Milk chunks


This is a little photo to make you think twice about what you do for fun on your saturday night.

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82 Captions for “Milk chunks”

  1. Anonymous


  2. (pdw)

    I told you not to look when your parents are doing it!

  3. Anonymous

    I feel kinda bad! Am I allright ?!

  4. Anonymous

    holy shittttttttttt

  5. tatroyer

    After making it to the finals, Jim gets
    second place in the sour milk gargling

  6. tiff o knee

    puke on the boy in the blue–look he loves it!

  7. artfag

    “Fratboys” 2002. Silver Gelitan print.

  8. Anonymous

    Nostril Vomiting. It’s destroying America’s youth.

  9. plankton

    at the GLAAD frat party, Bruce answers the eternal question: spit or swallow?

  10. Anonymous

    the sequel of The Matrix cuts back on its special effects budget

  11. Anonymous

    when pepper spray doesn’t work.

  12. Liz

    The results of a freak scientific experiment putting the penal organs in the throat.

  13. Anonymous


  14. superfly

    COLLEGE. does it get any better?

  15. Alex

    Scenes from the up-coming summer thriller “The Exorcist III.”

  16. Babylon

    Yes honey.. That was the moment when I knew that your father was the one for me…

  17. poo

    looks like dude needs a refill

  18. Shocky

    Naptime pranks or not, Russian officials are planning to sell even more trips to the International Space Station this year.

  19. Anonymous

    The concept of having Spider Man shoot webbing out of his mouth didn’t make it past the early developmental stages of the film.

  20. The Beaver

    UURRRRAACCCKKK!!!! OK Who’s the wise ass who pissed in my beer cup!!!

  21. Alex Kaseberg

    And they say today’s guys aren’t sauve . . .

  22. julia

    i baptise you in the name of Schwepps, Jack Daniels, and Mike’s Lemonade.

  23. AliasMoze

    Take another one. I think I blinked.

  24. brian


  25. scott

    Like I havent seen this before. Thirsty Thursday’s strike again!

  26. corym

    i fear his morning AGB – after grog bog.

  27. Drake

    Sadly enough, this Alien was aborted as a foetus.

  28. spat

    “Look mummy I’m a man !!!”

  29. spat

    Sucking it wasn’t so bad, but the swallowing was really hard…

  30. Ralph

    Violence always did make Phil kind of queasy.

  31. Anonymous

    how he caught ALL of Big Jim’s lovemix, we’ll never know…

  32. Brenton

    This guy was so full of shit he exploded

  33. ozma

    a particularly rare, striking photo of george bush

  34. Maxx


  35. Chris

    that’s just sick…

  36. mdc58

    With a mighty inhale young Clark Kent sucks the beer from his frat buddy’s cups. Later that evening he blew chunks.

  37. Frank Chibu

    Try this Canadian beer dude…

  38. phknuts

    Sneeze then beer, you’re in the clear; Beer then sneeze, you’re spewin’ cheeze

  39. adam

    Bernie’s hypothesis had in fact come true. Frat brothers plus beer in space does equal floating vomit!

  40. Bubba

    Shortly before this picture was taken, this guy took the dare from his friends to actually drink the bong water

  41. fisher

    Twelve years after donating his kidney to Kyle, Cartman is still making him pay for it.

  42. Nick

    Sierra Mist, Yeah, it’s kind of like that

  43. Karl Marx

    did anyone ever see that scene in ‘Aliens’ when the droid was all nasty and sliced in half…..this is kinda like that.

  44. Gram

    Happy birthday Dude! Enjoy!

  45. Anonymous

    “You’re right, dude! The cheap beer _does_ go the farthest!”

  46. Anonymous

    the local champion debating team let their hair down after anhialating Harvard

  47. ellis doppler

    Fred holds back his premature ejaculation for the last time

  48. Mr. Ramon

    If only the Federal Government provided more funding to educate me about the dangers of underage drinking…bahahahaha yeah right! Killer party dude! BLARRRRGH!

  49. emale

    Parties … It’s all about having fun!

  50. Anonymous

    Mommy makes my numnums nerpy

  51. Brian-MadMax

    the future of America

  52. Mortius

    It was at that point he worked out just how sore a carrot coming out of your nose at 60mph was.

  53. zatterat

    Got Milk?

  54. Maxx

    Dude, There’s a booger on your nose.

  55. Nerve Wrack X


  56. Adam

    HOLY SHIT ITS THAT ALIEN ANDROID THING!!.. or wait oh yeah I’m really friggin smashed and Lenny’s just puking again haha my bad

  57. Adam

    HOLY CRAP ITS THAT ALIEN ANDROID THING AND HE’S GOING TO EXPLODE!!.. oh wait it’s just Lenny and he’s puking, haha whoops I must be drunk too..

  58. det

    It’s pictures like these that make me glad that Al Gore invented the internet.

  59. Anonymous

    Yes…thats right, I’m Bishop!
    Da da Daauum!

  60. badbiddy

    Aliens: College Invasions

    [this film not yet rated]

  61. badbiddy

    Aliens: College Invasions

    [this film not yet rated]

  62. beeppeeb

    Rather than apoligizing…

    …jim just ran!

  63. Anonymous


  64. Elspode

    Due to budgetary constraints, the shotput event at the 2004 Summer Olympics had to be replaced with the regurgitating for distance.

  65. Stephen N.

    Johnny finally got a chance to see Star Wars Episode I.

  66. Jimmy the Fish

    Back, and to the left. Back, and to the left.

  67. Mike Hiribachi

    The beastie boys ponder going on tour again, but their is uncertainty in the air are they still as funky as they used to be?

  68. eps

    Alpha Beta Gamma, Party with vile!

  69. Alan Seaton

    It’s theme day again at the Wooldruff high astronomy club: regurgitate your own constellation- have fun!

  70. alan seaton

    Edgar was always the practical joker of the group: his flesh melting tablets quickly became the hit of the party.

  71. Darkman

    The raves your parents don’t want their kids to go to…

  72. Clark W. Griswold

    Projectile vomitting: the NEXT Olympic sport!

  73. GlowMember

    Gene Simmons is my hero! BLEEEEERRRRRAAARRRGHHH!!

  74. Cary Kingdom

    Well, I’m looking into Boston University and Fitchburg State. Um, I’m looking into BU.

  75. mgoldsmith4

    This guy should return to being breast fed by his mother.

  76. Anonymous

    More tea, vicar?

  77. Keenan

    Got Milk

  78. Mark Beular

    boy this is a way to get the ladies to come running.

  79. Audiodoode

    Acis Reflux Disease……. It’s no laughing matter.

    Just kidding, it really is.

  80. Martha Stewart

    Something tells me the SARS epidemic is not quite under control yet.

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