Merry Christmas


These fellas look very Merry. Enjoy the holidays.

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87 Captions for “Merry Christmas”

  1. Jimmy Flowers

    The cast of Reindeer Gangbang 10 pose for a publicity shot.

  2. Jill

    Unlike most of the world, When these fine citizens scream “SANTA’S CUMING!” in joy, It has a different kind of meaning…

  3. alien-ant

    top act of the “pink ball gay-night” club

  4. Pismonque

    We’re here! We’re deer!
    Get used to it!

  5. Mark Beular

    Gay eye for the straight guys new outlet, Gay Men for the confuse deer

  6. Gentaur

    The Santa’s Village People.

  7. Gentaur

    Antler-native lifestyle.

  8. Gentaur

    That’s not the Elk’s Club -I- remember!

  9. Bruno

    It’s reindeer men…hallelujah!
    It’s reindeer men…amen!

  10. ManicukLawyer

    No wonder turkey legs were in short supply at the Gay Ranch…

  11. woosta


  12. Gentaur

    This variety of deer is often found in Lapland.

  13. Larry Reese

    SEAL Team 6 undercover in San Francisco

  14. ben lewis

    Brian was’nt happy with the christmas village people act

  15. Bisquitlips

    Just four more horny queers.

  16. chevman

    Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen…… what!?? At least we didn’t have to see CUPID!!!

  17. bunch of commies

    Gay, gay, gay. What the hell is the world coming to.

  18. like a light bulb

    You would really have to say they blow.

  19. s.chandler

    Gals with schlongs, who knew?

  20. Flynny

    Should taht breed of deer really have nipples like that?

  21. Scrooged

    The Irish Santa’s reindeer: Prancer FitzDonner and Donner FitzPrancer

  22. filkertom

    Moral of the story: Don’t ever piss off Vince McMahon.

  23. filkertom

    Queer Eye for the Petting Zoo

  24. jwd

    Later that night, Santa finally came out . . . of the chimney.

  25. Jack

    What Dubya dreams of when he gets into his jumpsuit.

  26. jojo

    nare one is toy

  27. mike

    Boas “entradas”!lol

  28. DOH! (_8(|)

    in*sync during the holidays.

  29. Lawrence

    I got 20 bucks says each of these guys fathers is either rolling in their grave, or this picture sent them to an early one and THEN they rolled over.

  30. Pr0t0typ3

    Look What The “Fab 5” From Queer Eye For The Straight Guy Did For Us!

  31. dude

    Forget the red noses- they all have big red horns!

  32. dude

    Forget red noses- They all have big red horns!

  33. Sir Limps Alot.

    Well it is the season for Fruitcake!

  34. Captain Jordan

    Four cons devise a brilliant holiday season escape plan.

  35. Les

    Its the new reality Christmas show, “Queer Guys through Reindeer Eyes”

  36. Sceezy

    Honestly, we’re not gay.

  37. Genevaldo

    Que tal esssas gatas da fto?

  38. TeeGeeFree

    Just four horny guys and their dears…

  39. spat

    We’re only here for the deer…!

  40. wuster

    You know. Santa had 8 reindeer. The other 4 are bent over taking it in the ass.

  41. Tyler Durden

    Im GAY !! Merry Christmas MOM

    Your Son

  42. E_the_E

    South Pole smokers

  43. TheGreatDavidWarner

    Buck Futters

  44. one liner

    Couldn’t get a woman… couldn’t get a man… next they’ll try the livestock.

  45. Anna

    Queer Gear for the Gay Deer

  46. Anna

    Queer Gear for the Gay Deer

  47. Chicken Lover

    Gay all the way..if not I’ll eat that old pizza…

  48. Hades slave to agamemnon

    ok ok so who plays the male role here?

  49. prplmunii

    You think this is bad? You didn’t see theem on Halloween.

  50. Da

    Oh deer Oh deer….

  51. cabe-o

    “no matter what it looks like were not gay… seriously”

  52. Justin

    What? That’s not normal?

  53. ttsquared

    Don we now our gay apparel, fa la la la la la la latiooooh…..

  54. [d]

    “then one faggy christmas eve, santa came to say…”

  55. Mankie Apple

    Even though the kind man walking down the street was not a homophobe he couldnt help but say to them “Your All FAG”

  56. lll

    Sanctum Technical Support Team!!

  57. emilo

    Give generously. They need money to get their reputations back.

  58. Fire Frog

    Hmm, any one of them can come home with me and pull my…sleigh.

  59. Amy

    Some guys would do anything for a BUCK!

  60. Sad But True

    No amount of “Doe” could straighten these guys out!

  61. Guy On Bottom Left

    Ok, they are saying they’re not gay. But I beg to differ.

  62. Sam Herman

    I think this picture is just super.

  63. ljkjlk

    do these antlers make my butt look fat?

  64. etgff

    Whatta bunch of jizm jockeys!

  65. spooginatrix

    Bruce, can we borrow your spooge sponge for the “accident” in the ranks?

  66. sabrina

    In Sync? Thems the Backdoor Boys!

  67. kelly

    Too gay for words!

  68. jill

    These guys suck more cock than a city full of $20 whores.

  69. Bosley : Billions and Billions served.

  70. ArrJay

    Bruce, Frank, Percy and Jackie. The four reindeer Santa never talks about.

  71. prissy

    The secret behind GADAR is finally revealed!

  72. canadiana

    have a holly jolly christmas, even when your going bald

  73. deeter

    Why vegetables shouldn’t pee their pants.

  74. RICH


  75. Frylock

    On Dancer, and Prancer, and Prancer…and Todd.

  76. Babs

    Those hats behoove them.

  77. Eric

    Breaking News: “The police is still
    looking for 4 gay deers, that has raped
    Santa this morning. The deers are
    horny and dangerous… “

  78. hissyfit

    “Breaking News: “The police is still
    looking for 4 gay deers, that has raped
    Santa this morning. The deers are
    horny and dangerous… “

    Grammar please. The plural of deer is deer. Use have-not has-when the subject is plural.

  79. h0bobo

    A Message to DIE for from the absolutely divine backpackers!

  80. Dave

    The Guy Familys christmas party

  81. Nicky gay boy

    * star!

  82. The Weather Gril

    IIt’s reindeer men, hallelujah, it’s reindeer men ……..

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