I believe everyone in this word should have a role model, an idle, a hero. For me, this man is all three.

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183 Captions for “Optimus”

  1. Anonymous

    Talk about the wrong stuff!

  2. Anonymous

    I think my tupet got stuck in my helmet

  3. Anonymous


  4. Tim

    If the stay-puff marshmallow man and optimus prime had a baby…

  5. Ernie

    “I’m so glad my mom still makes my costumes for me, I’m so gonna get laid”

  6. Sin

    That is just plain wrong.

  7. Anonymous

    You just know I’m walking in slow motion with some bad ass music playing, you know – like at the Monsters Inc trailer.

  8. MuffHound

    After another dissapointing turnout at the 13th annual transformer convertion, Melven walks alone – again.

  9. Anonymous

    Hey! How did you know my name was Melivn?

  10. Anonymous

    Here are the secret photos of the filming for StarWars 7, Jar-Jar meets Optimus!

  11. David

    Laugh as loud as you want – Rush can’t hear you.

  12. Anonymous

    The Million and One dollar man.

  13. Anonymous

    Does this Optimus Prime costume make me look fat?

  14. Anonymous

    This man humms “Mr. Roboto” all day long.

  15. mike

    Tim told me he would get me on the Internet…

  16. Anonymous

    Damn, look at the headlights on that guy!

  17. Anonymous

    Nooooo! Optimus has been scalped by the Native Transformers.

  18. Kate

    Look! It’s “Unsinkable Man”

  19. Anonymous

    This gig sucks, I’m going back to being a clown.

  20. angie

    this is the LAST time i play a ROCK ‘EM SOCK ‘EM ROBOT!

  21. Blarg

    Nothing but Premium for me!

  22. brian

    My dad is Fortress Maximus

  23. Yoda47

    PEOPLE in disguise? That’s not right…

  24. John

    …and when I woke up this morning, I found myself unable to move any of my limbs…

  25. dougE

    Another fond childhood memory… CRUSHED BY REALITY.

  26. Cletus

    You mean, this isn’t the Sci-fi convention??

  27. vespa boy

    If this doesn’t get me a date, nothing will…

  28. i am your mom d=]

    ah crap! megatron and his freaking schemes! lookat my head! i look like….hfddngkszaaS!

  29. Eric

    R.I.P. HAROLD M. BINGAMAN 1946-2002

  30. cecilia =)

    i’m sure i’ll be safe on that bike..

  31. Cappy

    Changing into only Cars and Robots? pshh, put that toy away.

    This puppy changes from Monster Truck, to GOFOTRON, to Bernie the Freaky Neighborhood Trekkie.

  32. Anonymous

    Huston, we have a problem.

  33. Anonymous

    This cardboard suit really chafs.

  34. Flik

    transformers! they’re retards in disguise!

  35. Anonymous


  36. Anonymous


  37. Mike

    I used to have a trailer full of Twinkies to go with this costume, but I ATE THEM ALL!!!

  38. Matthew Stevens

    Rupert Scott, son of tv personality Willard Scott sold himself on Ebay as a rare toy collectors item in hopes of meeting his lifelong idol, Gary Coleman. He was foiled at the last minute by a sharp-eyed security guard at Gary’s home in Denver.

  39. junior

    “i ate daniel.”

  40. dbj

    Decepticons…..Prepare for your (burp) death!

  41. Melissa

    This is like one of those traumatizing Lego nightmares I used to have as a kid…

  42. Kenn Young

    Whenever superheros gathered, Lego Man always seemed to be an outsider, with no respect. Even Marvel Comics had turned him down. Eventually, he lost heart in fighting evil, and fell to pieces. Only Lincoln Log Man and Tinker Toy Man attended the funeral.

  43. Jerry

    Damn, what year is it?

  44. fred savage

    Help me! I’ve been trapped in this suit for 14 years and 65 pounds!

  45. Satirical Irony

    You don’t want to know what I have to go through to refuel….

  46. marie

    So this is why they told me to eat lunch *before* I got dressed….

  47. Melanie

    I’m so stressed. I can’t pee in this thing and the pee valve won’t open!

  48. Lynne

    By popular demand, FOX brings back the original cast of Power Rangers for a Super Power Ranger Reunion, coming this spring. Shown here is Gary Biffledorf, the original Red Ranger.

  49. Anonymous

    Call me a dork fer playin with toys… wait until I shoot my missle fists at em.

  50. Dan

    Rejected by the Justice League AND the Avengers! Maybe I should’ve lined up a new gig before I quit The Loser Brigade…

  51. Inxply

    When I stick my ass in the air and put my hands over my head I become a car.

  52. Tyler Smith

    After fifteen years on tour in Europe, Optimus Prime finally removes his mask and reveals himself to the world.

  53. Steven

    behold, the new Supersoldier

  54. KRIS


  55. Newt

    Hey, I thought it was a cartoon.

  56. Newt

    Producer talks to Entertainment Tonight: Yeah, it’s been tough that our show got its budget cut by 95%, but were making due.

  57. Anonymous

    I didn’t know the AutoBots were made of PlayDoh

  58. slc

    I had sex. Once. In the Seventies.

  59. BlueBox

    Autobot/Human crossbreeding experiments show that some things should never have been tried…

  60. Abby

    Volkswagon reveals it’s latest model.

  61. Damion

    Next Months Wizard Cover!!

  62. Damion

    Since McDonald’s got rid of their 9 foot clearance rule in the drive-thru, things have changed in the battle for Cybertron…

  63. Katie

    Transformers, robots in disguise!

  64. jose

    Wow, Optimus, you’ve really let yourself go?

  65. Tim Zeiss

    Tubby Moron Power Bunghole

  66. Anonymous

    That isnt just wrong, its downright distubing

  67. oni424

    I really am more than meets the eye!

  68. Anonymous

    Optimus learns to transform into a bald, overweight, middle-aged virgin.

  69. Micah

    Damn, I missed the Tron convention. And after I went to all the trouble to make this great costume!

  70. Anonymous

    Now where did I put my keys??????

  71. ej

    What firefighters were forced to wear BEFORE people realized HOW *priceless* they are!

  72. deleted

    How you ladies doin’?

  73. Anonymous

    transformers… fat guys in desguise

  74. Jim Bob

    All your donuts are belong to us

  75. jade

    I lost my mommie

  76. nick

    when i grow up i wanna be just like optimus prime WHICH IS NOT LIKE THIS GUY

  77. Fat Seanny

    Now that’s what I call fitting a round peg in a square costume.

  78. Anonymous

    Even furries make fun of this guy.

  79. Jim

    Armed with his +9 sword of ogre slaying, the level 21 cleric Daffledorf prepared to defeat the Burgerbeast with his bare teeth.

  80. Lou

    The transformers, fat slobs in disguise

  81. Furry

    Unfortunately this FDNY officer was hiding under his bed screaming “MOMMY” on september 11….he peed on her carpet and now lives on the streets….

  82. Tyler Barton

    The newest crime fighter, “Captain ‘Never Will Get Laid'” saves the day.

  83. jasonclick

    As they left the stage of the new hit Broadway show “The Transformers,” Gary took a moment to bask in the glory.

  84. Quique


  85. Slow Burn

    Bill Gates does not think you are a cooperating business partner.

  86. nacio

    It’s apparent that George never listened when people said…”You’ll never pick up chicks like that”…

  87. Anonymous

    Its one of those transformer thinggys!This one turns into a slovenly 35 year old that lives in his mom’s basement and watches anime porn!

  88. Anonymous

    Picture in dictionary for “40 year old virgin”

  89. fisher

    Page 24: Enjoying his retirement with Rodimus Prime running all Autobot operations, Optimus admits to “letting himself go” in an exclusive interview inside.

  90. Walky

    The plate of Twinkies must be stopped…. no matter the cost.

  91. kaidou

    Know your devious bastards, boy…know your devious bastards.

  92. jar jar

    this is my dad or was that he ate my dad

  93. Nemesis

    When the “Headmaster” technology went wrong.

  94. DeeHaytch

    “Sold to the man in the extravagant hat!”

  95. Jeremy


  96. Reed

    Why parents insist their kids grow up.

  97. tfstrum

    Look into my breasts for the secret of your father…

  98. Elf

    With my Lv. 74 warrior with his Dragonfang armor and his weapons forged by the dwarves of Honlock I shall slay you!

  99. Adam

    Will you be my friend?

  100. homo stupidens

    Chicks dig anachronistic medieval mock warfare.

  101. Mr. Ramon

    Did anyone ever see The Transformers Movie when Optimus Prime says “shit!” That was cool.

  102. Anonymous


  103. Diablo

    Just by the looks of me can you honestly tell i work at Convergy’s?

  104. anonymously amused

    Ladies…. everytime you get the urge to reach for that vibrator and make yourself do something naughty… just stare at this photo for 5 seconds and be redeemed!

  105. Hecata

    Thats why some mother’s leave their new-born’s in dumpsters!

  106. Steven

    Battlebots rage to save us from the evil forces of glutony….

  107. Steven

    Hello… Jenny Craig… it’s me, Optimus PrimeRib

  108. Jeremy

    Hey, baby– guess what ELSE here transforms…

  109. Big M

    Chubby wanna play…

  110. me

    new powerrangers

  111. Benjamin

    It’s my face….They could not help me with my face, the said…It’s my face…

  112. -x-

    Will save the world for food

  113. CloudNine

    Obesetimus Prime, the reason why most cartoons are conceptualized in Japan.

  114. Dairenn

    So THIS is how come the Matrix couldn’t save him in HIS darkest hour…

  115. chris

    The last episode of Transformers, Optimus Prime finally reveals his true identity

  116. Mike

    Well, that ruins my hopes of becoming a transformer

  117. Drae

    TRANSFORMERS, Robots in disguise, for a good reason.

  118. Anonymous

    i dont mind wearing the suit..its just pulling the damn 53ft trailor with my ass

  119. Josh Betson

    Hi my name is josh betson and i like to have gay sex with any guy around or if i’m not around any guys i also will go for some animals if your interested please call me at 1-304-496-9309

  120. witten

    Everyone knows ‘robocop’ was originaly a Polish production.

  121. kittykat

    Look! It’s a pig. It’s a balloon! No, It’s the Rainbow Warrior!

  122. Fenris

    My ultra-solid bulletproof costume will keep me safe as i rob this…wait, donut break.

  123. o2bjang

    so how did you that I live in my parent’s basement?

  124. induhvidual

    If you think I’m sexy, and you want my body, come on sugar let me know…

  125. Anonymous

    His body is real. The head is fake.

  126. Anonymous

    Optimus, no longer in his Prime.

  127. Shaun

    Look its the rejected Power Ranger

  128. jognjo

    Optimus prime rib!

  129. Sting327

    I dress myself!

  130. Travis

    there gos the fag that raped the blue power ranger

  131. Anonymous

    “RUN, Bumble Bee, Run! He’s got the mask off and the lube on! You know what that means! RUN!”

  132. brando

    have you seen my baseball?

  133. toolfan462


  134. Anonymous

    Wrong Mac, there, buddy…

  135. Pete

    Boy, I hope they don’t pull out a jump scale on my ass.

  136. Karl Marx

    He did yoga for 15 years so he oculd actually transform….upon witnessing this feat eveyone in the room commited suicide.

  137. Jeff

    Just on my way to Gabriel Park for D & D Saturday

  138. Ottodachat

    Getting ready for the Verace retrospective.

  139. STC

    “Oh god, kill me please.”

  140. liamj

    i recived £3000 from claims direct after falling into the packaging machine at work

  141. Anonymous

    I know you think its silly honey, but going to the power ranger convention is important to ME

  142. CD

    high school football homecoming again??

  143. Anonymous

    It’s my first day of kindergarten and my mom said i could get dressed all by MYSELF! Don’t i look GREAT!!

  144. larry falco

    Maybe Star Wars fans aren’t so bad…

  145. Mike

    NEW! life size rockem sockem robots! Comes complete with a human inside so u can here them squeel!

  146. Adam Ciacelli

    I am Adam Ciacelli, this man is my Dad! He says i can be like him when i grow up!! I wanna be his sidekick and have gay sex with him!

  147. cri.sys

    Transformers: virgins in disguise!

  148. Anonymous

    my name is dan454 from the DMN football forum and i just wanted to show all you people calling me a liar my chinese boxing outfit!

    doubt me no more!

  149. belloq75

    “Damn! Too…fat…to transform!”

  150. Anonymous

    I think that this will really, really help me get over the Optimus death scene in Transformers: The Movie.

  151. tps

    No I wasn’t very popular in High School…. Why do you ask?

  152. Amichai Hazan

    What a Sex Machine!!!
    I want to buy it!

  153. Anonymous

    Michael Skakel tries the insanity defense on appeal.

  154. CarMichael

    Old truckers never die, they just get a new Peterbuilt.

  155. phenn

    MICHAEL?! Is that you?!

  156. lokiseven

    All at once, Trekkies everwhere breathe a sigh of relief:

    “At least I’m not that guy.”

  157. Don

    What it’s the New Tommy line

  158. Vinnie

    john ruins his chances of appearing on the next transformers boxset by wearing this homemade costume

  159. alan seaton

    They told me this was the only way to get into Japan

  160. Les

    Is he looking for that chubby Jedi?

  161. kalam

    optimus knew his addiction with energon cubes would catch up with him one day

  162. alan seaton

    I didn’t wanna grow out of my childhood haloween costume so I just stayed inside it, shit I’m choking………mom?

  163. Newt

    what any kid wants at his birthday party.

  164. Phaeton

    At his high school reunion, Optimus Prime could not hide the fact that he was last years model.

  165. Pokejedservo

    It was once rumoured that Optimus’ VA Peter Cullen was dead, but if he saw this pic he probably wish he actually was.

  166. Michael S

    VH1: “…Optimus Prime after years of success turned to heroin…”

  167. paul bonser

    someone tell me how 2 get thease tvs working on my chest

  168. Datz_It

    Actually, he can transform into a car…

  169. Capcom Freedom

    Please someone: cancell this figgin show, it is the worst thing on tv. Chat room start!

  170. Wraith

    i blame the parents :S

  171. ConManXVII

    Alright Bob gimme my 5 bucks!!!

  172. thoughtcrime

    “Of course I’ve had sex, with BOTH hands. Why do you ask?”

  173. Triple H is a Nipple

    Its Renaud, webmaster of Bottalk!!

  174. Andrew Anorak

    Transformers; the money runs out.

  175. Holier Than Thou

    Oh no, it’s a fan who’s celebrating his love of Transformers! I’d better come up with some childish insults, since I’m insecure about my own self-worth. Hey, look at that guy’s physical shortcomings! Ha ha! Pointing out someone else’s flaws always makes me feel a little less inadequate.

  176. Duffman

    I guess this is a picture of Holier than thou. Fatass.

  177. WOOD


  178. Matthew Grant

    Take the Picture, Mom!!

  179. Serial Carpins

    What I do with my allowance is MY BUSINESS mom..that’s why it’s MINE!

  180. Lucy

    Superman come to save the day yadda yadda ya, where’s the fridge?

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