Microsoft Company Photo


Would you have invested in this company in 1978?

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132 Captions for “Microsoft Company Photo”

  1. Ain’t we cool or what?

  2. KD

    Fox’s new reality TV show, “That Microsoft Show.”

  3. KD

    Is that Howard Stern?

  4. KD

    Sell, Sell, SELL!

  5. KD

    Bill Gates had a beard?

  6. KD

    Bill Gates had a beard and sun glasses?

  7. Bob Dylan

    Hey guys, isn’t “Bob Dylan at Budokan” the bomb album?

  8. Weird Al

    We’ve been spending most our lives, livin’ in a techie paradise. The computers have giga-bitz, livin’ in a techie paradise.

  9. Weird Al

    But that’s just perfect for a techie like me, who works in a processing facitility.

  10. KD

    Say all you want about ’em, they all have billions now.

  11. Hi

    Dude, where’s my Mac?

  12. bart the fart

    Swath them in sheets, throw some sand and automatic rifles around and you’ve got a bunch of terrorists… hmmmm

  13. uncle bulgaria

    the Manson family were seriously pissed off to find out that Bill Gates had sneaked into their christmas card portrait.

  14. Cathy

    Before Bill finally realized sideburns were in.

  15. (pdw)

    Eventually, all did turn out for the best for the Von Trapp family

  16. Wrigley Telluride

    While you were laughing at them, these dorks made ten million each.

  17. lawrence

    Beverly Hillbillys 90210

  18. s.chandler

    none of the sasquach lot are blowing money on rogaine!

  19. Gentaur

    The cast of “64K Is Enough”.

  20. jwd

    Back row, left to right: Fred Control, George Alt, and Jimmy Delete.

  21. jwd

    The cast of “Survivor: Seattle”. Host Jeff Probst became ill after seeing them in their swimsuits, and the show never aired.

  22. Les

    We put the FUN in dysfunctional!

  23. filkertom

    Despite the huge public outcry, desperate network programmers went ahead with their horrific project to cash in on the success of The Osbournes by combining The Brady Bunch with The Rolling Stones

  24. filkertom

    Welcome to the Internet Personality Test. How many of these geeks have you (a) known, (b) dated, or (c) been?

  25. eightman

    The cast of the new ABC sitcom “800 Billion is Enough”.

  26. DangerMouse

    “what’ll we do tomorrow bill?”
    “same thing we do every day my friends, plan to take over the world”

  27. Fartman

    this is what happens when cousins get kids.

  28. Cary

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the original Harlem Globetrotters!

  29. Weird Al

    As I surf through the network, where the connection is lame,
    I take a look at my screen, I see my oily fame,
    But that’s just perfect for a techie like me,
    As I work in a processing facility,
    At 6:30 in the night, I don’t have any dates,
    I would go with my mom, but she doesn’t stay up late,
    I’ve been single and lonley for so long,
    That I may install the hard wear wrong,
    I’m the man of the mouse, So don’t mess with this,
    I got a CD burner, and a floppy disc,
    And if you load my program, and then I load mine,
    Then when we program like it’s 1979.

  30. E.S. Anderson

    The ratio explains everything

  31. Zp

    Ozzy’s highschool reunion

  32. Max Capone

    The Mamas and the Papas and the Grateful Dead’s church photo before all that drug scene shit.

  33. Steve Jobs

    well, at least now we know where the term “micro – soft” came from.

  34. Mascot

    Hmmm. Bill looked much taller on the cover of Fortune 500, Time, Newsweek, etc…

  35. Jimmy the Fish

    Paulie, quick! Go get some girls for the photo so we don’t look like dorks!

  36. Jeff Padilla

    Now who could of picked the billionaire back then?

  37. kollerboy

    I was right !!! Windows is a prehistorical product made by cavemen !!!

  38. nurg

    Hey, I remember this episode, this is where they show how fat Monica used to be…

  39. systematic

    look at the colors man !
    they are so cool man!

  40. Poncy

    Gates ,Manson ,Manson ,Gates you choose!!

  41. Gentaur

    They thought they had developed a 3-D display with unlimited colors and resolution, until someone pointed out they were supposed to use LCD, not LSD.

  42. aseaton

    Behind a facade of boyish charm, a young Bill Gates plots how he will steal “Puberty” from his fellow co-workers. Sleep well friends……

  43. ac

    Who let the dogs out?

  44. Bill Gates

    Wow, the plad on the shirts spell out, “Macs Suck.”

  45. aseaton

    The man in the corner with the beard wants Bill to pet his “snake”

  46. Roger

    Not fair I can’t grow sidies yet !!! (Bill and the Chick next to him)

  47. Scott†S.

    The “Monty Python/D&D Alliance Group”

  48. Scott†S.

    I never know Charles Manson was in the Bill Gates family tree.

  49. Pamela

    They might be clever but art of a razor still baffles them!

  50. ferdel man

    So what?! we still make more mony than you

  51. Joel Green

    Microsoft Programming Division Corporate picnic photo, in the year 2003.

  52. Havasay

    Anyone want an “Apple”?

  53. KD

    The Gatey Bunch, The Gatey Bunch…

  54. bob

    Against all medical advice, Marsha and Greg Brady decide to have children.

  55. Weird Al

    Here’ the story, of a Bill Names Gatey, who was bringing up two very lovely girls, All of them had been to grad school like their mothers, Bill Gates said he would rule the whole world. Here’s a story, of a Window’s PC, It was a window’s version of it’s own, It needed programs to make it better, So Billy fixed it all up on his own. Till one day Billy met a bunch of side kicks, Who would help him give the programing a touch, This group would someday all make billions, And that is how they formed the Gatey Bunch. The Gatey Bunch, The gatey Bunch, the hard drive went cruch, the Gatey Bunch.

  56. Rhiannon8480

    The Special Ed class photo.

  57. Gentaur

    I keep hitting the degauss button, but it doesn’t work on this picture.

  58. Gentaur

    I keep hitting the degates button, but it doesn’t work on this picture.

  59. firestarter

    When you look up the word “virgin” in the Webster’s dictionary guess what picture you see?…

  60. firestarter

    I bet there isn’t a used rubber between all eleven of them.

  61. John

    Note: there are no females in this picture.

  62. Ram

    No Wonder ‘NT’ is called Neanderthal Technology

  63. Zev

    Funny how Bill looks likke Tony Hawk

  64. Zev

    Funny how Bill looks likes Tony Hawk

  65. Gentaur

    This photo shows how nearsighted hairy people, clumped on the right, tend to stick to their own kind.

  66. Gentaur

    How “Computing for Dummies” was inspired at a ventriloquists’ convention…

  67. Flynny

    Look ozzies family photo

  68. Flynny

    Look they have been volvolised

  69. hunter

    At first, the pitch of a porn flick spoofing ‘That 70’s Show’ sounded like a GREAT idea…”

  70. Monte

    This is my brother Daryl and my other brother Daryl,and my other brother Daryl,and my other brother Daryl,and my other brother Daryl,and my other brother Daryl,and my other brother Daryl,and my other brother Daryl,and my other brother Daryl,and my sisters Darleen and Darleena.

  71. wesley rosemond

    It’s he “silicon valley hillbillies”

  72. Carey

    An excerpt from the Manson Family photo album.

  73. tjinpa

    and Ryan Seacrest says:”Remember, you can text your vote for tonight’s contestants by calling 1-866-IDOLS”

  74. clem

    it’s a family affair

  75. jabroni

    Years of inbreeding among the Gates clan caused some weird children – these 11 were the best outcome of the tests!

  76. j farmer

    the sexy ones

  77. paul bonser

    just to show mirosoft does spread od virusus

  78. admviper

    Microsoft,software everyone knows and loves was created by pot and acid nights in one of these guy’s garages… think about it!

  79. ConManXVII

    oh yeah i can hear the cheezy 70’s porno music playing now

  80. etl

    and to think, the future of technology started with this.

  81. alittleoffcenter

    Warning: May cause loss of sexual appetite.

  82. christophlopper

    it was somehow obvious they had come for more than your run of the mill good time.

  83. Dr No

    Thank god they all had enough mony to get face lifts!

  84. Larry

    I’m broke. But I guess it all evens out.

  85. Ihriz

    as we all can see: It was hopeless then and it’s hopeless now.

  86. Ihriz

    It has to be a virus?!

  87. andy roo

    Well little richy there left center was an accident, bubbs behind him, well he just Kinda’ fell out while i was on the pot Richie……..

  88. Robbie

    They all wish they were POOR and a bit more HANDSOME.

  89. anon

    The future NAMBLA’s & NAWGLA’s.

  90. The Funny Dutchman

    Why did they smile they are even uglier than my grandmother

  91. Dirk

    “Eindelijk slaat Nivea’s haargroeimiddel aan”

  92. psr

    The final rounds of American Ugly.

  93. Patrick

    Yo, peace!

  94. sha the fah.

    This is how we party come on everybody- shaking up the bootay? Someone turn on the music….

  95. Dom

    The Manson family team up with Bill Gates.

  96. Maico

    we could hardly pay the photographers Bill

  97. Maico

    the electronic version of the village people

  98. Maico

    10th and finally succesful attempt after 9 Blue Screen of Death’s

  99. Trigon

    …And the bearded woman stood alone, in the second-and-a-half row.

  100. LabyrinthPrincess

    D’you think they’ll notice that the one in the middle with the red jumper is just a cardboard cut out?

  101. Sammy

    What a horrible background!!

  102. Sammy

    The rejected cast of “That 70s Show”…

  103. bob

    It shows that at the time they did not have photo editing software

  104. bob

    And then an’angel came to the Windows and said Go out and multiply

  105. Tina

    Good night John Boy…….

  106. fdsafd

    maybe with all the money we’re gonna make, I can buy myself some new friends!

  107. Pmacca01

    The true leaders of Microsoft…. Until Bill Gates stole their brains!!

  108. Rentalbean

    Once the jury viewed the photo of the victims, the NOT GUILTY verdict was clearly understood.

  109. Jigsaw

    9….10…..11……11 extra chromosomes
    har har har

  110. Merchant Banker

    Invest in that bunch of losers?! Get real.

  111. jcw

    Peace man–it is just a much is just a thing.

  112. fart mam man man dude man

    The osbornes meet the brady bunch and ther you go

  113. jonas



  114. Gigi

    Tanning salon membership, anyone?

  115. chin hook the 10th

    Years of incest finally takes it’s toll !

  116. chin hook the eight

    We want our thumbs !!!

  117. chin hook the eight

    We want our thumbs !!!

  118. dustin cobwebs

    pick the serial killer

  119. Babs

    DNA chips test proved that none of these people were related.

  120. j2k1

    here’s proof that incest is wrong!

  121. Four by Four

    Believe me, they’re all men.

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