Pokey Terror


One more reason why kids of today are so messed up.

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80 Captions for “Pokey Terror”

  1. jk

    Woody Allen realized he had hit rock bottom in his quest to screw young Asian women..

  2. jwd

    Try-outs for “Lilo & Stitch: The Musical” attract a large crowd.

  3. admin

    Both the hamtaro and child wonder about what happened to yesterdays post (#151).

  4. brian

    Ayako’s little brother wasn’t like the other kids on the playground

  5. muppet-philosopher

    Richard Gere kicked off a tour of his hamster collection today at…

  6. anonymoose

    Mommy, why’s this hamster have his butt on his front?

  7. KD

    Hamptaro, Hamptaro, there’s always, Hamptaro.

  8. Rob

    I’ve been trying to ditch this little girl all day!

  9. resisobilus

    Sadly, knowing that she had grown too big to keep, Hamtaro released Tamika into her natural environment, the mall.

  10. KD

    Aren’t there child labor laws in the mascot industry?

  11. I'm as weird as a bagel

    My, what big eyes you have…

  12. Gentaur

    George and his family were used to New York’s subways, so they just walked by the giant rat without a thought.

  13. Gentaur

    Listen, kid, for the last time, I’m not Picachu. Go away.

  14. filkertom

    No, no, no. Yu-Gi-Oh, me Jane.

  15. filkertom

    “C’mon, Hamtaro! The American Idol auditions have to be around here somewhere.”

  16. nurg

    Look, just keep cool and don’t f*ck this up, you pussy. I’ll distract the security guard with my “I’m a lost little girl” act and you duck under the ropes and grab every Yu-Gi-Oh card in sight. You got that, f*cko?

  17. jwd

    Princess Leia and Jabba the Hutt first met in kindergarten.

  18. sosososososo

    The guy on the left has big purple balls, if nobody has noticed already.

  19. Trek 24

    Trekies everywhere laughed at the Hamptaro convention.

  20. sososososo

    I have pepper spray, Hamptaro. You’ve been warned.

  21. Gentaur

    Gary the Rat discovers that being extra nice and decent was not the cure he was expecting.

  22. Erez

    “Mommy, mommy, can I keep him PLEASE???”

  23. skizo

    ohhhhhhh my god !!! a giant mausepokemon thingy

  24. jUsTaDuDe

    Lesson one: go BEHIND a child for an unnoticed attack. Side attacks are lethal.

  25. Gentaur

    While other pookas got to be six foot rabbits or stuffed tigers or doppleganger angels, Hector got stuck as a Hamtaro.

  26. Someone Special

    Both Hamptaro and the little girl gazed in awe and splendor at the secuirty guard’s big purple balls.

  27. Gentaur

    Alfred Hitchcock, way in the back, cameos for his least known film, “The Hamsters”.

  28. bob

    Yeah, but does he play Pockey?

  29. MArtyPops

    The king and queen of Pakistan seemed tired after their long flight.

  30. I'm as weird as a bagel

    “Wait, this is the Terminator III premiere? Dang it!”

  31. Gentaur

    Hamtaro waits for other Trigger Happy Television mascots to come by and either hump him or beat him up.

  32. Billy

    Sara didn’t realize the mutated Hamtaro character near her; her mother’s screams were just too late for the poor girl to react.

  33. Gentaur

    After being caught with the boss’s wife, Ned was given the choice of either this, or a giant Peep.

  34. Stevo

    So this is where the midgets from Star Wars ended up.

  35. duck


  36. Jeff

    Once again the “Stop the Hunger Fund” was hosted by the lovely Rosie O’Donnell!

  37. alien

    Mother ship, we have a new abductee, shall we beam her up?

  38. Gentaur

    The Pillsbury doughboy discovers furry fandom.

  39. Gentaur

    Minmei wondered how Hamtaro got so fat. Then she wondered where her brother disappeared to.

  40. s

    the number one reason why you should never give cartoon hampsters miracle grow.

  41. s

    susie with her award winning science fair project.

  42. Josh

    Can I keep him, mommy?

  43. I want to smurf you up the smurf

    Hey little kid I bet you could fit in this costume too eh?

  44. ron

    honey! i blew up the hamster.

  45. Jennifer

    I’m not Hamtaro, I’m a grown man who’s made a lot of mistakes…

  46. Newt

    the midget in the suit is wondering how long to his next smoke break.

  47. aseaton

    in his hamster suit, ching mau the midget was among giants.

  48. OBGULJ

    hey i saw you on my acid trip

  49. OBGULJ

    i’m a stupid thing. shoot me in the face.

  50. Gentaur

    Despite his parents’ warnings about his allergies, Stuart still ate shellfish on occasion.

  51. spat

    Little girl: “Hey mister, could you please hold him upside down for me?
    I want to see if he’s male…”

  52. Gentaur

    When he brought the costume back from the subway, Jeff discovered it wasn’t exactly kids with Super-Soakers that were spraying his back.

  53. Pokejedservo

    Alright folks which one do you prefer the bite-sized Laura Haruna or the Extra-Large Hamtaro?

  54. john

    Hey mister are you related to that singing gerbil on caption machine?

  55. anon

    hamtaro waits for the girl to turn around, hoping he can get lost in the crowd after it’s all over.

  56. Stuart

    Osama resorted to desparate measures to avoid the US troops.

  57. TorgoEatsMittens

    hour 3 of the invasion: we took the mall

  58. just me

    Little girl says: “Don’t worry Hamptaro. I’m not gonna let anybody make fun of your funny pink feet! I’ll just beat ’em up for ya!”

  59. crick

    The little girl was looking for her pet…the blue-eyes white dragon she had so loved had been *sob* eaten by an evil giant hamster

  60. dave

    Government warns play school students Bin laden could be anywhere

  61. Bill Kozy

    No little girl, I may have four irises, but I don’t see 4 times as many things which ion your case I ‘m considering a blessing. Now scram.

  62. Mark Beular

    Mistaking the child as food the mouse stood still till she moved the it pounced and devoured her in two bites

  63. Wario

    Bijou, get your bitchy ass over here!

  64. Grizzlychicken

    Before and after.

  65. John Beatemoff

    Little did the hamster know that Nohira was actually a midget prostitute. Who’s still underage.

  66. Freya


  67. Gian

    DARN! I can’t see my toy!

  68. Daniel Flynn

    I bought my mouse at The Barry Bonds Pet Shop.

  69. nick

    Mommy, mommy… What the hell is this thing next to me.

  70. El Tardo

    ‘ you’re so much bigger in real life ‘

  71. swill bill

    Now…. Where The Hell Are We Going To Get a Cage for Him?

  72. Mike

    MOMMY!…I haven’t felt this insecure since that time in Neverland with Michael.

  73. Tyler

    After growing tired of small children screaming in movie theaters, terrorists unleashed a hoard of flesh eating hampsters trained to kill kids.

  74. Tyler

    Beastuality just got a whole lot weirder. . .

  75. TG

    After leaving The Surreal Life: Season 4, Verne Troyer had to find a new way to pay the bills.

  76. dawn sharp

    Mini me…before Nair.

  77. Will

    I want one of those mummy.

  78. morgan

    Two seconds before things went terribly wrong at the pest control convention.

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