Minnesota Happy Hour


Have you ever wondered what a Minnesota Happy Hour looks like?

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50 Captions for “Minnesota Happy Hour”

  1. jwd

    Never play strip poker outdoors in December in Duluth!

  2. KD


  3. As Weird As A Bagel

    Bob was determined to win a poker game, even if it was against a group of snow people.

  4. Bush

    Anybody got any Saddam Husseins?

  5. KD

    Hit me…with snowballs!

  6. Naz

    Finally a game of poker where you know no-one has any cards up their sleeves.

  7. Naz

    Al Qaeda member: “Mr Bin Laden, sir, Bush would never look for you in one of these snowmen! And just incase he does… we’ve made FOUR of them!”

  8. s.chandler

    “How’s that go again…do three of a kind beat two pair?”

  9. manicuklawyer

    Life was just one big happy carefree time at the Dandruff ranch, because, quite frankly, they were worth it.

  10. Professor Kaos

    next on the travel channel “no limit North Dakota hold em”

  11. Jill

    Harry always said he’d pay up only when hell froze over. Well…

  12. jwd

    “Cool hand, Luke!”

  13. Hands Solo

    “Louie, I swear, if you’re bluffing again, I am pulling out my hair blower.”

  14. The Mutant Slug

    They all have frozen poker faces. It’s amazing!

  15. Pismonque

    “Hey, check out the girl on the four of hearts. Are those some snow cones or what?”

  16. Mark Beular

    Beer $12, Cards $.99, chips $5, Watching as all the snow off your roof falls on the people that said you could not play…..priceless

  17. Gentaur

    Now we know who drove that frozen car.

  18. Gentaur

    Ziggy invites a few friends over.

  19. Rob

    its a Redneck Christmas.

  20. Naz

    The guy in the black hat will win because he knows how to keep a straight face.

  21. Larry Reese

    Just chillin’ with the boys…

  22. bunch of snow commies

    They’re drinking Bud Ice, ha ha ha, get it, Bud Ice, ha ha, snowmen drinking Bud Ice, ha ha ha ha haha, oh Bud Ice, ha ha hahaaaaa

  23. nurg

    “…and the beer’s always cold! Man, I f**king love being a snowman!”

  24. Captain Jordan

    Morty smiled as he secretly made yellow snow beneath the table..

  25. slt

    heres how you play no limit texas hold ’em, each player is dealt two cards, the players then choose whether they’re in or they’re out, the players bet. Then three community cards are dealt, also called the flop, players bet again. The next card is dealt, the turn. The next is the river. But this is no limit texas holdem, and at any time a player can go all in and bet all his chips. That will be the turn that either makes them or breaks them.

  26. boogie oogie oogie

    (to the tune of Nelly’s Hot in Herre) It’s gettin cold out here, so grab another beer, I am gettin so cold, I’m gonna knit a sweater.

  27. Frosty

    Red-Hat Sam knew he’d win big time when his buddies were too drunk to twist the top off their beer bottles!

  28. Mondo

    Who says Canadians cant play poker?!

  29. pee pee pants

    This picture would be a lot more funny if one of the snowmen had a splash of yellow in their eye.

  30. E_the_E

    “I’ll see your charcoal eye and raise you one carrot nose.”

  31. one liner

    Alright, which one of you jerks put he Tabasco sauce in my beer? I’m gonna shit my guts out tonight, you know.

  32. da

    On day this game will finish….

  33. junk

    Look what happens when we all freeze. Snap!

  34. ttsquared

    No chips, no pennies, no toothpicks…just stone, cold, cold cash in this game.

  35. Owen Lucas

    Buffalo, NY, eight months a year.

  36. some dude

    after hours of non-stop poker in the harsh minnesota winter, they still tend to play even after theyre frozen!

  37. Fire Froh

    “Oh, come on Herman, what kind of a snow job are you trying to pull here?”

  38. Erik

    The stakes were high. Jered’s bluff was blown as the yellow wave slowly bled above table level.

  39. frosty

    C’mon, c’mon…daddy needs a new snowblower.

  40. Chad

    so these young rounders thought they were sneaky till the cops yelled “FREEZE”!!!!

  41. Ben

    Haha, this hand is so hot, I’m a little worried.

  42. russel


  43. russel

    they all smile casuse underneath the table there all playing footsies

  44. opstap

    SHIT thats alot of canned cream

  45. Tramadol

    Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

  46. Tramadol

    The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

  47. Michael

    I guess Michael Jackson came.

  48. teh_guy

    Well that was a fast blizzard.

  49. pazflpysbm

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