Oh rats


Scientists are baffled as to why the number of cases of the black plague are on the rise in some third world countries – well, until they saw this.

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98 Captions for “Oh rats”

  1. Kate

    Hey – get that kid out of our milk! We don’t know where his hands have been!

  2. Anonymous

    A gigantic rat trap: “Hurry! Let the cats out before they escape!”

  3. armand

    At the annual family reunion,the rumour spread that little Billy might have been adopted.

  4. armand

    “Oh no!Buy a new one!That old baby trap isn’t working at all,mate!”

  5. Rusty

    this child thought they were really small cats….HOW WRONG IT WAS

  6. Mark

    Sam Breakstone learned at an early age Dogs would make better pets for TV commercials.

  7. s. chandler

    Granny! Put your shoes back on!Mickey and all of his friends wanna kill themselves again!

  8. Newt

    The farms where they make hotdogs

  9. Newt

    Organic, Free Range rats

  10. Newt

    pound for pound, you get more meat than cattle. But how will they market rat steaks

  11. Anonymous

    Yeah, we know how bad powdered milk is. First, someone has to stir it. Second, you couldn’t feed it to a dog.

  12. nebelung

    After gluing the brat in place, the daddy took this picture while mommy yelled obscenities from a safe distance.

  13. sandman

    Once again the rats are wondering what this brave creature is doing in their watering hole.

  14. Anonymous

    You IDIOTS! These are not RATS. These are BIG MICE! You can see it by the way they fold their tails! Ooooh, some people are so ANAL!!!

  15. Henry red

    A proof that the food help for Afghanistan wasn’t necessary at all.

  16. Drake

    The Pied Piper of Hamelin’s son learns the skill.

  17. Kereltje

    “Hey guys, after we had the milk that little boy seems kinda tasty!”

  18. FR

    “Watch it, I’m out of here! That’s the third one of us he’s drowning!”

  19. Anonymous

    “Mommy!!! Do I have to bathe all the rats?”

  20. jwd

    Behind the scenes at Krispy Kreme.

  21. onebad427

    Yes, giving all your rats a milk bath is a lot of work, but just look how shiny their coats are.

  22. hog wash

    look mommy at all the pieces of candy all over the floor the cute lil rats left me.

  23. Roadcrew

    (mouse on left – leaving) ‘…Oh gross! The kid’s putting his hands in the milk. That’s just disgusting. I think I’m going to be sick…’

  24. alan seaton

    It wasnt so much living in an abandoned hut as it was being submerged in rat semen that forever shamed baby Babbul.

  25. Les

    Behind the scenes at a Chinese restaurant

  26. Steve 1

    Calcutta’s reincarnated guru “Rat Boy” showing us how he can regenerate new arms after having them gnawed off to stumps, by a strange form of electrolysis involving 25 rats.

  27. Anonymous

    Milk, It does a body good… pass it on.

  28. ps2maddenman

    Got Sperm??

  29. kulprit

    And here as young Andrew plays at Michel Jacksons and finds that Ben has had houseguests

  30. guy ann

    our little jonny begins his training to be a lifeguard. *sniff* they grow up so fast…… No jonny pull them out of the water!!! not hold them under!!

  31. Darkman

    Johnny didn’t have much human friends, but at least the rats understand him.

  32. Anonymous

    A young Michael Jackson gets the idea for the song “Ben”

  33. Steve 1

    Hey!! Who’s rigging the votes here?? My jokes are *always* hilarious you flying bar stewards

  34. Anonymous

    It was a bad time to get his hands stuck in a vat of cement.

  35. BoMoFo

    Runner-up for the “Who moved my cheese” book cover photo.

  36. fishamaphone

    Wait, so you’re supposed to use COWS to get milk?

  37. alan seaton

    Surrounding the economy-sized cereal bowl, a young Fatima and her 50 starving rats eagerly anticipate the Capt’n Crunch.

  38. Rousey

    I’m sorry honey, but we need to take him to a psychiatrist . He’s just not bonding with the other childern.

  39. Anonymous

    Rat in the bowl! Rat in the bowl! quick guys!

  40. Skippy Johansson

    Young Oscar Myer suddenly has a brain storm for a mass marketed food product.

  41. GreyDuck

    The two rats in foreground, left: “Did you invite the big pale one?” “Why no, I thought YOU invited him.”

  42. Creepy

    We’ll have rat soup for dinner!

  43. Waaaaaaassup

    The fun really started when the rats lost interest in the milk and went for the feet in the background.

  44. Mr. Ramon

    In a surprising victory in the war on terrorism, a baby managed to lure 50 al Qaeda operatives to one spot simply by filling a large dish with milk.

  45. Bryan

    MMmmmm-mmmm nothing like rat cookies with a vat of milk!

  46. Vid

    The rat family became very disturbed upon realizing they had a baby problem.

  47. ben stiller

    Young researchers at Texas A&M have proven that with some hard work and a lot of patience, you really CAN milk anything with nipples in it.

  48. Clark W. Griswold

    Mmmm More cream of rodent gruel please, cried Oliver!

  49. Anonymous

    The city had once had a vermin problem… then the city elders hired the Pied Huge-Saucer-Of-Milk of Hamlyn.

  50. Anonymous

    Got Cookies!!

  51. Anonymous

    Even the rats knew that the kid’s diaper needed to be changed.

  52. Mr. Originality

    Got caption?

  53. Joke Jockey

    Got Rat? Got Milk? Got Kid? Got Feet? Got oversized milk bowl? Got Rat droppings? Did I miss anything?

  54. iranreallyfar

    integration still causes problems in the south: kindergarteners are taught color “discrimination” by drowning black rats in white milk

  55. Crunchy

    The 1999 Enron Executive Christmas party was interrupted momentarily while one of the waitstaff rescued the CFO from the eggnog.

  56. nurg

    And now, immortalizing their handprints at Grumman’s Chinese Theatre, it’s the cast of “Son of Willard”!

  57. Sarah

    And now for a look at rat behavior during mating season…and now for a look at just how much of that liquid is not milk…

  58. mrchipps

    Rat: “Bleck, I’m not drinking this, that kid put his hands in it!”

  59. Anonymous


  60. Ashlee o-O aka Ibuki Lei


  61. O_o Eleni

    Well the radio-active milk proved well on the rats…Mom, where’s the cat?

  62. fender

    Many didn’t take Dr. Fatherly’s experiments seriously. Such as his attempt to have his first born Joey Fatherly raised entirely by rodents.

  63. DANIEL

    Alright! We’re eating tonight!

  64. Datz It


  65. skw

    The rats decided to take over the house, Thier first victim, a poor kid, They put his hands in a bowl full of cement. End of Story.

  66. Steven Chapman

    “OK, just let me find my mobile phone and I’m calling cops.”

  67. Mike

    “What did that kid do with the diving board?”

  68. koaz

    mmmmmmmmm milk straight from a rat…YUM!!

  69. David

    Rock legend Mick Jagger first came up with the name for his future band when he visited the Milk Festival in Boomtown…

  70. Mark Beular

    If u can’t beat them join them

  71. Derm

    Here in Afghanistan, the rats seem to blend right in with the children.

  72. Matt

    Bath-time at Kid Rock’s house.

  73. Mike


  74. Gentaur

    Waiter! There’s a child in our soup!

  75. Gentaur

    What makes Breakstone’s sour cream so smooth and creamy?

  76. Gentaur

    The FDA allows a certain amount of rat hair, but that kid’s going to get us shut down!

  77. Gentaur

    KFC thought it had troubles before when a rat fell into the batter…

  78. Gentaur

    “Of course she’s safe, dear. That’s RAT poison.”

  79. ange

    I now call this meeting of Milk Drinkers Anonymous to order. Our first order of business, Do you really think that it was a good idea to hold our meetings here?

  80. Rentalbean

    Little Bobby helps his dad by stirring the batter at Sweet Melissas.

  81. jeff krieger

    My friends never cared a rat’s behind about me until i found just the right bunch of new friends

  82. canadiana

    now for the birth day cake!

  83. dustin cobwebs

    sure billy you can go play with those puppies

  84. Audiodoode

    Somehow, Kelloggs Frosted Rodent Crisp never gained a foothold in the U.S. breakfast cereal market.

  85. David

    Oh Boy! Babies and Milk! Our favorite treat!

  86. johnathan

    now we see here our teacher showing us how to poison the “milk”

  87. Quinn

    “and now for my next trick I’ll turn this milk into cheese!”

  88. anonymous heh heh

    Well… At first it was going to be a bathtub… But then it became a pool

  89. anonymous gurggle gurggle

    see the rats and beybeh are just there so you don’t see the pair of creepy legs at the top left corner!

  90. EAZY


  91. ring


  92. jojo

    dats f in sick

  93. Lucy

    This poor child is stuck with all these nasty rats and i feel so bad for the poor little guy! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  94. Debbie

    Child plays in rat infested milk (which is probably his meals for the next month), while heartless humans write stupid “funny” captions about him!!

  95. bre

    health Problem

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