Oh my god


This is what happens when you make fun of a kicker for being the smallest guy on the team.

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90 Captions for “Oh my god”

  1. narcosis12

    At that moment, Bill realized he should’ve worn a cup.

  2. MasterOfDisaster

    He didn’t realise that when #19 said “I’ll shove my foot up your ass” he actuly MENT it.

  3. SRV

    At least we know #26 can fall back on a career in doing voices for chipmuncks or jawas

  4. Jimmy the Fish

    Texas!? Only steers and queers come from Texas!

  5. Jimmy the Fish

    Sperm Bank of America: Because You Never Know!

  6. mugwump

    now …. are you gonna quit tearing the heads off my Barbie Dolls ???!!

  7. Anonymous

    #56 says, “screw this”

  8. Anonymous

    You put your right foot in you put your right foot … ooops.

  9. Anonymous

    Paco could never quite get used to the idea that in American “football” you can touch the ball with your hands.

  10. Anonymous

    Jackie Chan and Jet Li in the remake of North Dallas 40.

  11. Anonymous

    Penalty? Penatly? Give HIM the penalty. It’s not my fault he got in the way of my back handspring.

  12. Lorenz

    And here comes the kickoff….OOPS, my foot slipped!!

  13. Sting327

    I can do highkicks! Wanna see?

  14. jesse kupper

    well at least i kicked a ball

  15. Drake

    So, you’ve been sleeping with my lady hey?

  16. larfus

    “So who you calling a bitch now!”

  17. spat

    As usual the tactics were bollocks…

  18. Wobblebot

    Always ridiculed in the locker room for the lack of a sex organ, “Flatcrotch” Wilson (#26)gets the last laugh

  19. boney

    Dey told me when Im come to dis country I yust must keck de balls. Dey didn’t say weech balls

  20. Mr. Ramon

    The homosexual punter’s decision to give the opposing team’s linebacker a foot job in the middle of the game was met with strong criticism from his coach and the team’s fans.

  21. scott

    So much for “I’m to much of a man for a cup”

  22. Number 56

    Whoah, buddy, look what YOU stepped in!

  23. Siamese Twin

    Until they were recruited by different football teams, the Henderson twins’ unique conjoined condition had never casued them any serious issues.

  24. PoNy

    Billy had always struggled with ADHD but the excitement of the game was just too much for him as he darted across the field right into the cleat of his opponent…Billy no longer suffers from ADHD. He mostly suffers from ruptured testicles now. A kick in the groin= better than ritalin!

  25. Alex Kaseberg

    As the door slammed on Derrick’s football days, a window opened on his career as a saprano singer.

  26. benwood

    Football: 1. laced, oval-shaped leather ball; 2. practice of kicking another’s testicles so that they swell up like footballs

  27. mc wms

    Are you sure that’s the ONLY effective method of removing a football stuck up someone’s butt? It seems like the cure is worse than the affliction!

  28. nn

    The sacrificial punt.

  29. bgray

    Lifting an opposing player with his foot required many hard hours of ballerina practice.

  30. Molly

    The 2002 Punt, Pass, and Rack Champion.

  31. Anonymous

    Hayvey couldn’t shake no. 26 from his shoe.

  32. Anonymous

    Joining in, #56 probes that ass.

  33. Anonymous

    Pair of cleats: $75
    Football: $20
    The above scene: Priceless

  34. spat

    Harry knew he’d seen that guy before, it was on the tip of his… shoe.

  35. mjl

    At this moment, a Longhorn became a Shorthorn.

  36. Anonymous

    Football?? Foot… Balls!

  37. Anonymous

    The defense created a new position, it’s called The Receiver

  38. DK

    Little did Coach Klein know that he’d have to elaborate next time he said “just kick the ball deep into the end zone.”

  39. spat

    Matter over mind.

  40. spat

    When a kick-off becomes a kick-in.

  41. wobbley pete

    Hey Try this way to polish your boots!

  42. Anonymous

    why americans like football

  43. Anthony Sharp


  44. o2bjang


  45. th

    no blood…
    no foul!

  46. 2Blue

    Trust me…Let him through.

  47. unknown

    AAAAHHHHHH!This is what happends when you give a couple of drunks a footy ball.

  48. armand

    Two down,one to go!

  49. Anonymous

    #26: SNL jokes from the 70’s suck!

  50. Peter B

    Here’s a little something you can bring back to “W” from California.

  51. Anonymous

    The captions at the top aren’t funny at all.

  52. Steve 1


  53. Rando

    Make a pass at me, will you? Take this, you cad!!! [THWUCKKK]

    I’m sorry, what? It’s football and we’re supposed to make passes? Oh. In that case … never mind.



  55. chump

    hey! , look at the bright side .
    At least now u can join pavaroti siniging the national anthem at half time

  56. Supersonic

    Well these yanky players are padded everywhere arn’t they?

  57. tafkatadd

    “Um, ow!”

  58. meir

    Leg-long penis.

  59. leozam

    * Intelligent Handsome guy, 23, w/gsh and football-player-shaped-cock seeks bubbly lass with similar shaped vagina for good times.

  60. brian

    Whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game…

  61. jwd

    The three balls on the field at the same time caused some confusion!

  62. enigma

    Moma always said, “football is lots of fun…until someone gets kicked in the nuts.”

  63. enigma

    “Hook ’em horns,” taken literally.

  64. Matt

    ‘Get this thing offa me’

  65. Anonymous

    Who says I missed ?



  67. Sandman

    Can you hear me now……..Good

  68. Tux

    Announcer: ” Wow Jim, number 26 has gone for a courageous block. He’s got balls! Well, he may not be able to prove it though!”

  69. FrozenDragon

    1st Annoucer~ Another sucessfuly blocked feild goal by, Johnson #26 of the Longhorns!
    2nd Annoucer~ I belive that his nuts will go pro next year with those moves!

  70. Anonymous

    Little did #19 know how #26 got out of control when he got pissed, but when he accedently kicked him in the nuts one day, he was known as “peg-leg” from then on.

  71. Gragra7

    One foot long!

  72. Rebecca


  73. E-Dawg

    Rah Rah Ree, Kick em in the knee!
    Rah Rah Rass, Kick em in the other knee!
    No wait…

  74. gelo

    whatta you mean no special teams this play? im here to punt!

  75. Neocarter

    Note to self: Ooooh, that is gonna hurt tomorrow…

  76. Anonymous

    #56 had a leg up on the defender, however, coach commended #29 for going balls out on the play

  77. Adam


  78. Dan

    Coach from the sidelines: “Yo man, I didn’t mean to punt THAT ball…”

  79. PixelGod

    Plastic saves lives.
    Thanks Plastic.

  80. lawrence

    1 Mississippi…2 mississippi….oh ferget it…HERE I COME

  81. Morgan

    Takin’ one for the team.

  82. ?@Ò‡n„ –e £a M?ÄÆtÈ!

    “Hey,”Flatley thought,”after being in Lords of the Dance thsi american football thing aint so hard!”

  83. Mark Smith

    this ball didn’t go to the post but his career sky rocketed as a defense line man that kicked the defenders

  84. Frickin' Hilarious!

    Little did Coach Klein know that he’d have to elaborate next time he said “just kick the ball deep into the end zone.”

  85. Bud

    and he was still called for roughing the kicker…

  86. Flip

    Noooooooo im still a virgin

  87. CHAOS

    it didnt take long before alan figured out that his jock was missing the cup

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