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70 Captions for “Ole!”

  1. trinawoods

    This Matador is about to become a Flatador.

  2. trinawoods

    Being horny is USUALLY a good thing.

  3. Day Drum Four

    The proper male response to men who wear pink.

  4. Gentaur

    Of course he’s going to get roughed up, if he leaves the house dressed like that.

  5. stacy chandler

    “NO, I couldn’t go with the red cape could I ?, but these new cartwheel cheeerleading antics seem to be a real crowd pleaser.”

  6. the captionator

    Look ma, No hands!!!

  7. the captionator

    Matador Arroyo Mastida demonstrates the effectiveness of his newly crafted ‘mat the floor’ hat, guaranteed to stay on, even in the most stressful positions..or your money back!!

  8. boro

    Pedro was breakdancing when the bull appeared out of nowhere.

  9. jim

    The Ukrainian judge would’ve awarded him more points if he could’ve stuck the landing.

  10. squeg

    3 fractured vertabrae and a lifetime of chiropractic care… Priceless.

  11. -Mascot

    I’ll be your baby
    I’ll be your score
    I’ll run the gun for you
    And so much more


  12. theMike

    Note to self: Next time, don’t match the color of my socks to the color of my cape.

  13. andy

    Oh crap. Not the ground. Not again.

  14. Kilgore

    The oddest thing happened to Francesco as he tumbled through the air. A strange little man appeared in front of his nose and demanded to know why he had upset the bull. The man explained that the bull’s name was Harold and that he was God to the microscopic people that lived in the shoes Francesco was wearing that today. What were the odds that such a philisophical conondrum would occur due to Francesco’s obsession with females of the cow persuasion?

  15. Mark

    Cirque de Sole: Madrid

  16. Sharath

    Does gravity work, upside down ?

  17. trinawoods

    In his younger days, Liberace did quite well on the PBR tour.

  18. Marc

    Juan learned the hard what the bull meant when he said he was going to be “hoofing it”……

  19. trinawoods

    Whoa…slow down there, Camilla.
    The wedding doesn’t start for 2 hours.

  20. dogma

    This is total bullshit!!

    Matadors 0

    Bulls 1


  21. none

    Camilla (in black) and Prince Charles

  22. Gentaur

    No one could top expert mime Enrique at “walking into the wind”.

  23. Gentaur

    Not even bullfighting matches were safe from the artist Christo.

  24. sami ahmed

    Brave Bull tries to save skydiver after his parachute failed.

  25. guillaume

    i’m pretty sure my keys were in my left pocket .

  26. Jones

    Nevermind the bull, look at meeee!!!

  27. Norman Solanch

    Christoph finally meets his match !

  28. Simon

    One of these is a stupid animal barely smart enough not to eat and crap in the same place.

    The other is a bull.

  29. tp

    “I knew I should have tried out for American Idol.”

  30. brent m

    “I’m tired of this Merrill Lynch shite!”

  31. trinawoods

    Even a bull knows you wear heels with an outfit like that, not flats.

  32. Darin Madden

    Cirque de Ole

  33. coco

    wow! Fly

  34. Joker

    “The Matrix….Now available in Spanish”

  35. Shane Walker

    Look mum no hands!

  36. Kat

    Bull 1, Matador 0.

  37. chico


  38. Attmay

    Pedro had planned this re-enactment of the classic Bugs Bunny cartoon for months, but it just didn’t come together.

  39. Rob

    Juan,the Matador, had dreams of being a world class gymnast.

  40. Buceph

    Allegations abound of steriod abuse at the World Gymnastics Championship.

  41. mflo

    Are we haveing fun yet ?

  42. WarrenT


    (not sure if it sent the first time. dont include this)

  43. So-koo-la

    Hiiiii YA!!!

  44. WarrenT

    I hear break dancing in costume is the new thing, but teaching a bull to breakdance?

  45. Xeres

    ha ha ha ha ha

  46. Bohatnik

    Maybe gay pimps just aren’t meant to be rodeo riders.

  47. Have-A-Say

    Hey Matador … get your act right! This is a bull fight … not playing leapfrog

  48. trinawoods

    Queer Eye for the Spanish guy.

  49. Greg

    The matadoor is takin the piss when he does cartwheels to get out the way

  50. Greg

    The matadoor is takin the piss now

  51. Robert

    “Note to self: it’s time for a vacation”

  52. MIAH


  53. keegan

    i believe he fell of the bull but u cant realy notice it

  54. random

    its sad when they have to hire gymnasts to get away from the bulls

  55. Jemn

    Hey! That was our finishing act!

  56. Jacob B

    Gonzallo didn’t find his friends’ practical joke of stapeling him to the leg of a pissed off bull at all amusing.

  57. swill bill

    see i a do a handstand eh?

  58. Mike

    I wonder if I turned off the dryer before I left this morning.

  59. sammy

    damn you really dont like my pink stockings do you?

  60. josh ingram


  61. emo kid

    and give it up for the prat who decided to try and bust up the law of gravity!

  62. dawn sharp

    America’s next top model calls the head over heels pose complete BULL___!

  63. NooSweat

    Bullfighting uses acrobats to attract more spectators

  64. NooSweat

    The Matrix reloaded: where Neo dodges bulls

  65. adam h

    cartwheel gone wrong


    Don’t turn your back or black bull will give you WINGS ! AAAARRH !!!!!

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