Power Up!

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59 Captions for “Power Up!”

  1. hippo

    Anyone seen my magic the gathering cards?

  2. Shadowbat

    Strapped for cash after retiring from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Red begins a desperate search for winning lottery numbers in fortune cookies. He was unaware that he didn’t have to actually eat them all for the numbers to work.

  3. Coyoty

    Competitive eating is an extreme sport, but the protective gear is overreacting.

  4. Cowboy Frank

    No! I said we have to BEAT them! Not…oh, forget it. Time for the Mighty Morphin’ Power Girdle.

  5. Ciwboy Patrick

    I wear gloves to cover my deformities and I use chopsticks so I don’t bite another finger off.

  6. Tim

    With the Chinese bobsleigh needing more ballast it was Mu Yang who drew the the short straw…

  7. Coyoty

    If Rita sends forth a henchman covered in rice and seaweed, he’s ready.

  8. Grace

    Its My First Promise 🙂

  9. Jacky

    They say the camera adds 10 pounds but this is a bit much.

  10. trinawoods

    This restaurant is well-known for it’s famous orange pork dumpling. Oh yeah, and and the food isn’t bad either.

  11. Gail

    I’ve tried everything else. My only hope is that the degrading, humilating stunts on “Big Fat Loser: Hollywood Edition” will revive my career as an actor. I’ve been out of circulation since they took Tommy off Power Rangers.

  12. Alex Kaseberg

    The often forgotten Power Ranger with the glandular problem

  13. Mike Shugart

    Yuuummmm…Godzilla tastes gooood!!!

  14. katie

    After they were famous

  15. james mcdaid

    Red: No, I really need to eat 50 of those to gain power..

    Blue: You’re just using that as an excuse, you fat fucker!

  16. Spooky Rob

    The training begins for “Who Wants To A Superhero 2”.

  17. manoj

    Anything to protect from Bird Flu, expect eating!

  18. Coyoty

    Grow grow Speed Racer!

  19. s.chandler

    “Sumo Sled Eatathon” next olympic event

  20. trinawoods

    The real Chow Yun Fat

  21. (-_-) Sai

    I’m sure that the restaurant door says,
    “out of order”on a board and on another,”will always be that way!”

  22. Write A Lot

    What the heck is this stuff?

  23. Jim Hourihan

    “If I was to choose I’d say I prefer this one.”
    “But you’ve said that about the last 25 samples.”
    “”Just shut your face and keep them coming.”

  24. Darin Madden

    Dumpling after Dumpling, Kiriko Matasawa, plunging further and further into a pot sticker emergency – executives at Ultraman: The Next Generation declined to state on his condition. On a related note – DIM SUM – it’s GOOD FOR YOU…back after these messages…

  25. Kelvin Hargrove

    How ATOM MAN found the secret of becoming GIGANTIC!!

  26. nav

    its been 30 years now!

  27. sunil

    Nikhil its enough,please leave some thing for me.

  28. Caption Person

    “They say this is the cereal of the Mighty Morphine Power Rangers! They DIDN’T say it was only for kids…that adults would gain weight on it! But….still..that morphinE sure makes me feel great!:

  29. winno

    Spot the depressed Power Ranger.

  30. Simon

    As fat Sato contemplates, it may be a sad man who lives with his honorable parents, but not as sad as the woman who will sneak into his room with him.

  31. Simon

    It’s Morphin Time!
    Now to find my ‘Whopper” Zword.

  32. Fuzion

    Things went downhill for Kobayashi after not being asked to return to this year’s Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest

  33. kuratowa

    You form feet and legs! And I’ll form….the Belly!

  34. Josh

    This person had over-protective parents

  35. Chris

    “Power Up!!” …”Shit I think i swallowed a chop stick.”

  36. ben

    What Red resorted to after telebubbies stole their fame.

  37. Atul

    He surely has the power, but it stinks when he generates it.

  38. Dan Teepen

    OSHA insisted on protective gear for clumsy competetive eaters after Kim Duc Poo poked himself in the eye with his chopsticks for the thirty second time!

  39. Jake

    nothing makes you feel better after a long day of fighting zombie schoolgirls than a nice cup of raman.

  40. dawn sharp

    Evil Kneivel reincarnates into FOOMENCHEW.

  41. kostya

    does this suit make me look fat?

  42. NooSweat

    “Evel” Knievel prepares come-back.

  43. RedskinRay

    Jimmy Spencer in training for his NASCAR comeback.

  44. Will

    Suffering from low self asteem, he wanted to find a fortune cookie that re-assured him he was not obese.”this could take a while”

  45. Alien ant

    Dr robotnik never was the same after the end of Sonic

  46. adam h

    after the show “power rangers” was cancelled, the actors were devistated

  47. whoops

    Mmhm, Blubber! Thank goodness i bought a suit that fits all AND make me look good at the same time!



  49. mjs

    supper hero

  50. Venus

    The only safe way to eat Mom’s Chinese Norwiegian Chunky Nuggets with Noodles and Fish Surprise.


    Captain Pork Dumplings refuels before flying to rescue another damsel in disstress !

  52. Chloe

    Man, being a super-hero really does have its perks, like free noodlebox on Wednesdays.

  53. Sean

    Due to the amount of smog in the streets of china, police men have to wear special flourecent outfits.

  54. tev

    Man uses 2 toothpicks to remove an entire side of cow from between his teeth

  55. tev

    Yes, I am Major Tsao.

  56. .

    This is the Power ranger that didn’t make the audition.

  57. Joel

    “oh no, super noodle power runnin low, i eat more!!!”

  58. Rach

    Ever heard of the red-orange power ranger? We haven’t either.

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