I think Optimus Prime has started running with the wrong crowd.

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91 Captions for “Optimus”

  1. Les

    Trailer meets Trailer Trash

  2. Gabo

    Man, this stuff is great, you’ll never belive my trip.

  3. filkertom

    Being a “chick magnet” is not always a good thing.

  4. filkertom

    What really drove Carrie over the brink

  5. nurg

    Yeah, SURE, I always clean my toilet when I’m sitting on it too, WHAT THE F*CK IS HER COSTUME SUPPOSED TO BE?!

  6. filkertom

    You are cordially invited to the wedding of Miss Can’t Stand Dirty Public Toilets No Way No How and Mister Cheap-Ass Lame Unlicensed Action Figure Man

  7. nurg

    Rejected costume sketches for the Wedding Scene between Padme and Anakin…

  8. Aussiegirl

    Debbie ” You want me to put the PLUNGER where Micheal????”

  9. moogoo

    Bathroom Barbie and Cyber Ken.

  10. dzine

    Why you shouldn’t drink until AFTER dressing for the costume party.

  11. dzine

    Two-person costume: “I’m With Stupid.”

  12. ishmael

    Does anyone know what her costume is actually supposed to be? You can’t clean the toilet while you’re sitting on it, and as a rule, I don’t balance the TP on my head…

  13. mgoldsmith4

    Happy halloween from the state run mental hospitial

  14. (pdw)

    I often wondered what happened to the Captain & Tenille….

  15. Henry V

    Both parties used this picture as evidence in Divorce Court to obtain custody.

  16. pizay

    Robot fisting is all the rage in the new Afghanistan.

  17. roto-reut-er

    picture of Reut and friend (take your pick, it doesn’t matter who’s who)

  18. q (not u)

    Toy ideas that bombed: Optimus Squarepants and Betty Bleach the Domestic Help Bathroom Fairy.

  19. Ottodachat

    Note: the couple above has some issues with their office dress code.

  20. tom porter

    The new style of robot gear

  21. jimmythefish

    Holy shit dude, he’s talking to a girl!

  22. t.p.

    The new Mr. Whipple and his “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin” campaign was a total failure.

  23. Uncle Mike

    It wasn’t the best of costume parties for Bill and Sue. They didn’t place in the costume contest, and all night people kept coming up to them asking if they had any extra drugs for sale.

  24. Uncle Mike

    After the fourth breathalyzer test came up “0.00”, the policeman looked at Bill and Sue and said,”You dressed up like that-SOBER?”.

  25. lawrence

    Brick Wall says” Hey, can someone please ask these two goobers to move along….they’re hurting my image!”

  26. Pokejedservo

    Do you want me to actually say something nice about this pic? Sure at least this Optimus costume was a lot better than the last one shown here but that ain’t saying much.

  27. Clark W. Griswold

    It’s Scary Spice Girl and her Ass Droid.

  28. ViperDragon

    “Till All Wipe As One!”

  29. resisobilus

    Today the Justice Department announced that due to budget cuts, they would need to restructure the Witness Protection Program.

  30. top-gun

    Furries and Transfans just don’t mix

  31. Draven

    “Time has not been kind to either of us, Elita-1, but I still love you…”

  32. QV

    Charmin Miranda and the Tampax machine that came to life

  33. RIpsTer


  34. spat

    Star Trek – the Old Generation…

  35. Ash

    Ken and Jo-Ann now get in the habit of putting on their protective gear before their marriage counseling sessions, which tend to get violent.

  36. Richard

    Transformer: Shit mario you never told me about the sex change!!

  37. cyder

    frank knew full well that even his cunning robot suit was not going to protect him from STD’s this time

  38. Martha Stewinit

    Imagine Biffy and Muffy’s surprise when the host said he was just kidding about it being a costume party

  39. Gram

    Round two.. FIGHT!

  40. Lisa H.

    This is where the combination Bachelor/Bachelorette party went all wrong!

  41. DS

    I love you baby, but it’s not going to work out — I don’t go to the bathroom.

  42. Stu

    The President’s personal input on undercover disguises in Iraq were met with some C.I.A reservations.

  43. Mark Smith

    when sexual protection goes too far

  44. Lisa H.

    Well, we all know what the guy on the right is for Halloween.
    What in the hell is she supposed to be?
    The toilet Genie?

  45. Lisa H.

    Uh copy this Houston… There is a beautiful woman standing here smiling at me. But uh, there’s a problem. She’s got a bathroom stuck to her. Worst of all, there’s a toilet seat stuck to her butt.

  46. Lisa H.

    Help! I need back-up! Bathrooms all over the city are attacking their users! I repeat… NO ONE USE THE TOILET!

  47. Lisa H.

    I don’t know if I can win this one guys! She’s got a plunger & if she turns around, I don’t know if I can survive through what she’s got to shoot at me!

  48. Lisa H.

    I’d like to introduce our newest transformer. This one can sneak up behind ’em when they least expect it!

  49. Rob

    I met her at a truck stop?

  50. Rob

    My rockets are ****, now she is too

  51. jc


  52. Kevin

    “Dont’ be stupid toilet woman, Let me go in. I am far better prepared to deal with the outbreak of beri-beri!”

  53. Chris

    After the hypnosis wore off, Courtney realized she’d been to a dork party.

  54. Loonquawl

    Looking over archaeological relics from the early 21st century, the scientists found themselves unable to explain the sudden takeover of the world by machines…until they found this photograph.

  55. phil

    I didn’t dance with many people but my mom says i’m the coolest guy in school

  56. SisteroftheSun

    Whoooooo Boy! I need some oil quick!
    She’s so hot, all my oil in my joints
    are drying up!

  57. Tone

    … one night of torrid passion turned into a forbidden love affair. optimus, the young autobot, never expected to find himself falling in love with Latrina, the ass goblin.

  58. bavink

    Is that an alkaline battery in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  59. Fartman

    Barbie and Ken 3120 ad

  60. Crash

    Showing that Transformers fans are real freaks.

  61. rob

    mom and dad are real goofs

  62. Andy and Aria

    I’d hate to see their children…….
    Potty Trained Betty and Robot Joe.

  63. Pete Mann

    Here in Tokyo’s red light distric you can find something to fufil your *every* desire

  64. ^#NeVer@@@HotShitmAAIl

    everyone is a homosexual in farquad land!

  65. Crunchy

    There is someone for everyone.

  66. Becky

    It’s the Bathroom Bunch, ridding the world of evil one toilet at a time!

  67. Toad

    You’re wrong Gortar, my powers are much stronger then yours. I can wipe you out in seconds

  68. surfmoc

    its hello shitty and optimus prime… halloween gone wrong

  69. lecoptre

    Still confused..Optimus tries to take a crap in the toilet when some chick runs up, glues the toilet to her ass, sticks a roll of TP to her head and screams “Take the picture, Take the picture”

  70. Alexander Pettibone

    Al and Tipper are always so much fun at our neighborhood “come as you are” parties!!


    G.W. Bush’s first DWI.


    Mystery Science Theater 3000’s lost episode.


    Is that a toliet seat sticking out from your ass, or are just happy to see me?

  74. MeeMah

    You think they’ll know we’re tourists?

  75. HobbitOfMiddleEarth

    (The one on the left is Bin Laden…)

  76. Atrocity

    And this is George Dubya in his younger days going to prom…

  77. Newt

    This guy was homecoming king at the last dance.

  78. Newt

    She can plung my clogged toilet any day

  79. Newt

    excuse me ma’am is Charmin Ultra on your head or you just happy to see me?

  80. Vals

    You by the way did not see our children

  81. thewhim

    And here we see a picture of Pimpbot 5000 recruiting his stable.

  82. dustin cobwebs

    optimus picks up girl who was passed out in bathroom

  83. Chris -

    I’m never doing acid again!

  84. Gentaur

    Obviously, she’s ****-faced.

  85. corn fed

    If i could transform him , i would transform him into a big dildo

  86. Zinc443

    And tonight on E4, The royal family bring you “what not to wear”

  87. Robert

    Optimus Prime meets Iron Maiden.

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