New Meter Maids

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49 Captions for “New Meter Maids”

  1. s.chandler

    Industrial robots have 1 fatal flaw…the hots for crash dummies.

  2. dogma

    Alien robots on Prozac attack Tom Cruise’s car in War of the Worlds!

  3. Kenny

    TMSUK’s new robo hooker doesn’t take kindly to Ewok the crash test dummy’s “hand job for a quart of oil” proposal.

  4. Reynard Muldrake

    Transformer doesnt like cheap, shaved, imitation Ken dolls or British Hot Wheels cars.

  5. trinawoods

    Toshiro’s Nudist Colony
    Parking in Rear

  6. Simon

    When telling your cleaning-bot to remove the trash from the parking lot, remember that a Toyota hybrid is easy to mistake for garbage even at close range.

  7. Darin Madden

    Angered by recent newspaper cartoons of Robbie the Robot, riots broke out across many auto assembly robots.

  8. Simon

    After successfully mating with three cars and being arrested, the upcoming legal case for Optimus Prime would offer a completely new meaning to the term “hit and run”.

  9. trinawoods

    Now I see why the Roadside Assistance Plan costs more than the actual car.

  10. Coyoty

    Katamari Damacy: The Movie.

  11. Darin Madden

    Mommy, I want one of those!

  12. bob

    This is crazy as a three peckered billy goat

  13. Shadowbat

    Droids don’t let droids drive drunk.

  14. dARcK1

    Sony’s new Robot didn’t do too well in the car wash test…

  15. s.chandler

    “How would you like that Crash Dummy served sir? Shaken, stirred, or blended into a poly smoothie?”

  16. Arron

    barbies ken been sleeping around again.

  17. Kenny

    Well, yes the snow remover worked, but it also shook the glass out of the car and the clothes off the passenger.

  18. Scrubby

    “Citizen! You are illegally parked in a handicapped zone. Move your vehicle imediately! You have five seconds to comply! Five…four…three…”

  19. trinawoods

    Leave it to the Japanese to create a high tech version of cow tipping. Yee haw!

  20. Coyoty

    I think they’re taking these roll-over tests a little too far.

  21. kevin

    Beety…. Beety….. Beety, your my girlfriend now…….

  22. kevin

    Beety…. Beety….. Beety, your my girlfriend now…….

  23. kevin

    10000…..10000….10000…. 1010 10 010011000 101…..

  24. Kenny

    “Say what again, I dare you, I double dare you!”

  25. trinawoods

    Giant Toddler Leaves Toys in Snow.
    Film at eleven.

  26. Coyoty

    This is the worst valet parking ever. I hope he doesn’t want a tip.

  27. -Mascot

    When Slot Machines Attack
    Tuesday at 8 on
    the Discovery Channel

  28. Tiny

    New, from On star…

  29. fartman

    What car constructors won’t do to test their airbags

  30. Woody

    If you are ever pulled over my the police while you are on LSD , this gives you an idea of what it looks like.

  31. m


  32. Tyler

    The test run for a robot created for the task of hunting down, and killing hippies. . .

  33. Antonio

    Thanks to Johnny 5’s irresponsible actions, a third “X” had to be added to the “XXTR” car line this year.

  34. trinawoods


  35. dawn sharp

    Transformer Transit Authority once again reminding Pamela Anderson not to dick and drive.

  36. NooSweat

    How do robots spot gender? By the parkingskills?

  37. NooSweat

    Automatic lanechanging-robot…
    Drive right !!

  38. Will

    The transformer movie was way over budget.So cheap imitations were used.

  39. xdejfwhrrp

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  40. Mike

    “Honey I told you Transformers are real!”

  41. Chloe


  42. Sean

    Transformers 2 : coming to a cinema near you !

  43. tev

    After spending all day shoveling her parking spot out, Barbie goes 22nd century on Ken for stealing her spot

  44. .

    Windshield scraping machine gone mad.

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