Pin cushion


This apparent tribes person was found wondering the streets of a common midwest town. Their taste in piercing is err, interesting.

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205 Captions for “Pin cushion”

  1. Anonymous

    This is the last photo taken, before that tragic tour of the magnet factory.

  2. Anonymous


  3. mike

    Hey lover, come over here and let’s get our piercings tangled…

  4. Kate

    Oh my God..What the hell did I drink last night?

  5. mike

    Bozo ain’t got NUTTIN’ on me…

  6. Anonymous

    Yeah, it itches a little.

  7. Anonymous

    So, Boy or Girl….or Pat.

  8. -e

    Hi there Tacklebox!

  9. Anonymous

    wait till you see my ass…

  10. mike

    I can’t stop laughing HAR HAR HAR HAR

  11. Anonymous

    Crap! They told me first prize in the ultimate dumbass contest was 6 figures, not 6 dollars. Hey I’m still a winner!

  12. Jo

    I’m crying on the inside too.

  13. Anonymous

    You think this is bad, you should see my kids.

  14. minders

    Bozo the clown and Marilyn Manson’s love child. A real chip off the old block.

  15. PD

    Joe didn’t realize until it was too late that sex was no longer in his future..

  16. Viehauser

    ALRIGHTY!!!!!!!!! who is the wise guy!!!

  17. austin

    hey lazer lips, your mama was bozo the clown

  18. brian

    Please take off all metal jewelry before passing through metal detectors. Thank you.

  19. smithers

    Acid wash jacket…how tacky!!

  20. passion

    Pinhead’s reincarnation

  21. Paula

    They love me at airport security…..

  22. Margen

    Wanna see my O face?

  23. John

    This is just what I wear on weekdays. What I wear at the weekend is banned in seventeen European countries.

  24. cecilia =)

    with holes like that, watch me drool in my sleep..

  25. Eric


  26. Cappy

    Lucas could’ve saved a fortune on make up with some more selective casting of Darth Maul.

  27. dan

    “I did it again.”

  28. Anonymous

    Oh come on, how could i not take advantage of their buy 1 get 500 free offer?

  29. Anonymous

    Oh come on, how could i not take advantage of their buy 1 get 500 free offer?

  30. Anonymous

    Jennifer Aniston realy let herself go after Friends was canceled.

  31. Jimmy Flowers

    (off camera voice) “I’m sorry honey. What? What’s different? A new eyebrow ring? Did you lose more hair? I’m sorry I didn’t notice. You look beautiful, I swear.”

  32. Chris

    Looks like my X

  33. junior

    “bring out the gimp.”

  34. TheParakeetGuy

    Mad Scientist 1: “Gregor, I think we have finally succeeded in turning “Pat” into a frightening, unrecognizable mass.”

    Mad Scientist 2: “Wait!!! There are still some surfaces of the facial area that almost look human!”

  35. Laxsmi

    are you staring at me?

  36. Anonymous

    “Mom…Dad…I’d like you to meet your future daughter-in-law…”

  37. Austin

    You should see my clit.

  38. little d

    “so, do you think i’m trying to hide my horrible make-up job with excessive jewelry? or, do you think it’s the other way around? oh, and a free pair of earrings to the winner!”

  39. Anonymous

    It has ears?

  40. Kenn Young

    Why, yes, I am from San Francisco. Did my accent give me away?

  41. paleoguy

    someone needs a new hobby REALLY bad…

  42. Julia

    tragedy struck later when his face was pulled off by the remendous weight of his flesh-mutilating silver appendiges.

  43. UKGuy

    Alex got just a little carried away in “The joys of owning a rivet gun” evening classes…

  44. Pulse

    I was happy then, BEFORE the rust set in!

  45. Kelli

    “Honestly, do you think it’s a bit much?”

  46. fred savage

    Yeah, that’s right. I did it to increase sexual pleasure. Lotsa different kinds ma.

  47. Satirical Irony

    Hey Mister – I really like your daughter…

  48. Melanie

    I was Already ugly…….and………..

  49. Lynne

    Melva Jones’ attempt at being the first ever chain-maille woman.

  50. aaron

    “…and sometimes when it’s quiet and i’m alone i have to ask, is this as good as it gets?”

  51. ClitCommander


  52. Invisagoth

    I have seen cying clows before but… GOD DAMN THIS BITCH IS STILL SMILING?!

  53. Inxply

    My fcuking face hurts.

  54. jojop

    I just fell asleep and…what..? why are you staring at me??

  55. Anonymous

    Oh, sure, you’re laughing now. But just wait ’till you see how much they charge for halloween rentals, then we’ll see who laughs!

  56. Tyler Smith

    Although Piercing-Boy had enjoyed a fairly successful career as a small-time superhero, his luck quickly changed when he unwisely insulted Magneto.

  57. Anonymous

    “I really don’t know mommy, I woke up like this”

  58. Newt

    I can quite anytime I want

  59. Newt

    The percing dude says if I get tired of them I could just take them out and I’ll never be able to tell they will heal up perfectly.

  60. Anonymous

    oops…i did it again
    i played at a bar,
    i lost it again
    and damn look what’s happened-

  61. amnesiac13

    just five more and the guinness records ppl will take a look…nurghhh

  62. Anonymous

    And it’s better UNDER my shirt!

  63. Anonymous

    i fell on my keychaing collection

  64. Tim Zeiss

    This Chick goes down on you and she comes up with a mouthful of red pulp!

  65. Chris Crust

    Oh wait I think there is some room left up my butt.

  66. Chris Crust

    Mow Ihm mot tryink tu smilhl!

  67. Evane

    (Translation: No I’m not trying to smile.)

  68. Camillion

    Connect the dots addicts speek out.

  69. DanK

    Could one more hurt?

  70. Megs

    Someone had too much fun with their troll doll…

  71. Anonymous

    “The last thing I remember, was I was walking down the pier with my tackle box, and I slipped!”

  72. Wayne

    new designs for Mad Magazine mascot Alfred E. Neuman rejected during board meetings to make the magazine appeal to a “younger, hipper” audience.

  73. Micah

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the new spokesperson for Maybelline!

  74. carter

    every tenth one is free

  75. Abby

    Do these make my butt look big?

  76. chance

    like he’ll get through security at the airport these days

  77. 9Nails

    Tammy Fae Baker tries anything for a little attention.

  78. Jim Bob

    Cher’s new look

  79. jade

    Dad, meet my prom date!

  80. pˆniz

    “yes, you ca touch me. as long as you keep that magnet away!!”

  81. Brighella

    Now Mom, please dont judge Snake until youve met her…

  82. Fat Seanny

    Blind date goes wwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy bad!

  83. Diane Dinero




  85. banana milk

    For the people who never drew on their barbie’s face before.

  86. Anonymous

    Omigod!!! What happened to Krusty???

  87. Lou

    What is seldom realized, is that she looks much better now.

  88. Missfrog

    Pinhead’s daughter

  89. Wulfgar

    H. R. Puffinstuff: The Next Generation

  90. Furry

    Here you see Luanne, a child from Afganistan,she is suffering from a rare skinn disease…FOR ONLY $5.90 an hour you can sponsor her

  91. leisureleague

    she should get withe the dudes from the bling picture

  92. Tyler Barton

    “Why don’t you take a picture, it’ll last long–hey asshole! Don’t take my picture!”

  93. 4

    you want sprinkles with that?

  94. jasonclick

    It’s all fun and games until she walks through an airport scanner, then we’ll see who’s laughin’…

  95. fisher

    Mary Schuler and her grandfather didn’t have much in common until grandpa asked her to go fishing with him.

  96. Furry

    Gosh, i hate to get caught on any type of hook or anything…or be seen in public wearing acid wash

  97. AmbientBleue18

    I swear, mom and dad will NEVER notice, just be cool about it…

  98. Kuratowa

    Behold, the Living Lure! No man or bass can escape her seductive charms!

  99. Mesa

    Got Piecrings?

  100. Anonymous


  101. nacio

    ….reason #178 why you should get wasted and pass out at you buddies place….

  102. Anonymous

    Proof that life on other planets DOES exist…..and shouldn’t.

  103. Joe&Kerry

    “Single female, colour/race unknown, likes long walks on the beach, sunsets, rainbows, and all things fuzzy, looking to find single male with similar interests.”

  104. Lay-Z

    Due to increased security at airports, this person may never fly again

  105. Anonymous

    Never fish drunk! This man passed out face first in his tackle box.

  106. SailorBob


  107. ben

    I’MMM NICEEEEEEEEEEE (Red dwarf fans will get this)

  108. Robert

    Please help America’s unemployed.

  109. Reed

    Never, EVER pass out first at a frat party!

  110. the schmin

    did u do something to your hair?

  111. sharona

    hey…you missed a spot

  112. Andrea

    were else do he have piercing !!!

  113. Sarah

    Got piercing?

  114. Orangeblossom

    “Wait till you see me naked.”

  115. Adam

    yo b, you got somethin on your face.. yeah right there

  116. plankton

    The CIA fears Osama Bin Laden may have altered his appearance to elude capture…

  117. Anonymous

    Laugh all you want but I can always find which way is north…

  118. FoxTrott

    No comments. I thik i’ll go to bathroom to puke a little…

  119. van H.

    To compensate the feeling of loss after having heard that the studio didn’t allow the addition of the part of Zorro’s mother, Sensuela decided to treat herself to a makeover.

  120. Sean

    Please remember to spay and neuter your animals.

  121. anonymously amused

    The Ghosts of Mars have invaded Earth!

  122. CloudNine

    That’s some serious forehead real estate there, why stop now?

  123. Hecata

    Hey…I found Osama Bin Laden!!!

  124. Steven

    As head of the HR department, I am commited to providing a comfortable working environment for all. So how can I help you?

  125. athadamus

    how much are they worth in scrap metal?

  126. Anonymous

    Hi MUM! Long time no see!

  127. Bloodthirster

    I looked in the mirror this morning and I suddenly remembered that I shouldn’t have had that much beer

  128. Bloodthirster

    If you think this is cool, you should see my dick

  129. Don MatÈo

    My music stile?? Heavy metal man!

  130. Don MatÈo

    what’s al that rinkling? Is it X-mas yet?

  131. -x-

    I wanna see Bloodthristers cool dick! >:)~

  132. -x-

    -blinx-… is it male, female, or shemale?

  133. Anonymous

    Anyone need a place to hang their coat??

  134. Anonymous

    Who ever said your ass cant look better than your face

  135. Jorre

    Hope he isn’t alergic to metal

  136. Rellah

    “So Dad, I’m dating this new guy….”

  137. neener

    Don’t you wanna come to gramma timmy?

  138. Daelic

    Dude… I love metal detectors. Gives me a nice tingly feeling.

  139. Dairenn

    Aw dude, I’d love to go swimming but I forgot my bowl; it takes like 15 minutes for my face to drain after I get out.

  140. Avi


  141. Mike

    hehehe…he’s got balls on his face…

  142. Anonymous


  143. Tube Socks

    Record Holder, Guiness Book of Records: Womens Long Jump, 5.23 metres.

  144. Bert

    Yes ! Gradually my brain sipped away.

  145. kittykat

    Mid-life crisis much?

  146. Fenris

    The phrase “Oh my God look at that ugly freak!” comes to mind.

  147. Verbal

    Love me.

  148. Anonymous

    did you do something with your hair?

  149. Dvile.

    Bill proves once and for all that absolutely everything can be done to excess.

  150. Anonymous

    On the bright side, she never loses her keys.

  151. Babylon

    Rush week pranks

  152. ktownman

  153. Anonymous

    why yes, I am obessive compulsive… how could you tell

  154. Anonymous

    “40 to 1 bet that he actually WOULDN’T drill his teeth for a new hole.

    They lost.”

  155. mdc58

    The new Bass Pro Shops mobile lure display.

  156. monkey

    ANYTHING to make my mom mad…

  157. john kater

    mommy mommy can I have a ride…please please please???

  158. Baba Booey

    …and the worst thing is, that I have to take all of them off every day, before applying my makeup !

  159. andrew

    is there something on my face

  160. noble24

    And you think the Pope is holy.

  161. Anonymous

    As everyone knows, the choices one makes at a young age are often cause for embarassment later in life….but hey…at least I could do something about the Farrah Fawcett Hair.

  162. Anonymous

    Let’s see…at the ripe old age of twenty-something I already know that I never want: sex, a real job (outside of the circus), a pet with claws or refrigerator magnets.

  163. Anonymous

    In line at the Barnum & Bailey Job Fair.

  164. Anonymous

    Yeah, those winters at the bus stop in Minnesota were a little rough.

  165. Anonymous

    Ted put all of his assets into precious metals for Y2K, unfortunately when all toilets flushed the next day and life went on as usual, he left holding the surplus.

  166. Anonymous

    Free to a good home.

  167. Donnie

    Boy George has new look

  168. Mikomadness

    Janet Reno all done up and ready to go.

  169. Anonymous

    i will never complain about my child again. i will never complain about my child again. i will never complain about my child again.

  170. Resisobilus

    After Scooba’s accident at the ball bearing plant, surgery was only partially successful.

  171. Les

    No wonder she was voted out of the tribe!

  172. alan seaton

    A unique view of Roseanne Barr’s asshole.

  173. Anonymous

    Pat always thought he should be considerate to his mother. After all, she did have a very difficult labor.

  174. lawrence

    Alfred E. Newman – NOW I’M WORRIED!!!

  175. Anonymous

    Cant wait to see the old crowd at the high school reunion, hope I recognize them all….

  176. Monica

    I am soo the sexy!

  177. ?@Ò‡n„ –e £a M?ÄÆtÈ!

    I don’t know doctor,it started as acne…

  178. paul bonser

    looks a little loopy

  179. timmay!

    marilyn manson goes to new extremes… no, wait, he’s been doing that for years…

  180. poncy

    I had this great idea! Things just haven’t been the same since some scoundrel ran off with my fly and tackle box!

  181. nancy


  182. nancy


  183. jeroen

    “E.T. phone home…..”

  184. Danny

    Hey Ma’!!! Slipknot re-united!!! They’re back and fresh-painted…

  185. Kit Kat


  186. Jacqueline Marshall

    Christina Aguilera in 5 years!!!

  187. fddf

    Mama said this would make people not wanna give me a job, but she was wrong – got a cool gig at a nude beach; the guys hang their keys on me while they’re swimming.

  188. Azz

    The magic troll deflected the buckshot with its face. Thats instinct, You cant teach that

  189. Go Go Girl

    What a prick!

  190. Andrew_Anorak

    I can pick up every radio station in the world baby yeah!

  191. online casino

    Nice website. Great online affiliate program. Thank you.

  192. flowers

    Just stopped by to visit and got the crunch on your stuff in here – bravo!

  193. Kenny

    After weeks of painful mishaps Chuck, a local carpenter, realizes his pneumatic nail gun may have had the “this side up” label installed on the wrong side.

  194. Rusty

    proof of drugs in the 60’s

  195. sumanthalluri

    gods grace he didn’t pierce on eye

  196. sumanthalluri

    i think he won the gold in olympics is he partying that way

  197. Cyco Lee

    If you can’t use it


  198. Zinc443

    An upgrade to Ronald Mcdonald had not gone down well with the kids

  199. Robert

    Aah! You’re scaring me! Get away from me! Ahh!

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