no parking


Some times it’s hard to be mad when you were just a little bit too lucky.

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157 Captions for “no parking”

  1. tr

    Ohhhh i get it . . .I’m a woman driver. I shouldn’t be driving close to water, supermarkets, or schools.

  2. V-DOG

    i swear officer… i wont do it again!

  3. Anonymous

    I knew I left my car around here somewhere.

  4. Elvis' Ghost

    Yet another reason why idiocy should be a federal crime punishable by death.

  5. Anonymous

    The new Ford Aspire, for those who aspire to be between a rock and a . . . yacht.

  6. brian

    women drivers.. enuf said.

  7. Anonymous

    When Jesus is driving on water, he just parks it wherever, and let’s his Daddy take care of any fines.

  8. LM

    You too can look this good and drive as well!

  9. cecilia =)

    Man! They din roll down the windows!!

  10. Patrick

    Sure, attempting to jump a civic through a yacht dangerous, but attempting to jump a civic through a yacht without my State Farm agent? Now THAT’S crazy!

  11. meg

    oh divorces are a pain…okay, okay, so you can have both the car and the boat. Here they are honey! All yours.

  12. Loonquawl

    Linda had worked for years to perfect her hovering automobile device, but unfortunately the venture capital money ran out just before she could develop a reliable landing system.

  13. Orangeblossom

    Now who says I can’t park my car AGAIN, can just talk to the owner of this yacht.

  14. Steve 1

    “The boat jumped out in front of me,” she later claimed on the insurance form.

  15. wurk

    Uhmmm, Ok….Is there, like, going to be a fine for this or something? ‘Cause ya’know I’m sooo to busy for something like that.

  16. Adam

    LOOK AT ME! I’m a silly bastard

  17. ampKing


  18. Chet

    Its an ad for the new Honda Plank!

  19. tom

    “A perfect example of driver carelessness. With the door left wide open like that someone’s bound to steal it.”

  20. Tyler Barton

    God damn boat, came out of nowhere.

  21. Maxx

    No, it can swim… It’s just nervous.

  22. jeff spicolli

    people on ‘ludes should not drive!

  23. (pdw)

    I don’t care, I’m rich you see…

  24. Li'l Burro

    “Well, color me embarrassed. I thought the guy on the boat was waving frantically because he wanted me to come closer!”

  25. tiff o knee

    “ugh how pathetic this yacht doesnt have one of those little bridges that i may walk along. humph! i will make my own and still have time to drink my evian.

  26. cybbis

    Ooops, wrong boat. I thought this is one of those car ferries. How silly of me.

  27. Jordan

    Uh..It’s a funny story , officer. You see, i was drinking a whole lot of alcohol last night…

  28. Anonymous

    the model was simply trying to match the car pose to her own.
    wrinkled up and sagging in the front

  29. ned

    Satan’s wife smiles contently as she inspects her latest accomplishment.

  30. Joane

    you mean I SHOULDN’T mix acid with Nyquil? Man, there goes my weekly races with the blue and purple teddybears!!!!

  31. John

    What was the warning on the cold medicine again?

  32. sallamander

    Oh, honey. Lets get a picture in front of this boat. The girls at home will never believe the crazy things they do for parking out here.

  33. saucy

    and THAT, my son, is why men pay more for auto insurance than women… they can parallel park in the tightest of spaces.

  34. Slow Burn

    Wonder how they got that boat docked under that car?

  35. Anonymous

    Now kids, don’t try this at home…..because it’s REALLY REALLY DUMB.

  36. Veshka

    “Well, it might not be an airplane through a large building, but my act of terrorism is done.”

  37. Joe Smith

    This is a car that’s barely hanging on between the dock and a boat.

  38. d.


  39. julia

    awww honey, i’ve always wanted a front porch.

  40. Anonymous

    Bugger, I’ve left the door open!

  41. Anonymous

    Stephanie spent every waking moment thinking up new challenges for the Ferrari pit crew.

  42. Earl Bernsley

    I’m just too hungry for cock!

  43. Anonymous

    Yes, I am a woman driver!!!

  44. Fat twat

    And to think we gave them the vote!

  45. Leonardo

    No, I’m not Mary. I’m Dom in Disguise. Smile! You’re on America’s most stupid overweight women drivers with fake blond hair!

  46. Woman in the Pic !!!

    holy shitttt !!
    Who took this pic ?? it’s me !!!

  47. cari

    One reason automatic starters aren’t a good idea for manual transmissions.

  48. cari

    Look dear, the boat ‘birthed’ a car

  49. recked

    and next week we learn to parellel park…

  50. CatShoes

    …I swear officer that this is a just a harmless little bottle water…

  51. julie

    car: $16,000
    boat: $30,000
    having a good shot for priceless

  52. Anonymous

    Yeah…I’ll take a fish sandwich combo with a sprite….What do you mean this isn’t the drive through at Captain D’s….

  53. goo

    I’ll teach that damn bastard for divorcing me!

  54. maria

    Bad car, BAD CAR!

  55. fisher

    Soon after this incident, the Great Lakes Blind Peoples’ Yachting Association was closed down.

  56. harry_k

    tonight on FOX…the truth behind

    Springtime when frisky cars mate

  57. Benito

    woman pushes car into boat with right breast

  58. FoxTrott

    Why the surprise?? There was a woman in the wheel.

  59. Anonymous

    Next time, you may want to just use the tire if you don’t want the boat to bump the dock.

  60. pc-god

    Look, the captain told me the gangplank would hold the weight of a car so it’s not my fault

  61. Kelli

    One of the key concepts of driving is knowing if you are in “D” or “R” BEFORE you peel out of your parking space.

  62. saucy

    A boat… several thousand
    A woman… even more costly
    A jump rope… buck fifty
    Watching Herbie join in on the fun… PRICELESS

  63. Damion

    Father to Son :
    “And to think, back in the old days they used to use Champagne!!”

  64. Shelley

    Now where the hell did I put the keys??

  65. tiff

    so your saying this is a bad thing?

  66. lyrcom

    The most expensive gangplank ever.

  67. loteq

    Yet another New Yorker gets creative in the search for the elusive parking space.

  68. hero

    Aquatic transportation is for pussies…

  69. Iwan Sjokotov

    Damn !! My wife told me her car was stolen… Lying bitch !!

  70. oggie

    It could be that women can drive a car, but i won’t let this bitch drive mine!

  71. Jade

    How’s my driving? Call 1-800-2-ADVISE

  72. Akuma

    The part of Titanic you never saw…..

  73. rodney

    Hey! You scratched my anchor!

  74. inked

    Olga Wyzostyzxyk proudly shows off her new Polish life boat.

  75. Hecata

    The bad news is….
    That man with her wasn’t her husband
    The good news is….
    Her lover is also her Insurance agent!

  76. Xenin

    Oh Yes Folks, Honda Civics can do it all.

  77. magpie steve

    look what I’ve just done…..and I’m smiling like a cunt because I’m proud of it…

  78. magpie steve


  79. Jade

    Cashing out at the insurance fraud line.

  80. Warren Fwy

    Solving the riddle “why does cargo go by ship and a shipment go by car”

  81. Steven

    And people wonder why insurance is so expensive.

  82. mystic

    “…that’s right officer….we then found the driver passed out under a microsoft sign…”

  83. Bloodthirster

    …and so the heroic woman was able to stop the terrorists escaping on this pleasure boat.

  84. Don MatÈo

    I just wanted to go to the carwash!!

  85. babylon


  86. me

    shit happens

  87. Bubba

    doesn’t anybody wonder how she got out of the car and on to the shore?

  88. Chris

    And that wraps it up for this episode of “Not Without my Mineral Water Bottle.” Join us next week when Clara risks her life in pursuit of the Zephyrhills Fountain of Youth.

  89. dh

    water = clear. vodka = clear. Connection, perhaps?

  90. brian

    “WHAT THE HELL!!!”, Hank Hill.

  91. zagood

    Jane ponders attempt #143 to break into the stuntman business.

  92. essence

    Happy Birthday Osama, lots of love from the whole family here in sunny california! Hope you like your card’
    Love, Jody

  93. Dairenn

    NOW where am I gonna bury the body?

  94. 4

    I think I’ll untie the boat…

  95. Anonymous

    Dang! Somebody been messin’ with the cruise control?

  96. Shocky

    From the people who brought you The Club…

  97. Dimmm

    Who said women can’t park cars. Try this for a change!

  98. paradox

    ‘Now where did that boat come from?’

  99. coley

    the car: “Aaaah! Get this dock out of my ass!”

    the boat: “Aaaah! Get this car out of my ass!”

  100. Anonymous

    See honey, I knew we should’ve upgraded to the model with the running boards.

  101. Boulderer

    More proof that women cant drive….

  102. AliasMoze

    Closer honey. Straighten out the wheel. Keep coming. Keep coming. WHOAH!!!

  103. Mike

    Okay honey, we’re here! Let’s go… *splash*

  104. dalida

    Honda admits airbags don’t work when hovering over water.

  105. Robert R.

    Someone’s been playing too much Crazy Taxi.

  106. dalida

    Hey man … If Herbie can have a will of its own, why can’t my Honda?

  107. JC

    Mr. Magoo goes to Florida.

  108. kittykat

    But it worked in all those action movies…

  109. onebad427

    “Bond, Jane Bond”

  110. jeffb1965

    Losing a round of maritime chicken: Mary Anne was certain the yacht would veer away at the last minute …

  111. tsen chow

    How else can I check if their colors match?

  112. Henny

    Debbie never really knew what to do with herself, after getting kicked off the swimming team…

  113. induhvidual

    Why yes officer, I am a natural blonde… How did you know?

  114. Calen Kaneko

    The difference between a ship and a boat is that you can put a boat on a ship, you can’t put a ship on a boat. So what’s the difference between a car and a boat?

  115. ???

    You can stop smiling now

  116. Bri

    Next time let the man drive

  117. Bri

    I wonder did she have a New Hampshire License?

  118. petty

    “Did I do that” -Erkel

  119. 9Nails

    “3 hour tour, my ass!”

  120. Blah

    I hope I dont get a ticket.

  121. Anonymous

    your insurance does NOT cover acts of supreme stupidity

  122. Mikomadness

    Helen Keller raod trip.

  123. monkey

    why it’s worth it to tip the valet

  124. Anonymous

    i saw it on a cartoon once and it looked pretty easy…

  125. Anonymous

    sometimes i get so frustrated trying to drive into a canal and drown myself when this shit happens

  126. Anonymous

    So you mean to tell me that that lever is actually a parking brake?

  127. Poulard 1er

    Conduite ‡ gauche, conduite gauche.

  128. larfus

    “See the real challenge wasn’t balancing the car on to boat and wall it was balancing my fat ass on that little rope”

  129. cri.sys

    Well, at least she didn’t try to jump the shark. (If anyone gets this reference, I’ll be amazed)

  130. B-Man

    So did I get the part? Am I the next Ms. 007?

  131. Anonymous

    honey, which one is the brake again??

  132. Stephen N.

    Not again!

  133. Klvino

    Damn women drivers!!!

  134. John Quatrini

    I have PMS and a gun! Any questions?

  135. leeroy

    Youu saw my blinker, bitch.

  136. janeln5

    Accidents can happen anywhere….GIECO Look for the talking Gekko

  137. Newt

    Why do they let women drive?

  138. BillyJoeBob

    Yes buffy, I got rid of those gotty rubber bumpers and installed four new Kia Sophias, they do have a 10 year warranty…

  139. Pancho Villa

    Oh my God,u turd!U didnt pull the handbreak!

  140. SatansPuppy

    A Good Woman Driver

  141. mullet

    another woman!!!

  142. Capcom Freedom

    See why blondes shudint drive

  143. weet

    oke it was the b clas but

  144. Robbie

    The sad thing of this picture is….she even looks proud!

  145. Jontar

    Valet Parking School for the Blind.

  146. corn fed

    i bet you thought i was stupid enough to step out my door after i hit!

  147. Tejan

    No! The other pedal!!!!

  148. Audiodoode

    “If you don’t like my driving, stay the hell out of the river”!

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