Panda Power


Double post Saturday! Panda power!

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61 Captions for “Panda Power”

  1. Anonymous


  2. lokiseven

    Not surprisingly, even the Chinese circus animals have a problem with performance-enchancing drugs.

  3. Mr. Ramon

    The World Wildlife Federation mascot gave an intimidating strength demonstration that finally convinced the the World Wrestling Federation to change its name.

  4. Anonymous

    Chi-Woo was thoroughly embarrassed when his squat suit had a blow out.

  5. mugwump

    OK send in the next zookeeper !!

  6. Jimmy the Fish

    Bob was always self conscious about his uneven nipples.

  7. Anonymous

    China’s next line of defense: teenage mutant ninja pandas.

  8. narcosis12


  9. bgray

    Reports indicate that environmentalists have been secretly training endangered animals to defend themselves.

  10. armand

    Arnold’s recent attempts to be casted as an action hero are getting a bit embarrassing.

  11. spat

    The first one that calls me Mickey Mouse again gets this weight in his face!

  12. spoon

    The Planet of the Pandas
    Scene 27
    Cornelius in the Gym

  13. Mike

    The Chinese Olympic Committee today unveiled some new athletes for the 2004 Summer Games.

  14. jason gibson

    “I am the greatest there ever was or ever will be”. Quote from Dom Ching winner of the inorgial Strongest Panda in the World Contest,

  15. tafkatadd

    Just kidding, it’s plastic

  16. (pdw)

    For the last time: we bears do not – I repeat – DO NOT shit in the woods.

  17. Anonymous

    My next trick will be to get in a car, drive to McDonalds and order a Big Mac and fries.

  18. Drake

    Look at all these idiots watching me. Hey… I can throw this thing.

  19. Kereltje

    Bob had really enjoyed his holiday, but he also was a little bit embarrassed that the public still could see the figure of his swimming suit.

  20. onebad427

    Photos of Mike Tysons next opponet in training (Mike will get his ass kicked again!!!)

  21. Alex Kaseberg

    Wing Ling tried way to hard to be macho to compensate for the fact he can only mate once a year.

  22. Toto

    As long as I can make this look interesting enough, people won’t notice the suspicious looking hole I got down there..

  23. mjl

    Excuse me, but I am not BI or POLAR!

  24. Anonymous

    Olympic athletes learn only too late the long term side effects of steroids.

  25. Wobblebot

    Positive proof of Professor Goodnough’s hypothesis that thoroughlly licking your privates increases strength.

  26. Kevin S.

    PETA finally goes a bit too far….

  27. Anonymous

    Who kicks ass for all to see? SEXUAL HARRASSMENT PANDA!

  28. leozam

    Liza Minnelli finally back in shape!

  29. random candy

    The Chinese Olympic Team has developed a new steriod undetectable in blood and urin tests.
    They are hopeful the OAC will not notice the rapid hair growth.

  30. kat

    someone got angry with the irs and animals are in the war not to fight in the battles

  31. mark

    ok who took my porige

  32. mark

    ok who took my porridge

  33. sigalit

    Hi Sigalit,
    a picture from mother


  34. sigalit

    Hi Oren


  35. leozam

    oh gaad, my vagina hair is upside down!!

  36. bluntman

    hmm.. so it IS funny if you selectively shave a black-bear!!!

  37. A. K

    Don’t laugh at me, I’m just another victim of animal abuse. Stupid @#$%@#* humans!

  38. samy

    oh! oh!
    it’s very heavy!

  39. samy

    oh que c’est lourd!

  40. massis


  41. massis

    If Chichi the Panda keeps this up for two more weeks, he will always be remembered as Grover the Grizzly…

  42. Caroline Tanner

    The Panda is sooo… strong but It’s probably a guy dressed up in a costume a strong guy and a real expensive costume!

  43. Bill R

    Even an Olympic record couldn’t erase the memory of the day young Pete’s genitals were “cleaned and jerked” by the zoo veterinarian.

  44. Nicole

    Now all I need is my hula hoop and roller skates, that’ll really show em what us bears can do.

  45. Anonymous

    And you thought Holywood couldn’t top a baseball playing monkey or a basketball playing dog

  46. wobbley pete


  47. Anonymous

    What happens when the WWF and the WWE cross over.

  48. Les

    This is your body on steroids, any questions?

  49. sercan

    please tell me what would happen if you got this bear angry?

  50. Kelli

    Bamboo: Breakfast of champions

  51. Tel

    BRING IT ON – i can dance around you teddy bears

  52. Dan

    I think this genetic engineering stuff is getting a little out of hand….

  53. sue


  54. alan seaton

    what will they think of next in Tijuana?

  55. Philip

    “Mummy, how did Rosie O’donnell get so strong?”

  56. lawrence

    This would NOT be a good time to touch his nipples……

  57. damon

    Im going to pump you up!

  58. aaron kwok

    lily is the best!

  59. meg & ange

    I am the GREATEST!!!

  60. Stuart

    Bloody communists, everyone has to work for a living.

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