Oh Phil…


Phil Mickelson flinches in agony after missing the putt on the 18th green that would have tied the score with Tiger Woods Sunday, March 6, 2005 at the Ford Championship at Doral in Doral, Fla. Woods won with a score of 24 under parr, one shot better than Mickelson. (AP Photo/Steve Mitchell)

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62 Captions for “Oh Phil…”

  1. bicycle

    Oh~ My god!!

  2. avery

    a nine iron phil? you flatter me!

  3. stacy chandler

    ” Damn, i gotta stay the hell away from refried beans before a tournament!”

  4. Mascot

    Looks like someone else got a hole in one!

  5. Mascot

    “Who’s your daddy, Phil?”

  6. Nuggie Rancher

    Apparently golf etiquitte doesn’t include the courtesy of a reach-around

  7. trinawoods

    I see Phil finally broke down and bought that “Thriller” video he’d been wanting.

  8. stacy chandler

    esp pussy it’s a good thing!

  9. Ben

    Goddam hay fever…

  10. Huggy Bear

    Did I say two fingers? Better make it three…

  11. Gentaur

    Next on American Idol…

  12. Gentaur

    They only heard “Fore!” when the second ball struck. They heard “Two!” when the first one hit. Now both have a handicap.

  13. Gentaur

    Don’t you hate when you really have to sneeze and can’t?

  14. Mascot

    While little-known opera singer Heywood Jablomy belts out his rendition of “Phantom of the Golf Course”, Phil Mickelson attempts to fart out the enitre chorus. Phil was found later that day in the men’s washroom in the clubhouse muttering, “damn Texas Chile.”

  15. admin


  16. Darin Madden

    Take the freakin trophy out! Take it out!

  17. Kenny

    Phil realizes why no one plays Dr. Longfinger after he surprises him with his sneaky 9th hole complimetary prostate/ exam

  18. trinawoods

    “Ooohhh, and the timing couldn’t be worse for that Viagra to finally kick in.”

  19. Day Drum Four

    Yep, that’s pretty much what I think of golf.

  20. Simon

    yes, when anyone thinks of the smoothness of new KY brand club grip ointments, well lets just say, it’s a hole in one.

  21. Mike

    What a cool time to try out my new Wood!

  22. Mike

    Hmmm…I guess should I show him my new wood or new putter?

  23. Troy L. Siscoe

    my dik hurts

  24. Dicky

    Gotta Bogie on that hole!

  25. Pete


  26. ryan kavanagh

    who said golfers only use one stick

  27. Ali

    I’ll just fart and let him suck it all in …

  28. trinawoods

    Between shots, Phil entertains the crowd with his re-creation of his visit to Neverland.

  29. Chain Man

    Oh big boy thats the spot

  30. baubei

    A little to the left… Oooh yeah!

  31. cager

    I bet you’ve never played golf like this before

  32. Hagan

    9th green, 9:00 PM. It’s a secret of the pros.

  33. Ozzy

    Where will you be when your laxative kicks in?

  34. Dick

    Is this what they mean by “widening the circle of one’s friends” ?? !!

  35. Jillie

    Phil: Ohhhh, That’s why I never married. My sudden orgasms from seeing golf BALLS send me going crazy

  36. Xeres


  37. Dylan

    Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now

  38. Matt Bacon

    Golf balls aren’t the only ones bein’ played with on this game!

  39. Robert

    I guess it’s true: white men can’t dance

  40. keywa

    that’s the closest to a hole phil has ever been, but it look’s like the guy behind him didnt miss!

  41. James McDaid

    The truth came out….they’re gonna have a hard time with the press…

  42. dennis

    Ruffert! Nu jij in je poepertje!!!!

  43. dennis

    Ruffy!! Nu jij lekker in je poepertje!!!!

  44. Rip

    Set of pro golf clubs..$1500
    Club membership..$300/yr
    Looking like you crapped in your pants,
    after missing an easy birdie..Priceless!!

  45. Dylan

    I think I just sharted in my underoos…I thought Batman was cool, now he has a chocolate milk mustache

  46. kevin

    From wearing that golf shirt with “Ford written on it…. He feels a sudden kick from God right in the jimmy-junk as he tries to birdy the hole….

  47. Ian

    Are those two singing a duet or something?

  48. Derek

    Golf at its finest moment….

  49. Jacob B

    Phill Mikelson’s new warm up tactic worked wonders for loosening up those but cheeks

  50. Ian

    It was all fun and games until the golfer got hit in the balls with a golf ball.

  51. Mike

    That UHHHH Borrito finally got the best of me.

  52. Mike

    Ouch!…..and Phil finds out he is pregnant with Michael Jackson’s Baby…the crowds reaction matches that of the golf pro.

  53. Ed Z

    Ho-oly crap Bob! When I said give me that three wood I meant the club!!

  54. Ian

    The front guy gets hit in the nuts by the ball while the back guy starts to laugh.

  55. Tim smedley

    Phils never had it so good. He definatly got a hole in one with his balls.

  56. dawn sharp

    Shanking growing in popularity after George Michael championship putter put on sale.

  57. NooSweat

    That’s what happens if you put the wrong ball on the tee…

  58. adam h

    Golf: Its not what it use to be.

  59. Zinc443

    Wimbeldon had tightened up its rules since years ago, with a sense of shame, kevin Mcnale was sent away

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