Not feeling well?

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58 Captions for “Not feeling well?”

  1. N

    Thats funny, I dont recall eating corn tonight…

  2. Gary Slater

    Sock Monkey Fear Factor!

  3. SimonHawke

    Pray to your porcelain God all you want monkey boy… he isn’t listening.

  4. Cat Stevens

    Proof that Saki and Sock Monkey do not mix.

  5. jow

    Sorry monkey but my head wont fit down there and your hand wont fit up my arse and one of us has to unblock it.

  6. Mascot

    “damn…I was so drunk I can’t remember her name”

  7. waste of space

    So that’s where that Dick Cheney imposter gets all his crap from.

  8. fhdj

    I told my wife I had to take a leak. How am I going to do that? The toilets bolted down? I guess I am leaving a leak.

  9. uncle mike

    Why is it that whenever you reach the toilet, your stomach calms down……uh, on second thought…..urggraaaaach…..

  10. Gentaur

    When it came time to bob for apples, Al decided he would never again go to Pat’s Halloween parties.

  11. s.chandler

    “Caroool Duvaaaaalll,please come back. this ain’t the way to end it aaaalll!”

  12. jk

    Few understood the overwhelming pressure amongst all stuffed puppets have the “perfect” body.

  13. shaq attack

    It just kinda crawled out of my ass. But at least it knew where to go.

  14. s.chandler

    “To BE or not to BE that is the question!”

  15. Darin Madden

    From the Book – Curious George goes to Washington.

  16. Dick Cheney

    Curious George Bush examines his Iraq policy.

  17. Lu Lu

    Monkey see monkey doo-doo.

  18. geeksta

    wow what a clean toilet

  19. rick12string

    Amazing photo of John Kerry’s cat moments before its suicide….

  20. Brandon

    It was a fun feces fight but alas all things must come to an end

  21. Shadowbat

    Are prowling primates infesting your home? Not anymore with the amazing new Chimp-Away! Here’s how it works. The invading creature becomes mesmerized by the Feng Shui quality of the trickling water then, BLAMMO! The lid snaps down on its head drowning it in seconds. New Chimp-Away! (Coming soon, new Wife-Away!)

  22. Nomen Nescio

    There’s someone on the wing… some thing!

  23. kakupacal

    The mirror of Sock Monkey shows things that were, that are, and that may yet come to pass.

  24. Nimrod

    Penile warmers should be removed before urination.

  25. Nemesis

    “I wonder what’s on the other side…”

  26. Scrubby

    “HELP!!! The bathroom stall is tipping over!”

  27. Nomen Nescio

    With water from the stream Galadriel filled the basin to the brim and breathed on it, and when the water was still again, she spoke. ‘Here is the Mirror of Galadriel,’ she said. ‘I have brought you here so that you may look in it, if you will.’

  28. dog man

    What was Lassie thinking?

  29. Crunchy

    Near the end of their lives, amphibious turds return to the toilets where they were born to spawn.

  30. Sock the monkey

    Something knocked me out’ the trees
    Now I’m on my knees
    Cover me, darling please
    Monkey, monkey, monkey

  31. :=O

    Mmm … A bowl full of Chunky Monkey!

  32. Sam Herman

    swirly, swirly, swirly, swirly, oh God, thank God I’m here! I’m feeling quea-ooo-ooo-ooo-ahhh-sy

  33. WhisperingStorm

    Chris Griffin decided that he’d had enough of the monkey’s antics.

  34. Laura Bush

    I am thankful for your wisdom, Mr. Toilet Bowl. You have convinced me to become a better lesbian.

  35. PeePee Herman

    Waiting to be spanked.

  36. dildobugger

    Great picture for the public service campaign message for this year’s flu season and its slogan “The Surgeon General shows viable alternatives to the flu vaccine”

  37. Jen

    George didn’t know what to do. The man in the yellow hat told him not to play in the toilet, but George just HAD to find out where his poopies go.

  38. Wendy Lowry

    Hey, they said I’d meet the new lifeguard but nobody else is here….Maybe it’s not too deep. I’ll just stick my toe in ’til he gets here.

  39. spp

    Bush practices his Danish

  40. justinanderson

    Where’s the shit?????????????

  41. RICH


  42. Jimmy Flowers

    Poor Chips! He thought it was the Stargate.

  43. Carloas ashby

    “where are you tarzan”

  44. Carlos ashby

    Sorry, wrong set.

  45. Babs

    Mommy mommy, my Monkey won’t stop swimming in circles….
    Shut up or I will flush it again…

  46. Igby

    Jeremy suddenly realized that being a sock monkey didn’t make kicking heroin any easier.

  47. George "Monkeyboy" Bush

    Good piss. No blood.

  48. fishersm

    Primatologists from the University of Michigan discovered that monkeys share 99 percent of their genes with college students.

  49. ZAZ

    Thinking about it..I want a song about my reflection just like Mulan!

  50. corn fed

    I will never drink again!

  51. Dr.R

    David Letterman’s band leader in a rare candid photograph.

  52. Sam Reavill

    Wouldn’t you feel sick with a hand up your ass!!!!!

  53. Tommy Douglas

    Oh Alan…Will you ever learn… Or will i have to beat you until you vomit again?!

  54. josh ingram

    Big night

  55. NooSweat

    If i drink this… I will be a made man?!

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