On a lighter side

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52 Captions for “On a lighter side”

  1. Grant

    Never let a chihauhua and a rat mate.


    And the worst smelling pussy award goes to
    … (drum roll) …

  3. filkertom

    Weapons of Manx destruction

  4. filkertom

    … and the dog’s gone blind….

  5. Brad

    It was a sad day when a now full-grown alf stopped eating cats.

  6. aaaaaaaaaaa

    I worship YOU Saddam!

  7. Ed

    The cat is charging by the hour…

  8. Pismonque

    Ed demonstrates the high-tech Hairball Interceptor for a very reluctant Mr. Whiskers.

  9. (pdw)

    Working out with dead pets is fun but has its drawbacks.

  10. Deraj

    Prepare to neutralize the terrorist threat!

  11. meow

    Pussy farts stink.

  12. poopycat

    Sphinx stinks

  13. silver chrysler cordoba w/red interior

    Church’s fried chicken! 86

  14. Rochelle Siegel Smith

    I smell the sting of death.Uhgggg. Thanks Manx for all those good years you gave, pussy-footin’ around waitin’ for hand-outs.

  15. John Kerry's head

    Speaking of rancid pussy, what has Courtney Love been up to?

  16. Fire Frog

    Ann’s farts were so bad, not only did she have to wear a gas mask, but it shrivelled the hair right off her cat.

  17. Priss

    oh no the cat is about to turn into a skunk run for your lives….well a gas mask works too!

  18. Erik

    The aliens were evolving… no longer detaching from the host’s face before bursting from the chest cavity.

  19. resisobilus

    Of all the chores, Schwarzenegger’s personal assistant hated feeding time the most.

  20. Richard Cranium

    Stinky Pussy.

  21. Short-Term Memory

    There was a post here from someone who said “Take down the Iraq photo, it’s an outrage”. The moderator removed it–I assume because it was getting too many votes and making him look bad.

  22. joe

    Damn this shit is tight!

  23. nick


  24. Not often visitor

    Timmy tried to like his new pet, but he really missed Ole Yeller.

  25. read today, gone tomorrow

    Short-term, you’re right, I remember it. I also remember thinking that it was too bad the dead soldiers in the mosaic photo did not give their consent to be in the mosaic photo, much less to participate in some left-wing commie bullshit mosaic photo.

  26. Adam

    Sniffing cats just doesn’t pay…

  27. arron

    Holy SHIT! his hands on its NUTS!

  28. Bravo

    “you win! you win! enough already!”

  29. matt harris

    “i knew i should have used a condom, instead!”

  30. Sad but true

    “Here shitty, shitty, shitty!”

  31. Sad but true

    “Yo Quero Taco Bell!”

  32. Rochelle Siegel Smith

    It’s ‘pay back’ time for leaving me a dirty litter pan, Manx alot asswhippie!

  33. Me a Mofo

    Why do they always make me move out the dead ones?

  34. Shadowbat

    You should have used Johnny Cat.

    —Johnny Cat kitty litter

  35. Shadowbat

    Batty’s Bartenders Guide: Johnny Cat

    Place gin or vodka, triple sec, vermouth, grenadine and ice in shaker. Shake well and pour into glass. Fill with tonic water or club soda. Wear gas mask while funneling it down cat’s mouth in case of explosion.

  36. sistermadly

    “What have I done…”, lamented Gordon, as the last of Snowball’s once luxurious coat of fur drifted to the carpet. His obstinancy, and his love for Indian cuisine in spite of gastriointestinal consequences, had finally claimed its first victim.

  37. Yank Hater You All Suck

    Damn is that America i smell????…..

  38. Yank Hater You All Suck

    Adam Sandler woud have done this pussy heheheh ill beat him to it!!!….

  39. dfdhjk

    Pwahh! My wife’s pussy sure does smell, even after she has shaved it.

  40. ewhizkid

    How the hell did God let this live?

  41. cutetexasgal

    Smelly Cat, Smeeelllly Cat, What are they feeding you????

  42. canadiana

    i wonder what it tastes like

  43. aza d

    I knew that when they said there was some side effects to the shampoo i didnt know we would have to shave. It still smells bad!!!!

  44. aza d

    “What ya doin?”
    “Cat sniffin”
    “yeah you really gotta wonder if its gonna pay-off someday”

  45. aza d

    just got the lab tests back-This cat has severe smellurosis

  46. meowr

    Puss & Wuss.

  47. Heywood

    George fails his cat-scan again.

  48. deeter

    This sausage is rancid, dude.

  49. s

    no more chili bean cat food for kitty

  50. Dick Cheney

    This shaved cat I reserve for George Bush’s ass!

  51. Kenny

    Billy finally breaks down and cleans the dorm room mini fridge, finding fluffy the white kitty, he and Ernie had lost.

  52. NooSweat

    If we take the mask of he bites

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