Plane Parking


Just another day at the beach.

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83 Captions for “Plane Parking”

  1. Larry

    Sweetie do you think we need to move our ride… The tide is starting to come in……


  2. The Pilot

    And, now, The Captain would like to thank you all for flying America West to sunny Bermuda. Please think of us for your next vacation.

  3. MGM

    From the Directors of “Airplane” comes: JAWS 2002: The flying Shark.

  4. (pdw)

    ‘Daddy daddy daddy!!! Please please will you inflate my airplane again?’

  5. Anonymous

    No, I don’t know why someone would park a plane on the beach. Now lay back down.

  6. Anonymous

    Economy parking—not just for passengers any more.

  7. Anonymous

    Try our new ulta-convenience vacation package with express service from all major cities non-stop to the beach.

  8. Anonymous

    In the event of a water landing…grab your sunscreen and await further instructions.

  9. Anonymous

    Boston Logan Airport introduces Express to Cape Cod.

  10. Anonymous

    I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I’m getting a funny feeling that we’re being watched…

  11. Creepy

    This airline supports the “Die now, Pay later” funeral service camapign.

  12. Anonymous

    Excuse me, but would you mind pointing me in the direction of Reykjavik?

  13. Waaaaassup?

    Tired of being a terrorist, Abdulah just wanted a nice time at the beach.

  14. jaws

    “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the air . . . “

  15. Reut

    Woman on back: “ive allways wanted a picture of my plane with a dock on the back!”

  16. GreyDuck

    You just never know what’s going to wash up on the shore after a storm.

  17. Crunchy

    Are you my mother?

    “Snort,” said the airplane.

  18. Phaeton

    This is NOT what I meant by an ocean view!!!!

  19. Les

    After seeing where his wife had been going, the pilot, in a jealous rage, decided to end it all

  20. Spanky Dukes

    America West now features a happy hour beach cruise.

  21. Anonymous

    Realizing the distraction it was to sunbath topless on a public beach, Diane put her top back on.

  22. Spanky Dukes

    “Oh, you joker. OK, I give up, why did the airplane land on the beach?”

  23. spat

    The lively little coasttown Boring just put a plane in the surf to attract tourists.

  24. Dan

    ‘Thar She Blows!’
    ‘No, Ahab, the white WHALE is this way!’

  25. fender

    Another day in Miami.

  26. jwd

    “This is your captain speaking. Thank you for flying Aeroflotsam, Russia’s premier airline.”

  27. mayday

    After failing the Budweiser clydesdale wagon simulator test, Billy Bob faced similar female distractions as an airline pilot.

  28. Anonymous

    umm…. yeah i think those landings need a little more work, but while we’re here son i’ll teach you how to fish

  29. Anonymous

    “First a whale, then an airplane, what’s gonna be next?” wondered Mathew, who hadn’t noticed the spaceship that was approaching at cruising speed.

  30. Anonymous

    What do mean my frequent flier miles just ran out?

  31. peter

    Get that David Copperfield asshole on the phone and tell him to pick up his god damned props!

  32. Spanky Dukes

    “When the pilot said we would be on the beach in no time, he wasn’t kidding.”

  33. Anonymous

    Sea Plane?

  34. Rebecca

    Sea Plane?

  35. nurg

    “No really,” you said, “don’t worry,” you said! “I can fly real close so we can look at the bikini babes!” you said! Great one, Steve, just great.

  36. Fly Me

    “Hey look, I caught an airplane.”
    “What kind of bait did you use?”
    “A case of beer.”

  37. Rob Falconer

    This is the closest to Brighton Town Centre you can park without a meter

  38. Rob Falconer

    “Aviation ? It’s just plane sailing,” says pilot

  39. bleach

    It’s my plane and I do what I want with it!

  40. gunrunner

    and the airport is only a few seconds walk from the local beach

  41. Cary Kingdom

    Did you hear something?

  42. John

    I’m a whale! I’m a whale!

  43. Anonymous

    flight attendent in plane, “Maybe now they’ll listen when I recite the emergency instructions”

  44. filkertom

    Oh, my God, I think the pilot is Richard Simmons! He must’ve spotted you guys doing sit-ups, and come down to encourage you.

  45. Mortius

    Top 5 things you never want to hear your pilot say.

    1) I wonder what this button does?
    2) Oh shit.
    3) Is that noise normal?
    4) Airport? We don’t need no stinking airport.
    5) I always fly better after 10 beers.

  46. Pc

    It¥s raining planes aleluia…

  47. Pc

    Ola! eu sou o Ricardo

  48. Steve M.

    “Thank you, God,” said Shamu. “Canned food lasts longer.”

  49. Dave

    I think I missed the parking lot…

  50. satu largi

    I didnt even know Keith Richards OWNED a plane…….

  51. dov

    waiting for the duty free

  52. Bryan

    This fall on CBS: “The All-New Gilligan’s Island”

  53. Datz It

    The unsucsessful sequel to the movie about the train that thinks he can, he knows he can……

  54. Datz It

    Due to lack of education, Osama Bin Laden thought the ocean was a good place to hijack a plane and crash into.

  55. smack me

    see even looking at boobies from the air will get ya in trouble.

  56. WrldAccrdng2grth

    Hey do you think we have time for another beer..before we fly the plane?

  57. cannelle

    Okay, everyone out and push!

  58. cannelle

    All right… Everyone remember where we parked, okay?

  59. Pokejedservo

    Lifeguard: Ummm… sorry pilots but we’re not shooting anymore “Baywatch” photos here.

  60. alan seaton

    the reason the British airforce never excelled in the field in reconnaissance

  61. Sponz

    You just HAD to press that Button didn’t you?!?

  62. Steven Chapman

    James Bond leaves yet more hi-tech junk lying around for Q to clean up.

  63. Mike

    Someone flunked their final at the Terrorist Flying School.

  64. Lard

    Freak hurricane causes beach to end up 24,000 feet in sky.

  65. Haddie

    ALl this overcrouding. Now they have turned our airstrip in to a beach

  66. pr

    Moments after the “flight school” pic

  67. Kymbo limbo

    PASSENGER IN PLANE: HEY! Have we crashed???
    AIR sir this is a scene from our inflight movie “Beaches”,…more coffee?

  68. David

    “I said ‘GEAR’ down, not steer!

  69. Mr. Ramon

    Left penniless after her death, Aaliyah’s parents couldn’t afford the costly retrieval of the plane that killed her.

  70. Anonymous

    just missed the aircraft carrier …

  71. Just me...

    Perhaps this wasn’t the smartest place to park the plane after all…

  72. tony from SLC

    “…and if you look out of your windows to your right, you’ll see an EXCELLENT view of the Pacific Ocean…”

  73. tony from SLC

    this is a perfect example of why women shouldn’t drive!!

  74. Anonymous

    “Look ‘MA i put it in the water
    and it grew into a full-size plane!”

  75. ?@Ò‡n„ –e £a M?ÄÆtÈ!

    Tonite on the 8 ‘o clock news coverage:a failed terrorist attack on another historical monument,David Hasselhof.

  76. Jona

    That’s a plaine who missed the Twin Towers

  77. Mark Beular

    Your captian would like for me to tell u have changed the plans and this is a one way flight to the beach

  78. David

    Iraqi terrorists really need to find english translators for their navigators

  79. Atrocity

    The John Denver memorial beach.

  80. m

    it really is just plane sailing

  81. paul

    this is your captain speaking, I’m sorry, but I can’t let go the bikini girl… she’s mine

  82. Matt

    Thats the last time Sandy & Alex build a sandcastle with two towers…

  83. GrooveSamurai

    “No, you fool! Next town over! This is the NO aeroplane beach!”

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