On a roll


Since were on a Christmas roll, here’s another Santa photo.

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88 Captions for “On a roll”

  1. filkertom

    Ha-ha! I, Donald Rumsfeld, have saved the US!

  2. filkertom

    Elmer Fudd, Enemy of the People.

  3. filkertom

    Wiping his boots on the beard complicated Henry’s later defense.

  4. Lisa H.

    Grandma would be proud!
    You just had to run over her with
    your reindeer when I was a kid!
    Didn’t you Santa?!
    Didn’t you?!

  5. filkertom

    Whaddaya want? He was speeding at a border crossing. Plus, he forgot my train set.

  6. Lisa H.

    That’s what you get for giving me coal every year!

  7. Lisa H.

    I swear he tried to kill me!
    It was in self defense!
    This is deer hunting grounds!
    How was I supposed to know they were attached to his sled?

  8. Lisa H.

    Well, this will make a nice Christmas decoration! Wonder what the taxidermist will charge me.

  9. Lisa H.

    Honey, I think you need some help with your Christmas spirit!

  10. Lisa H.

    Benny found an easy way to start his own toy business.

  11. Lisa H.

    What can I say? He hasn’t come to my house since I was 10!

  12. Lisa H.

    Christmas #1 – diapers
    Christams #2 – my first toilet
    Christams #3 – snowman poop
    Christmas #4 – lump of coal
    Christmas #5 – tutu
    Christmas #6 – reindeer feed
    Christmas #7 – plant
    Christmas #8 – picture of Santa laughing
    Christmas #9 – nothing
    Christmas #10 – nothing

  13. Trent Lott

    Redefining “Naughty” in our time.

  14. onebad427

    you’re a mean one Mr. Grinch

  15. I'm Not Stupid N You're Not Funny

    Oh man onebad427, you didn’t have to go & shoot Santa! I know you are on the naughty list, but now you’re on the SHIT LIST! You better hope all the kids don’t find out who’s responsible!

  16. Santa Claus

    Hi everyone! I know you know I’m dead, but I figured I could send you a note from heaven. I caught onebad427 fixing the scores here on this picture. He put his caption on & voted for himself about 10 times. I put him on the naughty list & brought him back down to reality. That’s not one bad, that’s ten bad! Anyone want to keep him at the bottom? He’ll vote himself to the top again if you don’t!

  17. onebaddork

    OnebadMo-Fo holding onebad22 with foot on onebad427-inch waist

  18. notfunnybuttruesoeatme

    You’re right Santa, onebad427 does try to “fix” the scoring in his favor, and he even attempts to mock those who call him out. Check out the captions of the past few pictures and you’ll see.
    What a no-life jerk.

  19. boohoohoo N you're wrong on both accounts

    Maybe if you DUMBASSES would caption the picture instead of crying about me you’d be closer to the top!!!

  20. toad

    Ignoring the the stern Warning about flying over Washington air space, Santa pays the Ultimate price for his actions.

  21. nurg

    Dear, I’m kind of worried about the neighbor’s Christmas display this year.

  22. filkertom

    Harry Potter and the Failed Attempt to Stop Gandalf

  23. filkertom

    The real irony of Ike’s murderous need to win was that the Iditarod wasn’t until March.

  24. nurg

    It’s okay, Billy, they’re just napping. Very quietly. In the snow. In pools of their own blood…Ah, to hell with it, I can’t lie to you, Billy.

  25. Les

    Mrs. Claus’s secret to her venison!

  26. me

    F’ing Jeff, out poaching again.

  27. NRA

    Ted Nugent’s Christmas card.

  28. Poor Taste

    It looks like Charlton Heston’s Alzheimers disease is getting pretty bad!

  29. Lisa H.

    This man is destined to have ghost problems in the future.
    Imagine what it would be like
    to have a HERD OF REINDEER
    running through your house & some guy yelling HO! HO! HO! at 3AM!




    NRA & boohoohoo N you’re wrong on both accounts are onebad427. I just thought you should know.

  32. Resisobilus

    Tonight on the NBC Mystery Movie: “I saw Tommy *KILLING* Santa Claus!”

  33. bigfatcrybabyidentifier

    correct on boohoohoo N you’re wrong on both accounts, but not NRA, just voted him to the top because he had a great caption (something you unoriginal dick lickers would’nt know about!)P.S. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!

  34. spat

    Rudolf, the rednecked raindeershooter.

  35. thisisfuckingstupid

    The owner of this website needs to make it so that you cannot vote for your own caption & also so that you cannot vote more than once on the same picture. What apeared to be fun is no fun any longer because we have assholes fixing the scores every time. Maybe the owner of this website should just block out these assholes. Can’t you do that? Block out the one asshole who ruins it for us all? I sure hope so, otherwise, it would be hard keeping it on the net. Your sponsors won’t sponsor you if they get no business from their links here. Eventually, your website will die because no one will come here except for badone who always votes for himself & votes for who ever he thinks is funny 100 times so that he is actually the only judge instead of all of us.IS HE GOD? HE’S NOT? WELL, HE’S RUNNING YOUR DAMNED WEBSITE! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

  36. top-gun

    Yokel voice : HEY KIDS, we’re eating dinner tonight!!!

  37. Eddy


  38. s

    Happy X-mas LoSer!

  39. s

    Merry X-mas Bitch!

  40. Sci

    The Jewish hunter who killed Santa and his riendeer.

  41. s

    Saddahms revenge

  42. sci

    The Jew hunter thats raises towds Santa

  43. sci

    The Hanukah revenge.

  44. s

    Elvs munity

  45. sci

    The Jews bounty hunter.

  46. sci

    Mrs.Claus insurence colection scam?

  47. andy

    Finally. A nativity scene liberals can accept.

  48. Pokejedservo

    I dunno whats nastier, what this guy did to Santa or what Santa is going to do to him after the guy realizes that Santa is immortal.

  49. aseaton

    Santa’s journey through German occupied Europe ended with a bang.

  50. Pam Thomsen

    Said detective Dan, “Too much Viagra?”

  51. lawrence

    See what happens when the NRA members are out in force during christmas.

  52. Opus

    Later at the police station: C’mon officer. He was kissing my wife. Ask my son, he was singing about it all *#%@-ing day.

  53. Schmoopy

    When ex-postal workers take out their wrath on the competition.

  54. Schmoopy

    When ex-postal workers take out their wrath on the competition.


    I love animals!

  56. Mac Daddy/Daddy Mac

    the outdoor channels christmas special

  57. smitch

    Post 9-11.
    Are We Taking Homeland Security Too Far?

  58. Crunchy

    The trick is to lead the one with the red nose by about 2 deer lengths. See you next week on the Outdoor Life Network.

  59. kelli

    That’s for running over my Grandma, ya bastard!

  60. Gaffer

    “Thats the last time you ever come down my chimney, you goddamn sicko!”

  61. DrewP

    “Dang it,” said Earl. “Wut the hell else are you s’pose to shoot during the Christmas Season. Now I gotta get my tree stand down without bustin’ all them ornaments.”

  62. Datz_It


  63. paul bonser

    confirm santa is dead mr jackson the kids will all love you now

  64. Lady Death Wish

    You gotta Love
    Hunting Season in
    Canada EH ???

  65. bullfrog380


  66. bullfrog380

    Sorry kids thar ain’t gonna be no Christmas this year. But we gots plenty a meat. So quit inticing those men wit your banjos.

  67. kimplovesmrp

    i couldnt see himthat jolly christmas night

  68. Jeff Padilla

    Thats the last time I end up on the naughty list!

  69. The Wolf

    Now, were could that Easter Bunny be hidding?

  70. Vera

    no, really, that wintersleep ‘ll do them good

  71. Zwiel

    A scene from the new reality show Celebrity Mortal Kombat!
    Elmer Fudd vs Santa

  72. Atrocity

    Proof that Lee Harvey Oswald is still alive.

  73. Babylon

    “This is for that time you gave me socks”

  74. Joao Ricardo


  75. kratz

    finaly,got his ass

  76. Allison

    ….and THAT’S for not getting me the Malibu Barbie I wanted when I was 7!

  77. yogurt

    Going on nothing but the description that Ossama had a beard, Ted came home proudly with his dead fugitive.

  78. moe


  79. satan

    rifle: $120
    snowsuit: $40
    Not having to worry about getting coal anymore: priceless

  80. Dr No

    New Bin Laden photos released, I wonder where he is?

  81. bg36

    Well, whadda ya know, You CAN put an eye out with this thing!!!

  82. KD

    President Bush: “Oh my God! You shot the Easter Bunny!”

  83. trinity

    Merry Christmas from the NRA

  84. Tramadol

    Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

  85. Doug


  86. Audiodoode

    “Since you’re checkin it twice…….
    I better not what?
    I know who’s not coming to town, Fat boy!”

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