One ring to rule them all


Hey, I just post the pictures, that’s all.

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157 Captions for “One ring to rule them all”

  1. DK

    Reporter: “Mr. President, why are you pushing so hard for a war on Iraq?”
    President: “Those filthy little thieves, they stole my precious and we wants it! We hates them!” /smashes fist on table/

  2. nurg

    Wait a minute– we can still SEE him!

  3. filkertom

    Translation of Elfish Runes: “This Puppet belongs to Dick Cheney. His name is George. If found, please return him to an undisclosed location. Please do not feed him pretzels.”

  4. nurg

    “This? Oh. Got it off eBay. Nice seller! Feedback rating over 200! Big f**kin’ eyeball animation on his ‘About me’ page kept crashin’ my browser, though.”

  5. filkertom

    “Yeah, yeah, Mount Doom, whatever. After Iraq.”

  6. (pdw)

    ‘And if Sadam doesn’t comply, I will wear my Batman Cape as well’

  7. filkertom

    Translation: “Christina Aguilera Fan Club”

  8. JPH

    “Me, Lord of the Rings?, heck no… Lord of the Dance possibly, but definately not Lord of the Rings!”

  9. George W. Bush

    Why is that balloon with a close up of the ring attached to my hand?

  10. Fartman

    Bush robbed the good people of Universal pictures for that ring.

  11. Torn Nugget

    If you look closely you’ll see it says; “This is my left hand”

  12. nurg

    Actually, it says: “This is my RIGHT hand”!!

  13. Joe

    Sauron’s image makeover was not a total success.

  14. Donkeyman

    Lord of the Ding-a-Lings.

  15. Les

    Dang that is one hell of a makeup job on Elijah Wood!

  16. Cary

    My fellow Americans, we have apprehended Osama Bin Laden. You’re not gonna believe how he disappeared so well…

  17. boswell

    You can kiss my…!!!


    Who says that the RING has to be destoryed?

  19. qwertyman

    Oh come on, we all knew he was the dark lord from the beginning!


    Keep good relations with the Hobbitians.


    I understand dark army growth. I was one.


    Don’t MISUNDERSETIMATE the power of the ring.


    Families is where are fellowship finds hope, where wings take dream.


    I know how hard it is for you to put Fronto on your family.


    One of the great things about the Trilogy is that sometimes it has fantastic pictures.


    It’s cleary the ring, it has a weird language on it.


    I think we ought to raise the age at which juvinials can have a ring.


    When Froto is your minister.


    There needs to be a wgoleslae effort against racial profiling, which is illiterate presidents.


    They want the government controlling the ring like it’s some kind of federal program.


    “If you’re asking me as president, would I undertsand relaity, I do.”


    Don’t MISUNDERESTIMATE the power of the ring.


    I got it from this weir thing that I hit with my SUV. It just kept saying, “My Precious, don’t take my precious,” and then died. I figured i’d take it anyway, just like I take money out of welfare, education, and environmental services.

  34. Les

    We knew there was an evil force behind him getting presidency!


    “Excuse me Mr. embassador, my finger is ringing.”

  36. UrMama

    sorry, i didnt have enough time to completely get out of my costume from the fantasy character orgy i was just at

  37. UrMama

    heres the plan, we will plant the ring in iraq, tell everyone its evil and blow it up with nuclear weapons

  38. UrMama

    gay president/2001

  39. UrMama

    in his spare time, mr george w bush likes to become invisable and look up girls dresses

  40. UrMama


  41. Andy

    It’s a wedding ring. It represents his devotion to Laura, his wife. Bill Clinton’s ring is lost inside Monica’s ass.

  42. Andy

    The ring has a few opening lines from the constitution inscribed on it. Liberal democrats usually opt for the miniature american flag in a jar of urine.


    Put my finger under my fist and pound down? Okay, if you say so Mr. Gore.

  44. mohamed

    the ancient runes say “penis ring” but i guess it was slipping off so its safer from loss on his finger.

  45. Mark Beular

    After selling his soul to the devil he recieved the ring to rule them all

  46. Andy

    Translation: “Faggot liberals keep posting anti-american captions.”

  47. Jorre

    Looks like frodo has failed

  48. Ryan

    Andy is a conservative faggot, he stands for mindless nationalism, he stands for corporate greed, and for the bombing of third world countries.

  49. kelli

    That’s MR. Frodo to you, Sadaam. Now, if you would excuse me, I have a world to control.

  50. MystiCarrot

    “And with your pledge of 100 missles, you receive this lovely ring with ancient Arabic writing accents. Yep, you’d better pledge now before this ring is all that’s left of the Arabic world!”

  51. TMS

    One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. In the land of USA where the shadows lie.

  52. Eeds

    And Nine, nine were givin to the race of men…Who above all ealse desire power.

  53. Andy

    Ryan is a maggot infested, dope smokin’,terrorist-sympothizing, fanny-pack wearing, hetero-curious, girly-man communist. He is now under FBI observation for treason. NOTE: fight terrorism, Ryan. Shoot yourself.

  54. leandro

    Acho que o Frodo Falhou

  55. Michael Meisels

    Iraqy Gold as inherited from my daddy!

  56. Pokejedservo

    Funny I pictured Clinton to be more likely with that ring.

  57. aseaton

    Because of Laura Bush’s stunted stature, George W. felt that the only logical step was to have a hobbit wedding.

  58. aseaton

    Ancient Elvish Translation:
    Elijah gives me Wood.

  59. mrdee

    i told me siter not to put the curtain ring on my finger

  60. mrdee

    scissors stone erm what comes next??

  61. Bush Sucks

    Screw the caption
    Bush is a rancid salad tossing piece of human filth
    Him and the rest of the cheap ass conservative Republican party can go to hell
    Screw all you uneducated nationalists.

  62. Ryan

    Andy, OK, we’ll do one thing at a time. First off, the maggot joke, thats just gay man. Second I’ve never been high in my life. I do not sympathize with terrorists,the shit they did on September 11th, and the shit they still do is horrible, and I am in no way saying that it is right. But the U.S, is a terrorist as well, and its actions are no more right than those of Al Quaida, Do some research on Vieques, Puerto Rico if you don’t believe me

  63. Fire Frog

    “I wait until it catches the oppositions eye, and then I say – go ahead, pull my finger…”

  64. Dex

    After seeing the film a few time, President Bush just HAD to put is finger in Frodo’s ring.

  65. ben

    frodo fails.

  66. John

    Bush is god

  67. Manuel

    Frodo has failed

  68. Manuel

    Frodo has failed!

  69. Izzy

    What was that about the hearts of men..?

  70. Izzy

    This lil thing? Oh, this is what I use to decode Iraqi messages.

  71. Daniel

    Andy, I guess you’re a person who stands behind the president whatever he says… You blind f**k

  72. The Prez

    It says: “If you aren’t with us you are AGAINST US. You are either an American or not. If you enjoy the FREEDOM to say what you want – you have the RESPONSIBILITY to SUPPORT your country. If you don’t like it here, do us all a favor – GET THE HELL OUT and go to the land of your choice.

  73. Darth_shatner

    For the good of all earth this evil thing must be cast into the fires of Mount Doom….oh, and throw the ring in as well.

  74. Lisa H.

    48% agree we should have war without the UN’s support
    52% against war without the UN’s support
    Uh, I don’t think the ring is working!

  75. CompuGeek

    This is (supposedly)a representative REPUBLIC not a democracy where we react to polling data or mob rule. The reason is that if you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on Paul’s support and that turns into anarchy. The British Loyalists in the Revolution may have had a point in hindsight – they argued “Would you rather have one tyrant (the King of England) 3,000 miles away or 3,000 tyrants (your wacky neighbors and their uneducated ever-changing social/political views)one mile away?” Screw the UN, we are a sovereign nation who is under attack – REMEMBER 911??? We didn’t start this and other countries (other than Israel) haven’t lost 3,ooo+ citizens to these wacko Muslims/Iraqi’s – screw the French and the Germans – they have always been historically pro-Arab and anti-semitic.

  76. gay paree

    The french are maggot infested, dope smokin’, terrorist-sympothizing, fanny pack wearing, hetero-curious, girly-man Communists, to borrow from a previous post.

  77. CompuGeek

    It says: “Thank God I don’t have to sleep with Hillary.”

  78. k

    “Now what will destroy the world?” -NUKES :)-.”And what will happen when the world is destoyed?” -Humans will live on?- “NO.” -Are you sure?- “Yes. And what do wars bring?” -Peace?- “No, more nukes!” -What about weapons?- “They kill people.” -OHHHHHH? But People kill people- “No, people with guns kill people. Eventually they will kill all people because they will get into the hands of evil doers.” -How?- “Remember the Iranian war against Russia when we gave Al-Queda their weapons?” -OHHHHH! The end of the world may be bad for the economy.- “Now you’re getting it!”

  79. James Freeman

    One country to controll all other contries…..

  80. Scott S.

    Hey, he’s giving the gang sign Shotgun Crips.

  81. Scott S.

    “The Emperors New Ring”
    The subjects were afraid to tell he that they could still see him.

  82. Neo

    Bush crosses his fingers and holds in his fear as the dark riders pass by.

  83. bullfrog380

    Meees hatess the Saddam. George wantss to destroy the Saddam. Yesss, my precious, destroys the Saddam!

  84. Some dumb guy

    Our prez is gonna be in the fourth movie of the trilogy!? Suh-weet!

  85. James

    frodo has failed!!!!!!!!!

  86. James

    Frodo has failed…

  87. Jason

    And in the fires of Mordor, 9 rings was forged. Those rings went to 3 Senators, 4 Representatives, 1 Vice president and 1 president. They formed the Fellowship of the Rings

  88. batman

    Yes…….my precious…….

  89. Willard


  90. Jeremiah

    “I was convinced by a furry footed little man that this ring would make me invinceable…no…indistinguishable…no…invisible. Yeah that’s it.”

  91. rush

    2nd place winner – 2000 Elections

  92. Jeff Padilla

    Now if I can only find the Necronomican!

  93. phat john

    damn it, i thought i was supposed to turn invisible. oh, well. at least it doesn’t scratch me up when i get a reach around.

  94. HobbitOf MiddleEarth

    The dark speech inscription says “One country to rule them all, One man defies them. One man has nuclear warheads, another man then buys them.”

  95. Jeff Padilla

    I wont lose mine like Cliton did, the funny thing is Monica is invisible there now.

  96. tIKi_mAn

    lol i thought that image was funny. cant anyone take jokes?

  97. guiman3000

    No one understood why he had invested 20 million dollars of the taxpayers money to recreate the exact ring from the movie, but it started to make sense when he proudly showed it off at a press confrence. it turns out, that he did it for the power

  98. miv

    Three vetos for great powers under the sky,
    Some votes for the dwarf lords in their halls of stone,
    None for mortal men doomed to die,
    One for the dark Bush on his dark throne,
    In the big police state where the shadows lie,

    One cash to rule them all, One to occupy them,
    One cash to bring them all and in the darkness bind them!
    In the big police state where the shadows lie.

  99. Babylon

    So when do I get to bone that elf bitch?

  100. Atrocity

    Proof shows that Mrs. Bush is a DnD table top playing nerd.

  101. mike

    Sauron wanted to control middle-earth, but Bush now wears the ring. The lands between the far East and the West are not safe until we destroy the ring

  102. bentpreacher

    “tis said of yore that ye ring doth imbue the wearer with strength and courage….Give it to Chirac.

  103. Bob

    Iraq! My own MY PRECIOUS!!!!

  104. Clint

    It began with the forging of the Security Council…
    Five seats were given to the permanent members – biggest, wisest and strongest of all nations. And Ten, ten seats were gifted other nations, who above all else rotate often. For within these seats was the power and authority to approve the use of force.
    But they were all of them deceived…

  105. _-[dr@goonz]-_

    Lord of the pr0n

  106. Taylor Miley

    obviously the ring wants to get back to its master (sadaam) and very clearly overtook president bush to start the war

  107. olive

    “Certain foreign newspapers have said that we fell on Austria with brutal methods, I can only say; even in death they cannot stop lying. I have in the course of my political struggle won much love from my people, but when I crossed the former frontier [into Austria] there met me such a stream of love as I have never experienced. Not as tyrants have we come, but as liberators.”
    -Hitler (sound like anyone you know?)

  108. mat

    He must be stopped before he will conquer the land of Iraq and Afghanistan

  109. Poncy

    For Three insallments of $29.99, you too could be a proud owner of a “Presidential Power Ring”

    Inscription reads; Yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tummmy and ‘You, Saddam are a bad bad man’

    while stock last : money orders and personal checks accepted

  110. liberal

    i wood like two comment on that last post bout them republicsn. they no good, y’all no i right

  111. Gentaur

    Little do the world’s leaders suspect the real reason Bush is so good at Rock Paper Scissors.

  112. kristina


  113. Spodumene

    “Make no mistake, whether fisting or fingering (make notice of Bushs hands), am gona Ring Saddmas Balls”
    What a shit movie The Ring is… U wont understand nething until the last minute… same applies for the war ON IRAQ led by Bushs Dog Rumsfield and Dick ChainME

  114. madwak

    “and if the nukes fail….. i’ll use this here purdy ring……..”

  115. Havasay

    This ring should have a toilet seat around it!

  116. Kamilla


  117. firestarter

    inscribed on the ring: my name is george bush,I live at 1600 pennsylvania ave. call my owners if I’m found.

  118. wazza

    that poor woman.

  119. wazza

    la dee da mr. bush. think u r so good? well i agree with u. i hail your photo every morning ‘cos i know that u will lead us out of trouble. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!

  120. JK

    Three Rings for the coalition under the sky,
    Seven for the Muslim leaders in their bunkers of stone,
    Nine for the Arabs doomed to die,
    One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
    In the Land of the free where the Shadows lie.
    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
    One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
    In the U.S of A where the politicians lied.

  121. someone smarter than Andy

    Andy is een schapeneuker!

  122. spitlizard

    One Person…….One Vote
    May not apply in all states….Ha Ha Ha

  123. tortued soul

    Now we know what made him such a evil sunnuvabitch!

  124. Inoracam

    …okay, but are you sure that I have to leave the ring on when I throw it into Mount Doom?

  125. Spunj99

    “I did not wear a ring on that day! These allegations are false”

  126. Mr Sinister

    Tom Daschle Sucks Balls, right after the crossed out Al Gore Is Gay.

  127. Craig

    “…and by the power of the One Ring will I bring the Knights of the Ignorami out from the woodwork, and you shall know them by their drool and their loathing of freedom and their name: Andy… his brother Andy… his cousin Andy… his sister Andy…”

  128. G. W. Bush

    Saddam Working at Chevron….
    Saddam Hussein threw George W. a loop hole today when U.S. soldiers found him pumping gas at a Chevron station in Washington D.C. “Damn him,” said George, “now we can’t arrest him because it would be bad for big oil profits! He really has our balls in the blender.” Reporters soon arrived and interviewed Saddam. “Hey, we supplied Americans with oil before,” said Saddam, “and we can do it today, only this time, its personal” Bush replied by saying, “Hey, it would have been bad for my daddy’s business buddies if we had not used Iraqi oil while Saddam was building up his evil regime.” Colin Powell later corrected President Bush’s statement, telling reporters that Bush meant to say, “God bless America.” Bush was also asked about why U.S. soldiers set up an army barracks in an Iraqi school. “Hey, their children have to learn about occupation sometime,” Bush said.
    In similar news, Osama Bin Laden was found to be working at a McDonald’s in New Mexico. Because massive amounts of fossil fuels are used in the production of cattle, and Osama is helping big oil in this way, Bush told Bin Laden to carry on.

  129. MixedMovieMetaphors


  130. anon

    My NAMBLA ring.

  131. anon

    My gold cock ring fits my pinky finger

  132. Robbie

    What? An Ork wearing the One Ring….In which part did that happen?

  133. anon

    I’m secretly engaged to Tim McClelland, Laura’s TOO boring.

  134. psr

    ‘I happen to like little boys with hairy feet.’

  135. Conan

    inscription: “Enjoy the goodness of Crackerjack!”

  136. jody

    “well, its a little known fact that i am the Lord of many Rings. please excuse me now while i arrange a date with Bobby, my favourite cowboy….”

  137. anon

    I pay Elfeandra 13, Usc90Grad, MWolfe, Bunker, TxasGun to post on AOL & I suck their dicks for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!.

  138. Brandon

    It must read: “Laura and George Bush
    (insert wedding date here).” I don’t like this man, but I wish that I have as happy and successful marriage as him. He is lucky in that regard, at least. Sorry, no asinine comments here.

  139. Kerry's SUCKS

    What a bunch of whinning loosers!!!!!
    Get a life!!!

  140. George W. Bush


  141. corn fed

    Not only is it a ring, it also is my cock ring

  142. flowers

    Your site is also very interesting, very calming effect just reading it. Will spend more time with certain areas. Well done and good luck with your work.

  143. princess2

    I AM the Lord of the Rings, and your NOT! Neeners, neeners, neeners!

  144. ryan kavanagh

    finaly saroman gets the ring from dick chainy, [the orcs are gatering]

  145. reaper

    this is my daddys ring….i pulled it out of saddams ass

  146. Xeres

    You middle eastern and nigger fucks can die joyfully like the dogs you are. Rejoice in the knowledge that your souls shall burn evermore in the fires of the afterlife.

  147. Bohatnik

    Thief! Thief! Saddam! We hates it forever!

  148. Suckmine

    We are going to remain fighting this war for the rest of my life. We will never stop, cause I have to solve my daddies war. American will die, but I don’t care, cause it won’t be my lesbian daughters… what, excuse me it is time for my medication.

  149. Night Wraith

    The one person we wish we really didn’t have to look at but the one person the damned ring won’t fricking make invisible.

  150. God

    “The language is that of the Americas, which I will not utter here…” ~ Gandalf

  151. the Dark Overlord

    It started with the baking of the great cakes of power. three where given tothe eclers oldest wisest and sweetest of all sugary delights


  152. Gollum

    Who has the other rings?

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