This guy waited in line for hours before his chance at payback. [from: Dave]

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89 Captions for “Payback”

  1. wb22gprix

    Steve Jobs reacts to the brand new Bill Gates “Anti-Apple” campaign.

  2. Noah

    “Wanna see something thats *really* micro and soft?”

  3. Sting327

    I got your upgrade right here!

  4. Anonymous

    Here’s your service pack “number 1”

  5. Aru

    leave me alone. I’m trying to get microhard!

  6. V-DOG

    Tim is that you???

  7. badshah

    Ahhhhhhhhhh…. Now where do I want to go today?

  8. loteq

    Joe Shmoe becomes richest man in the world after marking territory on Microsoft sign.

  9. Lay-Z

    So….you didnt like my idea of making the Xbox smaller eh? You want something big, Ill give you something big!

  10. Brian

    Microsoft doesn’t deserver my urine…

  11. Lay-Z

    Bill’s lucky he didnt take a crap on the sign

  12. Jade

    Thinking outside the box.

  13. oggie

    Eat your shorts Bill Gates, my thing is bigger than yours…

  14. Joe

    Where do you want to *go* today?

  15. Joe

    “We’ve got the way out”

  16. Shaman

    HERE’S what I think of Windows 98, Gates!!!

  17. Alex Kaseberg

    Hey Buddy, in the time it took you to piss on the Microsoft sign, Bill Gates made thirty million dollars.

  18. xcapekey

    Man Urinates on Sign, Caption Pending

  19. jodee

    gives new meaning to “micro” and “soft”

  20. steve just

    Have you noticed that a lot of these captions are just cheap knock-offs of other posts (much like microsoft software?) I think jerk-offs would be more orignal, ’cause why assume he’s peeing?

  21. goo hound

    Paul Allen takes out his rage on every business he doesn’t own.

  22. Tank

    1,000 green ju-jubes later…

  23. dadro

    Microsoft recieves it’s first “Golden Shower”

  24. nevamind

    And you thought writing your name in the snow was cool…

  25. Anonymous

    Bob wins $5 after betting he can make it in the ‘O’ at Friday beer bash.

  26. sun microsystems

    Wanting to avoid Microsoft’s washroom (see March 31 photo), Bob takes it outside.

  27. Mike

    Mac OS patron takes out pent up frustrations.

  28. Anonymous

    Microsoft’s creative settlement of the anti-trust law suit satisfied everyone but the lawyers by giving all class action members the pure satisfaction of defacing the software giant’s campus in any way they choose. While Montana’s representative picks a highly visible spot, New Mexico’s representative is inside defecating on the Bill Gates’ leather chair.

  29. magpie steve

    Wack! Wack! Wack me over the head with some Hoover attachments….

  30. Waats

    The day my zipper crashed

  31. Anonymous

    Dad! You’re embarassing me!

  32. pdub

    another reason to call it a ‘pee cee’

  33. Anonymous


  34. Catshoes

    …another satisfied Microsoft coustomer…

  35. Indy

    someone just marking there stocks

  36. Indy

    Mr. Holmes, Dont go there

  37. Warren Fwy

    Larry Ellison

  38. plankton

    i fail to see how the new DOJ settlement really helps the consumer.

  39. Steven

    That’s not urine.

  40. beinelleth

    Due to budget constraints, all restrooms at Microsoft HQ have been closed until further notice.

  41. masa

    Mine is Macro-hard.

  42. Big M

    Payback for all those bugs you basterds put in on purpose…

  43. ronincyberpunk

    Ever wonder how many times Microsoft has to wash the sign because of people like this?

  44. dh

    In an unrelated story, Bill Gates, founder and CEO of personal computer mogul Microsoft, was reportedly heard complaining to the dean of an undisclosed college. Later interviewed by reporter Lisa Rugmuncher he claimed he had no idea opening an office so close to a fraternity house would prove to be such an interruption to his world domination plans.

  45. dungeonmaster

    the sign couln’t be more desciptive of what he’s holding

  46. essence

    Error 317 in sector 001

  47. karimazizi

    by your piss the sign metamorphoses into a blue screen
    (animated GIF)

  48. twist

    ahhh… dos, windows 3.1… windows for workgroups, oh yeah… NT, win95, um, win95 a, b, c, oh shit… win98, there ya go, win98se, oh yeah, win2000, win200 pro, oh baby, oh yeah, millenium, can you feel it XP! XP!, no! NO! NO! — linux, linux, LINUX, LINUX yes! yes! yes!… I feel so dirty…

  49. Van H.

    Check out the periscope behind our story’s hero.
    This is why obviously-not-yet-out-of-the-closet-Bill G. has been forcing his employees to design crappy software: people are bound to show their discontent.

  50. earshot

    piss off, bill!

  51. inked

    Personally, I wouldn’t whip it out in front of anything called “micro” or “soft”.

  52. Moscow

    is your dick also Microsoft?

  53. AliasMoze

    Steve Jobs maintains he isn’t the least bit bitter.

  54. Vijay

    exPEErience !

  55. -=Ken.Mr=-

    Watch out.. you don’t want the evil Microsoft bugs crawling in your weenie, do you???

  56. The Beaver

    Happy Birthday Bill!!
    Here is your present!!

  57. Mr. Ramon

    Steven from the Dell commercials is getting way out of control now.

  58. Anonymous

    If you mark it, they will come.

  59. benny joe

    “Peole say XP is spyware… let’s hope it’s not spying on him… IN A SECRET CAMERA ON THE MICROSOFT LOGO!”

  60. Sadie

    For the 10000th time Windows told me to see the product vendor…

  61. cecilia =)

    that will feel up some of those lopholes!

  62. j

    im not finished yet, i have some bundled no2’s to go with that

  63. babylon

    Yeh, us girls can pee standin up too

  64. Tortured soul

    When Steve Jobs attacks, right after “When you got too much bling”

  65. Kilroy

    I am acting for all Linux users!

  66. ej

    what a FAT ass!

  67. jognjo

    The new Microsoft Whiz Kid!

  68. Fresh Tasting Always

    …damn linux users…

  69. Atman

    Yes, another fine leader of the Microsoft Eradication Society… Where do you want to GO today? *smirk*

  70. Travis

    the new name for that should be micro piss

  71. john hart

    “Download this, Bill!”

  72. mdc58

    Replacing the “Blue Screen of Death” with the “Yellow Stream of Jeff”

  73. Nerve Wrack X

    Rebel without a cause.

  74. MISC

    Bill Gates will pay you $200 for every person you forward this to. It’s true! I saw it on the news! Uh, maybe it was Steve Jobs. Yeah, that was it. Steve Jobs will pay you $200 for every person you forward this to.

  75. cutetexasgal

    Next Stop……..ENRON

  76. Don

    Micro Soft peeing on Microsoft: go figure

  77. Bob

    That’s what the slash in the O means

  78. alan seaton

    Ummm, if I could only stick my penis into this likeness of bill gates face

  79. Anonymous

    heres how i inrease your download problem i unload

  80. A. Perez

    I got your worm right here, Bill!

  81. Cyko

    Shortly after Chuck did this he was never seen or heard from again.

  82. Serena

    What Apple upper management workers do on their breaks

  83. KD

    Right after he saw the 1979 company photo

  84. Jackrum

    “Microsoft: taking the piss since 1987”

  85. dustin cobwebs

    MICROSOFT… Urine-portant to us

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