nascar has nothing on these


Nascar has nothing on these. The photo was uploaded by Danelle with the title Women Drivers.

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102 Captions for “nascar has nothing on these”

  1. Velox

    Man… Its raining Civics out here!

  2. Hero

    The first and last… ‘Women Drivers Of America Convention’

  3. tiff

    20. bottle of jd
    7. wages for a toll bridge operator

    getting drunk at work. priceless.

  4. Anonymous

    If you look close, you can tell that this was caused by a flood.

  5. Anonymous

    Carutthers breath caught in his throat. After all these years, he’d finally defied the sceptics and achieved his goal. He’d found the mythical Yugo Graveyard, and it was breathtaking.

  6. Veshka

    Parking was tight during the holiday season in Flordia…

  7. PunkEnuff182

    “No remember dear, we’re parked in row ‘C’ collum ‘3’.”

  8. wb22gprix

    The Incredible Hulk got really pissed off one day and…

  9. Major Adventure

    The auto slam dancing craze of the late 80’s never caught on with good reason.

  10. Anonymous

    L.A.P.D.’s Inpound Lot!

  11. (pdw)

    Stevie Wonder’s car fleet.

  12. Anonymous

    The hatchback moshpit has a reputation for being the rowdiest, given the “got nothing to lose” attitude of the disenfranchised little Peugots.

  13. Anonymous

    And you wonder why some folks refuse valet parking.

  14. (pdw)

    Newscaster during Cold War: ‘…another 24 Lada’s jumped the Berlin Wall today’

  15. Anonymous


  16. Cybbis

    The car orgy finally caught on camera.

  17. Mart Brooks

    …and in the rush to buy the last ice-lolly in town, everyone forgot to get out of their cars.

  18. Anonymous

    i see we’ve been double parked again….

  19. Anonymous

    its time americans learned to parallel park

  20. Anonymous

    Now that SUV’s are all the rage, we have to start builidng economy car graveyards to solve this problem.

  21. Anonymous

    What 30 mile an hour winds do to a toyota dealership.

  22. corym

    flood scmud, i’ll pay you to turf the advertising!

  23. Justin

    If all of your friends drove there cars over a clif, would you?

  24. Lex Mansky

    The parking lot outside the Bad Drivers Anonymous meeting

  25. Anonymous

    who the hell scratched my car?

  26. Anonymous

    dude, where’s my fakeleys

  27. Anonymous

    The international women conference parking lot

  28. dadro

    The first annual European Demolition Derby.

  29. cyen

    why floating parking lots never took off.

  30. lee ann

    Needless to say, Sarah flunked her Driver’s Education class.

  31. Tracy Allen

    What do you mean there’s no place to park?

  32. Shocky

    Hit the golf ball into the highway, YOU SAID…What harm could it do, YOU SAID…

  33. Anonymous

    The Bushes and Kennedys go for a drive.

  34. J

    The world’s first all-female parking lot.

  35. Babylon

    Disgruntled vallet parking

  36. Qs23

    Newsman: Next on the 6 o’clock news…A Victoria’s Secret photo came into town today, leaving most of the town in death and destruction.

  37. Anonymous

    i knew we shoulda bought a squirrel

  38. Maxx

    Aww, how cute! They’re napping together!

  39. Warren Fwy

    Bush family reunion. Kennebunkport, 2001.

  40. Sting327

    FOX late night special: “When compact cars attack”

  41. Jimmy Flowers

    Recognizing that the maximum speed of most hatchbacks is 35 MPH, gridlocked citizens in LA finally take matters into their own hands.

  42. Anonymous


  43. Anonymous

    Vallet Parking…$4
    Proceeds to benefit the Dyslexia Foundation for Better Drivers

  44. pix

    Just couldn’t ask for directions could you! You know where your going do you!

  45. d Lo

    did daniel drive through here?

  46. The Beaver

    This is what happens when you throw your banana peel out into the street.

  47. julia

    another mass suicide because of Hale Bopp

  48. Drake

    After three weeks and zero customers, Paul knew he had to do something about the setting of his second hand car shop.

  49. newton

    scientist invent the world’s most powerful magnet, but didn’t plan on the consequenses.

  50. mdc58

    Should talking on your cell phone while driving be against the law? You be the judge.

  51. Frank Chibu

    I told you CarMax sucked

  52. Zoinks and away...

    Dude, check this out! I bought 2 cell phones, a laptop, a portable DVD player, and a hibachi. Now, I can work, conference call, watch a movie, and make lunch on my morning commute! This is gonna be sweet….

  53. Mikomadness

    Female drivers convention.

  54. georgepoint

    someone better have died in this.. I HATE LIVING PEOPLE!!

  55. fisher

    Honey, I TOLD you the neighbor’s Windstar was getting into our yard but you said Oh, No, you’re Volskwagan’s a “good girl.”

  56. tortured soul

    When soccer mom’s go crazy
    tonight at 8

  57. Jocal

    Finally, the “Celebrity Traffic Cop for a Day” program ended as Stevie Wonder took his turn…..

  58. ellis doppler

    that’s my parking space asshole

  59. monkey

    I dunno Bob, just park it over there…

  60. emale


  61. Anonymous

    poo poo ma joo, im an immature little teenager, everyone hates us, i ruin things, no one votes for me

  62. Anonymous

    Dude! Where’s my office toilet?

  63. Cory

    This is why Asians shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

  64. Rob

    The ladies only car park opened today and has attracted keen interest.

  65. Anonymous

    oh no! yugo dealership flash flood!

  66. Brad

    “I don’t care how small the cars are. I told you those midgets still couldn’t see over the wheel!”

  67. MZIEN

    If you count the number of cars, you get the joke!!!

  68. Ant

    women drivers…no survivors…film @ 11

  69. badlybred

    In other news, the yet unapprehended ‘mad clowns’ removed road constructions signs last night…

  70. Anonymous

    Stevie Wonder school of driving.

  71. Anonymous

    road rage. it can happen to you.

  72. Anonymous

    Geeze…what’s the mad rush? I thought they had Krispy Kreme donuts everywhere.

  73. golfgirl

    Hollywood stuntment finally figured out how to save on production costs. “Yugo’s are the only way to go.”


    Maybe if we all owned Suburbans instead of Yugos we wouldnt have to take so many damn cars.

  74. kate

    asian driving school.

  75. Mike Hiribachi

    All of the happy little cars romped about with joy, except for the black toyota, he didn’t like the happy little cars, and secretely plotted their demise.

  76. John

    told’ya cellphones are a problem

  77. JBob

    Detroit tries to come up with next year’s model through interbreeding.

  78. jesse Grewal

    do you remember where we parked?

  79. juhhuh

    Elephants go off into the jungle to die, Fiats jump off the freeway!!

  80. geoff

    Come on babe, d’ya think a Fiats really for you?

  81. Alan Seaton

    ahhh, another beautiful day at the mexican flea market

  82. Les

    People park any old way for a day after Thanksgiving sale

  83. Dougy da Pizza guy

    the first free parking spot at the supermarket.

  84. Anonymous

    “Just park it in the back !”

  85. Lisa H.

    Dog escapes dog catcher truck
    causes 3 car carrier truckers to dump their loads into river
    clogs up dam

  86. MeeMah


  87. MeeMah


  88. MeeMah

    Why the elderly should be taking the bus!

  89. Atrocity

    Destruction derbies don’t do well in back yards.

  90. Capcom Freedom


  91. Capcom Freedom

    Before Al queda terror attacks they practice in cars first.

  92. seven

    Parking Lot At The Kennedy Family Reunion



  94. Audiodoode

    General admission parking for a Cinncinatti Who concert.

  95. Flip

    I swear officer i was Drunk

  96. dustin cobwebs

    women drivers convention

  97. corn fed

    the giants mother say’s to here son . pick up your toys

  98. Mascot

    it’s a teenage wasteland….

  99. ben

    Officials have decided not to continue the trial of the first “women only car park.”

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