Nice Monkey

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61 Captions for “Nice Monkey”

  1. Reynard Muldrake

    “I can’t believe this turd gave me a pudding bowl haircut.”

    (The picture I submitted got posted! YAAAYYY!!)

  2. N

    After a dissapointing end to The Matrix series, a sad Keanu Reeves resorts to hypnotic pet gorillas to help him cope.

  3. Gentaur

    Michael Moore prepares for an undercover documentary on the zoo industry.

  4. Gentaur

    Despite court decisions in various states, Alex and Bobo kept up hope that somewhere they could get married.

  5. jwd

    Koko’s new groomer wisely went with a simple hairbrush after the tragic Flowbee incident.

  6. donkeyman

    Dubya gets a complete makeover after his disastrous performance in the first two debates.

  7. Reynard Muldrake

    Bigfoot begins to regret coming out of the woods and agreeing to appear on television.

  8. jwd

    Monkey see monkey ‘do.

  9. filkertom

    Queer Eye for the Rue Morgue

  10. Simon

    Moments before the trainer was mauled to death, we watch the beginning of the end as the Sasquatch, seeing the hairbrush experiences primal fear and then rage that his penis had been cut off and was now being handed to him.

  11. Darin Madden

    mmm? hmmm mmmm….hmmmm hhmmmm hmmm hhmmmmm mmmm mmm mm mmmmmmm!

  12. Darin Madden

    mmm? hmmm mmmm….hmmmm hhmmmm hmmm hhmmmmm mmmm mmm mm mmmmmmm!

  13. Simon

    You think thats a lot of hair? You should see when I get out of the shower in the morning. I swear I thought it was a dog sniffing at the drain.

  14. Darin Madden

    I am C3PO, human-cyborg relations and this is my counterpart R2D2

  15. troybob

    after a lengthy inquiry and passing over with a metal-detecting wand; Bigfoot was finally able to board the plane.

  16. Duffman

    Keanu Reeves is cast for the next harry and the hendersons. Which will take place on a cruise ship that cannot go below 50.

  17. Bisquitlips

    I don’t mind you combing my hair. It’s what you are doing with the other hand that shocks me!

  18. wheezer

    Removing the orangutangles.

  19. Flea

    Even after several years and thousands of dollars worth of psychotherapy, Bubbles still cannot shake the image of meeting Michael Jackson for the first time.

  20. Jen

    I just have to tell you Koko, that you have the WORST split ends. How many times have I asked you to please stop trying to use your own Feces as a deep conditioner. It ain’t gonna help anything sweetie!

  21. dildobugger

    Daily grooming by Keanu Reeves is the reason I hide my age better than Clint Eastwood

  22. wheezer

    John Cusack primping his guest-star during filming for “Don’t Say Anything.”

  23. jiggles

    Guns don’t kill people Apes with guns kill people

  24. Martha's Beeyatch

    Tragically not knowing about Kongo’s hatred of brushes, this is the last picture of Terrance-the-zoo hairdresser alive.

  25. Wendy Lowry

    Now, if I could just reach the top, I’d say the “Mullet” is back in style”, and I’d win the thousand bucks for bravest new hairdressers.

  26. Laura Bush

    Laura Bush before hormone therapy.

  27. Mascot

    See that, sock monkey? I told you if you drank from the toilet that you’d grow up big and strong! Just look at you now…so purty….

  28. Mascot

    Monkey see…monkey hair-do

  29. Keanu Reeves

    Reynard…hold still while I brush your hair. You’re famous now for submitting a photo of yourself! YAAAYY!!

  30. Witt

    No not the HAIR!!!!!!

  31. resisobilus

    “OK, sis, I know the last 55 blind dates went bad, but I have a good feeling about this Zaius fella.”

  32. fred

    Great Chewbakka can return to star wars VII

  33. justinanderson

    It’s everyones favorite funky monkey Jack Black

  34. RICH


  35. RICH


  36. pumbaa

    I’ve heard that orangutanges lead innnteresting lives, is that true? My favorite clients have been orangutanges…..*gasp* did Donna do this rinse?!

  37. Dolly Lama

    It’s a common misconception that all Himalayan monks are bald and selfless.

  38. Jimmy Flowers

    A scene from Queer Eye for the Primate Guy

  39. shndns

    Big foot found in beauty salon

  40. mdoyle

    Fauther found 23 years without shaving

  41. Mrdav76

    “Next week on ‘The Swan’….”

  42. Carlos Ashby

    I am chubaka here me roar

  43. russ

    queer eye for the straight guy tours the world

  44. Fire Frog

    Bikini wax! What Bikini wax!

  45. Igby

    Jeremy knew he’d ultimately end up taking care of Bingo, the “giant, animatronic, real-life eat n’ poop” doll, with “all the needs of a real gorilla”, once his son lost interest. And 72 D batteries…

  46. roswell52

    John Kerry prepares for his next run for President in 2008

  47. Shadowbat

    With forest lands receding at an alarming rate, Sasquatch was force to take up employment at the San Diego Petting Zoo.

  48. Me a MoFo

    Fucking Niggers!

  49. ZAZ

    Miss a spot..and I’ll eat you.

  50. tylerdude

    huh huh tuna huh

  51. radiowen

    and with the mightiest of mighty sneezes, that wierd little asian dude was vaporized, and an eight mile radius obliterated. the monkey reportedly is allergic to hygiene

  52. trinawoods

    While preparing for his next big Vegas concert, Elton John reacts to the news that his entire wardrobe has been re-routed to Albequerque.

  53. decay

    C’mon Kong, everyone in Hollywood expects you at Faye’s funeral.

  54. decay

    Bob stopped smiling when he realised his monkey was too big to spank.

  55. The Architect

    Steve always knew an arranged marriage wouldn’t work for him.

  56. The Architect

    Steve always knew an arranged marriage wouldn’t work for him.

  57. Kenny

    Kong was a little stirred when dewayne fondled his hiney.

  58. NooSweat

    Bigfoot: “That one was still attached buddy…!!!”

  59. manideep


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