Not the Duke boys


Looks like this guy decided he was one of the Duke boys in Hazard County; he was going to jump the gorge with his truck and boat.

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119 Captions for “Not the Duke boys”

  1. spat

    Where’s Superman when you need him?

  2. Alex Kaseberg

    Yes, Mr. Jones? How’s the trip coming? Well, the good news is your boat is just fine, Sir.

  3. kudmunky

    knew i shouldn’t have tried to launch the boat here.

  4. cybbis

    Yes. I am very sure about this shortcut. Look, I’ve done this a thousand times before.

  5. Anonymous

    No, your other left.

  6. John

    Please don’t cut across the crossbacks, Mr. Jones. It isn’t very good for the landscaping.

  7. (pdw)

    Cop:’come again…your name is 007 and you just chased this car with a boat???’

  8. Anonymous

    The Hardy boys try to solve another crime.

  9. spat

    Is this what one would call a cliffhanger?
    (Jeez, I wonder what will happen after the commercial break…)

  10. Anonymous

    The guy wouldn’t ask for directions

  11. Ka'avik

    When that flash-flood arrives, will somebody please put my boat into full-reverso? Thank you.

  12. Maxx

    Even in vehicle form, the Transformers were always fighting.

  13. Mortius

    They call me Blond, Dumb Blonde, 003 1/3

  14. steve just

    It’s those damn hunters returning from their trip.

  15. det

    Honey, now will you stop and ask for directions?

  16. The Beaver

    The latest Fad…Truck Bungee Jumping!!!

  17. superfly

    little more… little more… NO! that’s too much, back her up a little…

  18. Patrick

    You . . . Should have . . . Bought . . . A Squirrel.

  19. matt

    jim didnt think he could get more embarressed until his boot popped open and everyone got a good look at his porno collection

  20. Sean

    Yes officer thats right. The boat just ramed you off the road. I think it all has somthing to do with that comet.

  21. raymond

    this truck just fell off a cliff

  22. raymond

    i have Hugh Grant’s face for hands, thats why i can’t drive.

  23. Maxx

    The ugly side of ‘Road head’

  24. Jack

    Had I known of the sheer drop, I would have done everything in my power to prevent this.

  25. Anonymous

    Damnit honey! I told you this truck doesnt go offroad!

  26. Babylon

    damn anthrax

  27. ultravader

    The fish finder said there was a buncha fish off the starboard fender, so we went for it.

  28. Anonymous

    government warining: choking on pretzels while driving is fatal

  29. Drake

    “Taking a shortcut, yeah yeah, you mister superhero…”

  30. Ferdi

    Brian: “Indeed, the boat weighs more than the car.”
    John: “Well, then give me my fifty dollar!”

  31. Bechum

    While everyone was looking at the car, nobody noticed the magnificent scenery.

  32. Haify Haify

    Just after he had barked for an hour, John let Fifi take over the wheel.

  33. PhatMick29

    Dad don’t forget, we still have to buy some bait.

  34. Gram

    I have BF Goodrich Tires! Why does it not work like what they show on TV.

  35. Raw knuckels

    “This ways faster!”

  36. john

    look mommy, lets stop and stare at the stupid people.

  37. Brad

    Guy on Boat: “Hey, I think I caught something. It feels big”

  38. Sheriff

    So THIS is why I never took that left turn at Albuquerque..

  39. e

    First, I go in the wrong way, then I find out the lake’s all dried up!

  40. JoshEP

    once again we realize the dangers of boating with a car.

  41. Canis Lupus

    I told you not to use the boat as the anchor to mountain climb again.

  42. cecilia =)

    mountains made more accessible by car. yacht will be next.

  43. larfus

    3 words….No trailer Brakes…

  44. Jefro

    First ‘space boat’ launch attempt deemed miserable failure.

  45. ChuckA

    Honey, it’s a good thing we bought the “Valley” hitch.

  46. Joe

    Damn these tailgating boats!

  47. monkey

    some people will do anything for good parking

  48. Ant

    women drivers…
    no survivors…
    film @ 11

  49. Anonymous

    The Parks Service realized too late that it was not enough to ban just Jet Skis. No car or truck could ever enjoy nature in safety until all the rowdy motorized watercraft were banned from the trails.

  50. Anonymous

    its ok honey, it was still worth the road head

  51. Nitro Panks

    A game of Spyhunter goes tragically wrong when the programmers forget to implement the flying section.

  52. badbiddy

    …a job for….

  53. Dragon

    Watching the sky, he realised that traveling by the north star would work better… if it was night, and the north star would stop moving.

  54. Anonymous

    What did you use for bait?

  55. Anonymous

    just my luck i get rear ended by a boat

  56. social idiot

    This is what happens when lemmings drive.

  57. social idiot

    George w. Bush on vacation.

  58. MasterOfDisaster

    “Oh, so you put the BOAT in the water, and the truck stays on the ground?”

  59. ][V][achine']['hreat

    Ironically… the boat did manage to tow him back up out of the gorge..

  60. niblett

    I think we should take this short cut….

  61. Roadcrew

    Seeing the water below, Ben could hardly contain himself and headed directly for the shore.

  62. Roadcrew

    No longer able to stay upright on two-wheeled vehicles, Evel Knievel tried to jump Snake River Gorge in his pickup truck and boat.

  63. general


  64. joe sgambati

    never knew this 4×4 couldnt go off the rock a lil officer just one hit and i thought it was brown weed

  65. mick

    I told you to launch the boat

  66. ve

    No, no; you’re putting the wrong end in!

  67. Anonymous

    While suspended in his truck Billy Joe Bob suddenly realizes that he will soon be the most emailed photo on the ‘net.

  68. Rabbit


  69. Jay

    Yes, Hello Hertz, I changed my mind I think I will take to full coverage.

  70. Anonymous

    What the hell do you mean you thought you’d take a short cut?

  71. Hoggrider5150

    While removing the Cell phone from his buttocks,Forest realized a hands free kit was worth $19.95.

  72. SailmanR

    Man in the car: Officer, can you give me a hand with these beer bottles?

  73. cutetexasgal

    Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
    a tale of a fateful trip.
    That started from this tropic port,
    aboard this tiny ship.
    The mate was a mighty sailin’ man,
    the skipper brave and sure…………..

  74. mikemenn

    Truck Attempts Suicide, Boat Saves Life

  75. den

    “That’s correct officer. Then he said, ‘Hold my beer and watch this!'”

  76. Ten

    I told you the turn off was later. This is not going to get us to the lake. Great job Harry, you ruinned another weekend. Oh look, now you spilled the coffee, what do I have to do to get yo to pay attention to me.

  77. Rick

    Nice hitch!

  78. B-Man

    I swear officer, the skier came back around and I swerved…. No I haven’t been drinking!

  79. Soulcoffr

    “‘Like A Rock’ my ass!”

  80. Anonymous

    Bill Clinton and Monica, out for an afternoon drive.

  81. Dano

    Look at these Dang fools Hank, They aint never gonna get that truck outa that hole with that Little boat.

  82. Donald Hatcher

    Hey Billy Bob, we better try another short cut next time, huh, huh!!!

  83. st miek

    Headline: “If not for the courage of the fearless roadcrew, the Minnow would be lost.”

  84. Kevin S.

    Another customer gets ripped off at the Official James Bond Fire-Sale.

  85. Stephen N.

    Leaked photo of Ford’s potential new ad campaign: “Go Anywhere.”

  86. Jeff

    THAT’s why they call it the Dead Sea…

  87. Alex

    No need to worry,
    George Dubya just choked on a pretzel is all.

  88. Sawyer

    “Can you hear me now?”

  89. tps

    Look Honey the GPS says I’m hanging off the side of a cliif, I love the gadgets.

  90. Anonymous

    Survivor XXIIV: The California Seacoast. Tonite, a water challenge goes terribly wrong in this season cliffhanger.

  91. Anonymous

    “Hmmmm…if I try to climb out of the cab, everything goes over the edge and I fall to my death. If I wait to be rescued, I’ll never hear the end of this.”

  92. Anonymous

    Wile E Coyote fails (again) to catch the Roadrunner with the latest Acme product.

  93. james h

    Never take the short cuts offered by on-star!

  94. phenn

    And here we see Ted Kennedy on a weekend jaunt.

  95. drewboy

    Now do you see why I bought the boat honey?

  96. g$

    Toonsis the driving cat briefly got back into show business in 2001, but tragically, he still couldn’t stop the voices in his head.

  97. tack

    “No Bob, this is the short cut to the lake…”

  98. KY

    it would be a lot easier to kill myself without this pesky boat

  99. errr..

    “I dare ya..”
    “I DOUBLE dare ya..”

  100. Quincy J

    This guy passed the written test by reading Cliff’s Notes.

  101. alan seaton

    Much to his dismay, Cliff failed to realize that this lake dried up 2 million years ago.

  102. Les

    What happened on the original pilot for Gilligan’s Island

  103. O_o Eleni

    I could have sworn that the lake was right here!! *Driver checks map* Okay, which one of you kids drew on the map again?

  104. GlowMember

    Take THAT, you stupid truck!

  105. Mark Beular

    ok so this is a legal place to park the truck and boat ok lets get out kids aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  106. mr goodwrench

    this is why i quit bassin,it was just a matter of time……..

  107. mr goodwrench

    this is why i quit bassin,it was just a matter of time… large example of
    kinzua incident

  108. MeeMah

    Those damn illegal immigrants ran right out in front of us!

  109. Jack

    New Speedboat – – -$17,000
    New Pickup Truck – $14,000
    Heavy Duty Trailer Hitch – – Priceless

  110. Capcom Freedom

    Oof! This huge bolder is heavy im just gunna role it off the edge here and… Smash the dumb man into billions of pieces!

  111. Dirk

    Je zei nog wel dat hier water was lul!

  112. Pedro from MÈxico

    I told you not to let her drive, dad

  113. one_liner


  114. Don Albright

    A real crying shame!
    A truck load of Democrats with one empty seat!

  115. canadiana

    crap! ill sue those cruise control people! Sue them

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