Porta-Potty at the Annual Hot Wings Festival

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61 Captions for “Porta-Potty at the Annual Hot Wings Festival”

  1. Mascot

    THIS is why there is a “NO SMOKING” sign on the door!

  2. Shadowbat

    Dr. Feur’s experimental turbo-flush project was doomed to failure but it did set the land speed record for a Port-a-Potty.

  3. Darkseeker

    Tremors part V “@$$blasters in Armor”

  4. Guangkui

    Hank’s 5 star chili could be dangerous if served near open flame

  5. don "big daddy" garlits

    Incontinence couldn’t keep racing legend Shirley “Dragon Lady” Muldowney off the track.

  6. decay

    Getting closer, the CIA uncovers a “weapon of ass destruction” in Iraq.

  7. The Dude abides

    According to scientists, global warming is caused by the “outhouse effect”

  8. Homer Simpson

    After several months of testing, scientists have finally found a proper treatment for internet spammers. So glad you enjoyed visiting this site, we have a private room for you complete with plumbing and heating. Be sure to have your friends stop by for a roast!

  9. jwd

    I guess Evel Knievel’s career really IS in the toilet now.

  10. xcomp

    With standard bucket seats, this is sure to be a favorite among hot rodders.

  11. Sue Nammy

    The vent on the port-o-potties at the Texas Chili festival proved to be a life-saver

  12. SimonHawke

    When God takes a dump, it gives a new meaning to the term “holy shit!”

  13. stacy chandler

    Oz’s tin man thought his new gal to be a hussy @ times.

  14. sexybeast

    A great way to crap AND kill people. Fun for ewverybody.

  15. badabamdabam

    Fire in the hole!

  16. trinawoods

    No expense was spared in protecting Rumsfeld from insurgents during his holiday visit with the troops.

  17. trinawoods

    “Um, I think Ranger Smith means it this time, Yogi!”

  18. Gentaur

    Daleks find a way to infiltrate outdoor events.

  19. Gentaur

    Some floats just aren’t qualified for the Tournament of Roses Parade.

  20. Nick

    Ralph’s entry for the alternative-fuel vehicle competition was disqualified for health & safety reasons. He vows to contest the ruling, no vehicle this aesthetically pleasing should be kept from the public.

  21. Professor Kaos

    for when you really have to go & you REALLY have to go!!

  22. trinawoods

    Apparantly there was a mix-up at the Pentagon. Seems the President wanted Colin Powell fired and got colon power fire instead.

  23. SimonHawke

    Why yes… it does burn when I pee.

  24. Jack

    Diebold test drives its new Iraqi e-voting booth for the Jan. 30 elections.

  25. trinawoods

    The newest Burger King chain opened in Baghdad today to mixed reviews.

  26. Mark

    The U.S Department of Energy reports the quest for an alternative power source is well underway.

  27. decay

    Luckily authorities caught the uni-bomber before his escape plans were finalized.

  28. decay

    Amish Grand National driver Jeremiah Kalitta in “Color Me Brown”

  29. decay

    Authentic down to the corn-cob throttle and the Sears catalog ripcord.

  30. Tom

    Ha… trumps on fire… always a good one… and hey that looks like an outside toilet… I hope the toilet roll is chilled…

  31. Jerin

    …And thus ends of “5-Alarm” Louis Deveraux’s reign as Southeastern Louisiana’s Gumbo/Chili/Jumbalaya eating champion of the last fifteen years.

  32. Jerin

    The suicide note he left mentioned that he wanted to go out in a “blaze of glory”. Somehow… Alan’s friend’s doubt this is what he had in mind.

  33. decay

    Designers are already working on the next generation, a two-holer to race as a double-a fueler.

  34. decay

    He lit a match to check his gas tank, that’s why they call him, “skinless frank.” Burma-Shave

  35. trinawoods

    Now we know where all the Humvee armor plating went…

  36. henry

    Never underestimate the power of the parking lot guard.

  37. binky

    And so it was that Roger started off his new life as a free ranging toilet

  38. Fuck RCS

    A house with a dick that pisses at the fire!

  39. jim

    Many processes in living systems must take place under fairly precise pH conditions. If the pH changes to a valueoutside a narrow range, the process will not occur at the correct rate, or it may not take place at all, and the organism will die. The pH ranges for some fluids in our bodies are shown in table 6 (not shown).
    Until September 1972, there was only one Magic Roundabout and it was a children’s television programme featuring Dougal the dog, a hippy rabbit called Dylan and the spring-loaded Zebedee.

  40. Derek Wilson

    Pepto Bismo-too little, too late

  41. idlehand143

    More beans Mr. Taggert? I believe you boys have had just about enough!!

  42. Dixie Normous

    That things got massive ass gas

  43. Dixie Normous

    that guys farted on the shitter

  44. DelSol

    Illegal Street racing. Construction worker style!

  45. Kenny


  46. _Jello_

    After a week long drinking binge, Smokey the Bear is wanted for questioning in connection to the 2003 california wild fires. A gas station security cam shows us his hastey retreat. If seen, local police ask…..

  47. princess2

    They should put a warning label on that drive thru Mexican food!

  48. Phil

    New meaning to “top fuel” drag racing.

  49. Don

    Yes! It does burn when I pee.

  50. anon

    Billy and Tommy were so excited about “taco tuesday” at Del Taco that they just had to have a “blue flame” contest. The results were much greater than they had anticipated.

  51. Rusty

    thats why ther are no porta-potties in India

  52. josh

    what the fuck did he eat?

  53. Stick

    Great Balls of Fire!

  54. Ian

    Somebody’s fartin up a storm in there

  55. Ed Z

    The Fast and the Furious: When nature calls

  56. Ian

    My butthole burns so much that it’s on fire.

  57. NooSweat

    This is why they put the toilets in the garden at Mexican restaurants

  58. Chloe

    This is why you should never mix milk & curry with someone who is lactose intolerant!!

  59. Ronan cole

    Alan knew he shouldn’t have had the beans!

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