Terrible Twos.

  22. minders

    White kitten: Yeah, you shoulda seen his dick, Blackie, it was THIS big!! If I had a dick like that, I’d get all the chicks for sure.

  23. Lil Burro

    Those aren’t spirit-fingers! These are spirit-fingers!

  24. Anonymous

    The first rule of Cat-Fight Club: You don’t talk about Cat-Fight Club!

  25. littlemermiad

    fight! fight to the death! damn im getting hungry…
    cat-the other white meat

  26. joey

    OH….oh crap! I soiled myself.

  27. Punkenuff182

    “i know kung fu” – neo, the matrix

  28. Jason

    It doesn’t hurt here, not so much here, but right HERE.

  29. Anonymous

    No no no…first you have to squeeze yourself down in a crouching position…you should look this big…and then and only then will you be able to capture the hidden mouse.

  30. tiff o knee

    awe jeah- we be the rappin felines in the hizouse ready to kill all yall with our serious rhymin. you know.

  31. joe

    god dam it I steped in your shit agin!

  32. Krull

    Don’t move, I lost a contact.

  33. Alex

    Look! There! You see it? Its following me again! Get it!!

  34. julia

    Snowy learns the ancient art of kitty shadow puppets.

  35. StarStreaks

    Black cat: Turn those hips! Come on! I’ll make an Elvis Presley out of you yet! =claps=

  36. jeska

    wax on, wax off…

  37. Anonymous

    OOHH bravo bravo!!!!

  38. Anti

    Prepare to meet your end, Mr Anderson, …..MY NAME…IS…MEOW!!!

  39. Anti

    Whoa, Morpheus, you mean this purple giraffe isn’t real. Man, the Matrix is cool!

  40. Anonymous

    the interpretive dance to “let’s play with the big ball”

  41. ViperXX

    Darth Puss- Now young Pusswalker…you will die.

  42. virtuoso guitarist

    “…anyway there I was stark bollock naked, givin’ her one from behind, right; like this! I said to ‘er ‘how d’you want you eggs darlin’?’ and she says: ‘unfertalised thankyou.’…so I just pulled out and came over her mits..”

  43. jasonclick

    First they are so sweet,
    perfect for new-age sushi dish
    as main course on Iron Chef.

  44. jasonclick

    Whitey just loves Blackys tail…

  45. banana milk


  46. Patrick

    You do an eclectic celebration of the dance! You do Fossey-Fossey-Fossey! You do MADONNA! MADONNA! MADONNA!

  47. Quique

    BOOM chic BOOM chic BOOM chic…Filled with kitty drama, cram it up yo’ mama, Bin Laden’s first name is Osama, BLING BLING!

  48. Big johnson

    yo yo since the day i was born, i’ve been make’n kitty porn. i’m friskie, grab my nutz when you frisk me and touch my dong, i’m 6 lbs. clearin’ a 6 foot bong. bitch get off my milk before i bust out my mase, piss me off bitch and i’ll bust in yo’ face!

  49. Anonymous

    “What the hell is that growing on your tail?”..Dude it is moving,…” Damn I knew I should of used Protection

  50. fisher

    Look, dude, your sister gave me warts

  51. kelly

    wow, Joe. Dad gave me the sex talk and all, but I didn’t believe him at first…I never knew what that thing could do!

  52. Anonymous

    “Dude stop playing with your invisible ball and help me get this cat that is under the table. “
    “I love my ball”
    “Oh, come-on its right under here.”

  53. Anonymous

    kitty matrix kombat

  54. xchanin

    Oh shilone master, make my balls this big!

  55. Anonymous

    Eeek! A mouse!

  56. Jason

    Holy cow, you really CAN do Hamster Style.

  57. Anonymous

    this will be Godzilla’s toughest challenge yet

  58. Anonymous

    You’ll never become a Ninja by staring at your balls. C’mon, don’t let me kick your ass!

  59. Catrix, the ultimate frontier!

  60. Indy

    “God damn it quit moving i cant get u”

  61. Newt

    Hey Snowball, don’t get used to those balls – they’re getting removed next week.

    What these down here?

  62. Micah

    “Whoa Fluffy, what’s that smell?”

    “It wasn’t me, I swear! It was my shadow. Really!”

  63. Katrina Crow

    White:And now…I shall FLY!Black:*claps*can I have ur rubber mouse then?

  64. rj the magnificent camel

    “you’re not as hung as i thought, pal.”

  65. jade

    Kitty-Fu: see the mouse in your mind…now pounce!

  66. Chet

    Dammit! Lost a contact lense.

  67. Anonymous

    haha your dragon style is good but my tiger style will defeat you!

  68. SailorBob

    Neo Cat: I know Kung Fu
    Morpheus Cat: Show me

  69. Jordan Woll

    …so then i got behind her and i was like “OOOOH YEAH!”

  70. Reed

    The Matrix redux targeted at cats never quite took off the ground.

  71. Maxx

    Night of the Living Dead!

  72. jere

    Damn whiskey dick… Just give me a minute…

  73. sharona


  74. BigMoneyMike

    Crouching Kitty Hidden Pussy

  75. ela

    two cats

  76. ned

    Its a miracle! Thank you Jesus!

  77. d.

    a fight.

  78. Bob Evans

    It has Three – THREEE! – layers! 😉

  79. Mr. Ramon

    “Beatin’ that pussy up, not smooth f—-n” -Mystikal

  80. Droo

    So then I says, “OK, Darlin’ Just turn over!”

  81. Anonymous

    it was this big

  82. Michael Bina

    “I’m telling you, my dick is THIS big”

  83. oggie

    It’s not because I’m horny that you’re gonna grab me with that small thing. Where are the black cats when you need them?

  84. kraziekt


  85. kraziekt


  86. Hecata

    Hey…LOOK…I’m a Mime!

  87. honeybeep

    “Hands up…baby, hands up! give me your heart gimme gimme your heart gimme gimme….

  88. magpie steve

    ….getting ugly….ugly….

  89. Joan

    The fish was THIS big! I swear!

  90. beinelleth

    Morpheus: And do you think my muscles have anything to do with how fast I am?

  91. Christine

    Yaaa! Hai!!!
    Aiiiii!!! Ouch!

  92. Bloodthirster

    White cat: Who’s you’re daddy? I’m your daddy! Cause I did this to your momma, your sweet momma oh yeah

  93. malice

    Oh shit! where’s my tail?

  94. h16

    oh my catgod, i can fly
    toedoem BOKS DOEK SLAG MEP

  95. Anonymous


  96. Big M

    Promo pic for “Karate Kittens 2”

  97. Shithead

    “Oh, god of kitty sex, make my dick this big!”
    “I’ll take a picture when it comes!

  98. dalida

    Whoa man ! If your penis is anything like your tail … !

  99. Fenris

    you may know kung fu, but i can do the robot!

  100. o2bjang

    Do you really think being strong or faster matters in this place…

  101. Anonymous

    I swear Dave, it’s this big! Just ask Liz!

  102. superfly pjs

    no!! i swear to god! the fish was this big!

  103. Bri

    Im Bringing my Dog

  104. scott

    You have to let go of the real world Neo…

  105. ?

    dont look at my ball

  106. chod


  107. chod

    New fight tonight, Apollo creed and Rocky Balboa

  108. georgepoint

    I think that the stupid cat, poop one should be much higher! FISTING!!!!

  109. Karl Marx

    The kitten dojos of Japan turn out some of the best kitten fighters the world has ever seen.

  110. Beaf

    The consequences of overstimulating a little pussy

  111. Brian

    The consequences of overstimulating a little pussy

  112. Eric

    Blue pill, or red pill. Just don’t take the pink one….

  113. B-Man

    Son of a bitch Fluffy you Kung-Fu’d my dick!!!

  114. R-H

    Classic example of good against evil, balck and white, where evil has the clear advantage;position, initiative, vision, and the ability to combine it with milicious intent…”Evil will always triumph because good is dumb”

  115. J Priest

    Tiddles and kitty practice for there upcoming roles as Catzilla and the kittens of hell

  116. Resisobilus

    I saw my owner masturbating, so I yelled “NO!” and jumped in his crotch like this.

  117. alan seaton

    After being constipated for a week, whiskers the cat resorts to desperate measures and tries to scare himself shitless.

  118. Samantha

    How cute!!!!

  119. bubba

    Why its so small

  120. Cdhassing

    I’m telling you this fish was this big!

  121. Cdhassing

    Is that your tail wiggling or are you just happy to see me?

  122. GlowMember

    I will counter your Crouching Tiger with…Hidden Kitty!

  123. Lawrence

    Only in the $200 DVD do we see that Neo asked for a third alternative to the pills offered by Morpheus, the third pill?, catnip of course!

  124. bobby

    i am going to eat your tail

  125. Capcom Freedom

    Nice calander : )

  126. mike

    So the next time they refuse to give me any tuna, I’m gonna take their head between my paws and I’m gonna kick them in their eye, lots of times

  127. mike

    The true reason that the crime boss remains so successful is because he has some of the baddest henchmen on the planet.

  128. Anna

    That dark shaddowey figure keeps following me, im really going to get him this time, ready……pounce!

  129. Trista

    There it is again, its on the floor,its been chasing me all week! ready?……pounce!

  130. Jade Shelbi

    I’ll get you, fool! Oh, wait… that’s my shadow.

  131. Matthew

    Woo Hoo did you see my poop it was this big. Yeh you must be joking i did one this big.

  132. Matthew

    Gee Joe I killed a mousey this big . Gee thats big but i killed one this big.

  133. Alucard

    look ma, no hands

  134. Colin Powell

    “Wow, Colin, look at all these Iraqi WMDs!”

    “George Bush, you are still full of shit.”

  135. dustin cobwebs

    fuckin rat was this big man!.. swear to god

  136. James McDaid

    “I swear Sonny, the mouse was THIS big!!”

    “you are soooo full of shit!”

  137. Nobody

    I’m ganna Kung Fu ur as Biatch

  138. Daniel Flynn

    They have a name for these two in China. Lunch and Dinner.

  139. nick

    I’m telling you, if you stand like this long enough you can eventually see.. a sort of angel on the floor.

    For god sake its called a shadow…

  140. Tejan

    Cat on Right: “I swear man, it was THIS big!”

    Cat on Left: “No. No. No. It was about this big. Stop exaggerating.”

  141. Hugh G. Rection

    White Cat: Dude, where the F*** did my dick go?!

    Striped Cat: Dude i dunno! That’s NASTY! Aww.. (hiding face with paw, looks away)

  142. Antonio

    On location at the set of “Garfield the Movie 3: The Last Sa-meow-ri.”

  143. james

    I swear, the mouse was THIS big!

    you’re soooo full of shit

  144. Atul

    White cat: ” You have martial arts, i have martial farts “

  145. ANTONY

    “HAI DUDE………….”

  146. bert

    man, i swear, that fish was this fuckin big

  147. sydney

    seriously man, you didnt have to give my genitals the chop! This kung fu thing is why out of hand!

  148. sydney

    seriously man, you didnt have to give my genitals the chop! This kung fu thing is way out of hand!

  149. may

    you cut mi tail……time to cut yours

  150. kmac

    CUT! That was a good take – you were so scary I peed a little. Where’s my latte?

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